Suresign Pregnancy Test Strips – 2 Test Strips


  • Over 99% accurate
  • Results in minutes
  • Easy to use

Suresign Pregnancy Tests are dip pregnancy tests that are easy to use and can give you results after just 3 minutes. They’re perfect for those who don’t like using midstream pregnancy tests and are looking for an alternative that’s still accurate.

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  • What is Suresign Pregnancy Test Strips

    Suresign Pregnancy Test Strips provides accurate results within minutes. Suresign Pregnancy Test Strips are easy to use, give results in 3 minutes & when used in accordance with the enclosed instructions for use the results are over 99% accurate. See more information on taking a pregnancy test here on the NHS website. Each strip is a rapid one step test for the qualititive detection of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in urine to aid in the detection of pregnancy.