Denela 5% Cream


  • Local Numbing Cream
  • Active Ingredients: Lidocaine & Prilocaine
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Denela cream contains two active substances, lidocaine and prilocaine, together they create a numbing effect. This numbing action works on the skin to provide pain relief during procedures that use a needle, such as blood tests and injections.

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Denela Cream

What DENELA CREAM is and what it is used for

Denela Cream contains two medicines called lidocaine and prilocaine. These belong to a group of medicines called local anaesthetics.

Denela Cream works by numbing the surface of the skin for a short time. It is put on the skin before certain medical procedures. This helps to stop pain on the skin.

It can be used to numb the skin before:

  •    Having a needle put in (for example, if you are having an injection or a blood test).
  •    Minor skin operations.
  •    Some types of skin graft.
  •    Cleansing or debridement of leg ulcers

It can also be used on adults to numb the genitals before:

  •    Having an injection.
  •    Medical procedures such as removal of warts.

A doctor or nurse should supervise the use of Denela Cream on the genitals.

What you need to know before you use DENELA CREAM

Do not use Denela Cream if:

  • You are allergic (hypersensitive) to lidocaine, prilocaine or any of the other ingredients of Denela Cream (listed in Section 6: Further information).
  • Do not use Denela Cream on premature babies (gestational age less than 37 weeks).
  • Do not use Denela Cream on babies aged 0 to 12 months who are being treated with medicines called ‘sulphonamides’ such as sulfamethoxazole.

Do not use this medicine if any of the above apply to you. If you are not sure, talk to your doctor or pharmacist before using Denela Cream.