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Here at My Pharmacy we have a wide range of non-prescription medicine available to order online, including some of the strongest non prescription allergy medicine. Purchasing non-prescription medication from us, such as non prescription asthma medicine or maybe non prescription constipation medicine, you can trust us to deliver high quality medicine dispensed from a licensed UK pharmacy.

All transactions are safe, secure and completely confidential. All of our orders are sent out securely and discreetly, with no indication of pharmacy or medication present on the packaging.

Whilst looking at our non prescription nebulizer medicine or non prescription medicine for bladder infections, we also offer a wide range of prescription treatments.

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    • Allergy and Hayfever

      Allergy and Hayfever (63)

      Sniffling and sneezing is a tell-tale sign of you may need allergy protection. We stock a range of non-prescription allergy medicine. By choosing a specific medicine, symptoms can be targeted effectively and efficiently. At My Pharmacy you’ll be able to find the best hay fever medicine, including nasal spray for allergies from brands such as Benacort and Nasacort. If you are looking for the strongest allergy medication non prescription, you’ve come to the right place.
    • Baby & Child

      Baby & Child (106)

      When your baby or child are feeling under the weather, it can be just as upsetting to you as it is for them. There are a ton of common ailments that babies and children have to deal with whilst they grow, including cradle cap, colic, teething, nappy rash, chickenpox etc. My Pharmacy has a wide range of over-the-counter medicine available for babies and children suffering from common childhood ailments.
    • Coughs and Colds

      Coughs and Colds (145)

      You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for effective medicine for cough and cold ailments. Suffering from the common cold or flu is never fun, but lucky for you there are plenty of cold cough medicine available here at My Pharmacy so you can get back to feeling your best self again. My Pharmacy has some of the best medicine for cough and cold ailments. Our range covers decongestants, nasal sprays, lozenges and tablets/capsules.
    • Female Health

      Female Health (44)

      Having trouble accessing your local female health clinic and would like to purchase over-the-counter female health products? My Pharmacy offers a wide range of female health medication that covers a broad number of female health conditions, including period pain, vaginal thrush and cystitis.
    • First Aid

      First Aid (24)

      Making sure you have a first aid kit on hand and available in your home is always something you should have. My Pharmacy offers a range of different products that will easily fit in with first aid kits. Products such as antiseptics, gloves, masks, and plasters are all essential first aid kit items. Even such a minor cut can cause an infection. It is best to stay stocked up on at home treatments for when they are needed. All first aid kit online products are sent out securely and discreetly.
    • General Health

      General Health (594)

      General health is important for your overall wellbeing. My Pharmacy would advise you to have a general health check up before purchasing something such as general health supplements. Supplements are only needed if you are deficient in a vitamin or nutrient. Below you can find a number of different general health categories, ranging from eye, foot, ear, pain and dental products. Our over-the-counter products don’t require any general health questionnaire to be filled in.
    • Holiday & Travel

      Holiday & Travel (34)

      Holiday is a time for rest and forgetting about every day worries. That’s why it is best to stock up on essential holiday & travel products, making sure you’re ready for any occasion. Travelling to somewhere that has a reputation for annoying insects or mosquitoes? Take a look at our insect repellent products. Do you or your loved ones suffer from travel sickness? Avomine & Kwells are available to stop and prevent travel sickness. Want to protect your skin from the sun’s ultra-violet rays? My Pharmacy stocks different levels of sun protection factor creams and lotions.
    • Pet Medication

      Pet Medication (2)

      Pet medications are specifically formulated to addres a variety of health concerns in animals, ranging from preventative care to acute and chronic disease management. This category encompasses products such as flea and tick preventatives, and worming treatments.
    • Stomach and Bowel

      Stomach and Bowel (119)

      Gastrointestinal disorders such as IBS can cause bloating, cramps, diarrhoea and constipation, all of which can be incredibly uncomfortable and hard to live with. By using medicine to regulate bowel movements, symptoms will be controlled and eased. Over the counter medication for irritable bowel syndrome is often lower strength, therefore any IBS symptoms that can’t be controlled with OTC medicines, will more than likely need prescription only medicines. Click here to view our POM IBS treatments. As well as medicine for irritable bowel, My Pharmacy also stocks over-the-counter medicine for bowel blockage i.e., constipation, bowel syndrome medicine, indigestion, worms, sickness and diarrhoea.
    • Well Being

      Well Being (164)

      Taking steps to improve your wellbeing can be one of the most beneficial ways to improve your day-to-day life. Wellbeing can mean many things to different people, but generally, it means being comfortable, healthy and happy. For example, you can achieve a better level of wellbeing by changing your lifestyle. One of those changes could be to stop smoking or losing weight. Below you can find both stop smoking and weight loss well being medicine available for purchase. Please be careful when looking for wellbeing medication online. Anyone selling mental well being medicine or medicinal plans for holistic health and well being without being transparent and providing evidence, may be selling counterfeit medication.