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Zerolon Barrier Cream moisturises and protects intact, damaged or inflamed skin. It prevents irritation from bodily fluids and acts as a barrier to urine, faeces and exudate and is suitable for use with incontinence pads.

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    Zerolon Cream

    Zerolon Cream is what is known as a barrier cream. It provides a 24-hour durable barrier to prevent irritation from bodily fluids while moisturising and protecting intact, irritated or inflamed skin. Applied directly to the skin, Zerolon Cream maintains the skin’s physical barrier. This barrier is responsible for protecting the body and prevents water loss. If this barrier is damaged due to dermatitis or some other type of skin condition, it can lead to transepidermal water loss, increased sensitivity to contact irritants and allergens, and inflammation. Zerolon Cream and other barrier creams like it are typically used to protect against:
    • Incontinence-associated dermatitis
    • Intertriginous (skin folds) moisture-associated dermatitis
    • Periwound moisture-associated dermatitis
    • Peristomal moisture-associated dermatitis

    Zerolon Barrier Cream

    As well as being available as Zerolon Barrier Cream, barrier products can also be formulated as pastes, ointments and sprays. They persist on the skin for several hours, even after gentle washing. Applied sparingly and reapplied as necessary, they can be great at managing hand dermatitis, sites prone to pressure sores, and associated dry skin conditions. Zerolon Barrier Cream and other barrier creams are usually water-based and contain dimethicone, lanolin or zinc oxide. Two types of barrier cream exist. They may be breathable or occlusive (sealing), and can moisturise the skin, as well as repel fluid and keep air out. Depending on the different types of skin conditions, the skin may need to heal with a breathable barrier cream, or the skin may need to be sealed using an occlusive cream.

    Zerolon Skin Barrier Cream

    Atopic eczema is the most common form of eczema, a condition that causes the skin to become itchy, dry and cracked. When using Zerolon Skin Barrier Cream for eczema, its purpose is to help form a barrier over the eczema and lock in moisture. Eczema is usually a chronic condition, although it can improve significantly over time, or even clear completely. Zerolon Skin Barrier Cream is meant to be accompanied alongside just one of the many other creams/ointments that can be used to treat eczema and other dry skin conditions. There are different strengths and types of treatments including:
    • Very mild (hydrocortisone)
    • Moderate (Betamethasone valerate and clobetasone butyrate)
    • Strong (a higher dose of Betamethasone valerate and betamethasone diproprionate)
    • Very strong (clobetasol proprionate and diflucortolone valterate)
    Atopic Eczema Overview – NHS Website

    Zerolon Barrier Cream 28g

    When selecting Zerolon Barrier Cream 28g or other barrier creams as your chosen treatment, it’s essential to consider its impact on continence products, such as pads and underpants. Some barrier products coat the pad’s surface, inhibiting the transfer of fluid into the pad and reducing absorbency. This increases the risk of fluid sitting against the skin, resulting in hyperhydration and skin breakdown. Fortunately, Zerolon Barrier Cream 28g and other barrier creams that contain demthicone do not cause absorption problems with continence pads. Someone who has been prescribed a barrier cream like Zerolon Barrier Cream 28g should expect their doctor to check the ingredients beforehand. Products containing chlorhexidine gluconate, alcohol or fragrance should be avoided, as these ingredients can be absorbed by damaged skin.

    Zerolon Barrier Cream 92g

    Dermatologists recommend using Zerolon Barrier Cream 92g in order to relive dry skin long-term and short-term. Applying a moisturiser directly after washing will trap any existing moisture in the skin. In order to trap this moisture so that the skin can repair itself, you’ll need to apply moisturisers directly onto the skin. This should be done within a few minutes of drying off after a shower or bath, and washing the face or hands. Zerolon Barrier Cream 92g also repairs dry skin better than lotions. Ointments and creams are more effective and less irritating than lotions. When looking for a cream or ointment that works best, make sure it contains one or more of the following ingredients:
    • Jojoba oil
    • Dimethicone
    • Glycerin
    • Hyaluronic acid
    • Lactic acid
    • Lanolin
    • Mineral oil
    • Petrolatum
    • Shea butter

    Zerolon Barrier Cream Ingredients

    If you are allergic to any Zerolon Barrier Cream ingredients, please do not use this product and seek a suitable alternative. One of the main Zerolon Barrier Cream ingredients is called liquid paraffin. Liquid paraffin is a softening agent (a substance that soothes and softens the skin). It works by avoiding water loss from the outer coating of the skin. This reduces dryness and leaves the skin hydrated and soft. Other Zerolon Barrier Cream ingredients include: Purified water, Acrylates copolymer, Paraffin hard, Glycerol, Coconut oil, PPG-11 steary lether, Diisopropyl adipate, Polyglyceryl-3 diisostearate, Isopropyl palmitate, PEG 30 dipolyhydroxystearate, Liquid Paraffin, Dimeticone, Phenoxyethanol, Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, Benzoicacid and Trimethylsiloxysilicate.

    Zerolon Barrier Cream PIL

    Every purchase of Zerolon will or should include a Zerolon Barrier Cream PIL (Patient information leaflet). Patient information leaflets contain everything you need to know about the medication, including what it is, the ingredients it contains, possible side effects and how to use it. If for some reason your purchase doesn’t include a Zerolon Barrier Cream PIL (Patient information leaflet) you can download and print one off one for yourself by checking the manufacturers website, in this case it would be Zeroderma.

    What Is Zerolon Barrier Cream Used For?

    So, what is Zerolon Barrier Cream used for? Barrier creams are a type of cream that are usually used for hand protection; they are categorized as barrier protections cream or barrier creams and barrier repair creams. Barrier Creams such as Zerolon are used to prevent irritation caused by occupation exposure to irritants and are recommended to be applied before and during work. Whilst protecting the skin, they also moisturise, keeping away dry skin. Speak to a doctor or pharmacist if you have any other questions relating to “What is Zerolon Barrier Cream used for?”

    Zerolon Barrier Cream Dermatitis

    Another of the skin conditions Zerolon Barrier Cream Dermatitis treats is dermatitis. Dermatitis is another name for a type of inflammation of the skin. Typically, you may see doctors called eczema a type of dermatitis, and also called dermatitis a type of eczema. This is because they are both the same thing and are just two different words. Zerolon Barrier Cream Dermatitis can be used to treat a form of dermatitis called contact dermatitis. You may occasionally see it referred to as contact eczema. This is a type of eczema that occurs when the skin comes into contact with allergies or irritants. Dermatitis is also a general term that describes a broad range of common skin irritations. It has a lot of causes and forms, but will usually involve itchy, dry skin.

    Zerelon Barrier Cream Reviews

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