Ferrograd C Tablets – 30 Tablets


  • Prolonged Release Tablets
  • Vitamin C (as Sodium Ascorbate)
  • Active Ingredient: Dried Ferrous Sulphate & Vitamin C
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Ferrograd C tablets contain two active ingredients; ferrous sulphate, which is a form of iron and ascorbic acid, which is vitamin C.

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    1. Ferrograd C Tablets
    The name of these tablets is Ferrograd C Tablets. Ferrograd C Tablets are prolonged-release, film coated tablets. The active ingredients in Ferrograd C are: Dried Ferrous Sulphate and Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), as sodium ascorbate. Ferrograd C Tablets are a combined iron and vitamin C supplement.

    Ferrograd C Tablets 30

    Ferrograd C Tablets 30 is an iron supplement used to prevent and treat iron-deficiency anaemia and vitamin C deficiency when the two are present together. Ferrograd C Tablets 30 should only be used for the prevention and treatment of iron-deficiency anaemia diagnosed by laboratory testing under the supervision of a medical doctor. Ferrograd C Tablets 30 should only be taken by pregnant women after the first 13 weeks of pregnancy. The added vitamin C helps the body absorb the iron. A controlled-release system in the tablet allows release of the iron over several hours and reduces the likelihood of stomach irritation. The controlled-release system consists of a harmless plastic honeycomb with thousands of narrow passages containing iron. As the tablet passes through the stomach and gut the iron is released and the empty honeycomb is passed out in stools.

    Ferrograd C 325mg 30 Tablets

    Ferrograd C 325mg 30 Tablets are used as a supplement for the treatment and prevention of iron anaemia. Iron deficiency anaemia is caused by a lack of iron, often because of blood loss or pregnancy. It is typically treated using tablets such as Ferrograd C 325mg 30 Tablets and by eating foods rich in iron. Symptoms of iron anaemia can include:
    • Tiredness and lack of energy
    • Shortness of breath
    • Noticeable heartbeats
    • Pale skin
    Before deciding to use Ferrograd C 325mg 30 Tablets, it’s important to make sure that you are actually anaemic and will benefit from using them. A simple blood test will confirm if you’re anaemic or not.

    Iron Tablets Ferrograd C

    Before using a supplement like Iron Tablets Ferrograd C, your GP will want to confirm whether or not you’re anaemic. This blood test will usually be called an FBC, full blood count. This will find out if the amount of red blood cells you have is above or below the deficiency number. Generally, you won’t have to do anything to prepare for this blood test. Iron deficiency is the most common type of anaemia. Other types of anaemias include vitamin b12 and folate anaemia, which a FBC will also check for. The results of this blood test will determine whether or not you will need to use Iron Tablets Ferrograd C. Iron deficiency in men and women will classified as a level of 10 or less micromoles per litre.

    Ferrograd C Modified Release Tablets

    Once your blood levels have been tested and the results have shown if you’re anaemic or not, Ferrograd C Modified Release Tablets may be given on prescription by your GP. Typically, prescribed medications will be stronger than over-the-counter supplements. Depending on the severity of your iron deficiency, you may need to use Ferrograd C Modified Release Tablets for a long time before the levels of iron in the blood have increased. Ferrograd C Modified Release Tablets contain vitamin c which will help in the absorption of the iron. Follow the GPs advice on how long or often you will have to take your iron supplement. Once Ferrograd C Modified Release Tablets have been taken for a couple of months, your GP may carry out a repeat blood test to check if your iron levels are returning to normal.

    Ferrograd C Tablets Side Effects

    Like all supplements Ferrograd C Tablets side effects can occur, although not everybody gets them. You may experience the following Ferrograd C Tablets Side Effects:
    • Stools may turn black whilst taking Ferrograd C. If you have a test for the detection of blood in your stools, tell your doctor you are taking Ferrograd C Tablets as black stools may cause an incorrect result to the test.
    • Allergic reaction (itchy skin and in rare cases welling of the face and oral mucosa and difficulty in breathing or fainting). If you develop any of these Ferrograd C Tablets Side Effects stop taking the tablets and contact a doctor.
    • Feeling sick
    • Vomiting
    • Stomach pain
    • Diarrhoea
    • Constipation
    • Haematemesis (blood vomiting) and ileus (intestinal obstruction) have been reported.
    Not know (the frequency of the following Ferrograd C Tablets Side Effects cannot be estimated from the available data)
    • Mouth ulceration (in case of incorrect use, when tablets are chewed, sucked or left in the mouth)
    • Elderly patients and patients with difficulty swallowing may also be at risk of ulceration of the throat, oesophagus (the tube that connects the mouth to the stomach) or bronchus (the major air passages of the lungs) if the tablet enters the airways.
    The honeycomb part of the tablet may cause problems in the elderly of in people with constipation. Consult a doctor if you think this may be a problem for you.

    Ferrograd C Iron Tablets Side Effects

    If you get any of the Ferrograd C Iron Tablets side effects, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse. This includes any possible Ferrograd C Iron Tablets Side Effects not listed above. You can also report any side effects directly. By reporting side effects, you can helps provide more information on the safety of this supplement.

    Cost Of Ferrograd C Tablets

    The current cost of Ferrograd C tablets via My Pharmacy is £5.72 for 30 tablets. If you’ve found a cheaper cost of Ferrograd C Tablets elsewhere, always make sure you’re purchasing them from a registered and trusted pharmacy. Any online pharmacy should be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council and any online doctor service should registered with the Care Quality Commission and General Medical Council. Does the current cost of Ferrograd C Tablets look too good to be true? Always check to make sure you’re purchasing legitimate products.

    Ferrograd C Tablets UK

    Looking for a different iron supplement that isn’t Ferrograd C Tablets UK? The following can be purchased as a suitable alternative to Ferrograd C Tablets UK:

    Ferrograd C Tablets Boots

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    Can Ferrograd C Tablets Act As A Laxative?

    A common question we see online relating to this product is “Can Ferrograd C Tablets act as a laxative?” No, Ferrograd C cannot act as a laxative and shouldn’t be taken to cause laxation. Ferrograd C is specifically intended to treat and prevent iron anaemia. It should never be taken to cause a laxative effect. If you’re constipated and need relief, speak to a doctor or pharmacist about some over-the-counter products you could use. Contact out customer support team if you have any other questions relating to “Can Ferrograd C Tablets act as a laxative?”