Elixinol Hemp balm, skin rejuvenate, 120ml


Elixinol Hemp balm is a top quality, organic product. Get all day lift with this perfume free, rejuvenating face cream.

Hemp seed oil moisturizer, sustainably sourced from the Amazon and Australia.

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Product Description

What is Elixinol Hemp balm used for.

Elixinol Hemp balm is a nourishing and deep penetrating skin treatment. Additionally, give your skin an instant lift with this long lasting all day moisturizer. Finally, Sustainably sourced Botanical ingredients from around the world create a luxurious sensory experience.

Use as a day or night cream.


Firstly, this product is nourishing and deep penetrating. Next it is rapidly absorbed. Finally it provides long lasting whole day moisture.

Replenish is Vegan and carbon neutral.

How do I use Elixinol balm?

Apply to clean dry skin.

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Studies indicate side effects such as Diarrhoea, changes of appetite and fatigue.