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Glycerol belongs to a group of medicines called laxatives. A laxative is a medicine which is used for the occasional treatment of constipation. Glycerol Suppositories act as a stimulant laxative for short term treatment of constipation and for emptying the bowels.

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  • Glycerol (Glycerin) Suppositories

    1. Fast Delivery of Glycerol Suppositories in the UK
    2. Glycerol 4g Suppositories
    3. Glycerol Suppositories BNF
    4. Precautions for Glycerin Suppository Use
    5. Using Glycerin Suppositories and Lifestyle Adjustments
    6. Glycerol Suppositories: Composition and Function
    7. Glycerol Suppositories: Storage and Safety
    8. Effectiveness of Glycerol Suppositories
    9. Proper Usage of Glycerol 4g Suppositories
    10. Possible Side Effects of Glycerol Suppositories
    11. Alternatives to Glycerol Suppositories for Adults
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    Fast Delivery of Glycerol Suppositories in the UK

    With My Pharmacy, you can order Glycerol Suppositories online. Each order is dispatched in a secure and discreet package, ensuring your treatment arrives on time and intact.  

    Glycerol 4g Suppositories

    Glycerol 4g Suppositories belong to the laxative family of medications. Laxatives are designed for occasional treatment of minor constipation. Glycerol 4g Suppositories act as a stimulant, making bowel emptying more comfortable. If you experience the following symptoms, you may benefit from Glycerol 4g Suppositories:
    • Less than three bowel movements in the past week
    • Often passing large, dry, hard, or lumpy stools
    • Straining or experiencing pain during bowel movements
    For more detailed information on constipation, you can check this NHS article.  

    Glycerol Suppositories BNF

    The BNF holds crucial information about Glycerol Suppositories, serving as a standard reference for healthcare professionals. This includes indications, prescribing and dispensing guidelines, warnings, and drug interactions. If you need further details on Glycerol Suppositories or require additional patient resources for medicines, feel free to contact us.  

    Precautions for Glycerin Suppository Use

    While generally safe for use, certain individuals should consult their GP before using Glycerin Suppositories. Avoid using this product if:
    • You have an undiagnosed abdominal problem
    • You are allergic to any of the ingredients
    • You have a blocked bowel
    • You are diabetic
    If in doubt, please reach out to a pharmacist for advice.  

    Using Glycerin Suppositories and Lifestyle Adjustments

    In addition to using Glycerin Suppositories, these lifestyle changes can help alleviate your constipation:
    • Stay well-hydrated
    • Increase your dietary fibre
    • Improve your toilet routine
    • Do not ignore the urge to defecate
    • Boost your daily physical activity
    • Limit alcohol consumption

    Glycerol Suppositories: Composition and Function

    Glycerol Suppositories are composed of glycerol, gelatine, and purified water. The main ingredient, glycerol, serves as a lubricant to soften the stool and stimulate bowel muscles, facilitating easier stool passage. Once inserted into the rectum, the suppository gradually dissolves due to body heat. As it dissolves, the glycerol is released, drawing water into the hard, dry stool from surrounding tissues. This softens the stool, making it easier to pass. Simultaneously, the glycerol irritates the rectal lining, triggering peristalsis - a series of wave-like muscle contractions. These contractions push the stool along the rectum and out of the body. So, when you ask, "What do Glycerol Suppositories do?" the answer lies in the interaction of their ingredients. They work by providing a gentle yet effective solution for occasional constipation.  

    Glycerol Suppositories: Storage and Safety

    Store your Glycerol Suppositories:
    • Out of the reach of children
    • Away from expiry dates
    • In a dry place, below 25°C
    Remember to return any unused or expired Glycerol Suppositories to your local pharmacy for safe disposal.  

    Effectiveness of Glycerol Suppositories

    You might be wondering how long it takes for Glycerol Suppositories to work. Generally, these suppositories start working within 15 minutes. If you don't feel an urge to empty your bowel within this timeframe, avoid inserting another suppository and wait a little longer.  

    Proper Usage of Glycerol 4g Suppositories

    Following the instructions on how to use Glycerol 4g Suppositories can prevent discomfort. Here are the steps:
    • Empty your bowels, if possible.
    • Clean your hands with soap and warm water.
    • Unwrap the suppository.
    • Assume a comfortable position.
    • Gently part your buttocks.
    • Slowly insert the suppository, tapered end first, into your anus.
    • Close your legs and lie still for 15-20 minutes until it dissolves.
    • Clean your hands after use.
    You can refer to the Patient Information Leaflet for further instructions and details.  

    Possible Side Effects of Glycerol Suppositories

    Although side effects from Glycerol Suppositories aren't common, some people might experience:
    • Sudden wheezing and chest tightness
    • Eyelid swelling
    • Facial or lip swelling
    • Skin lumps or hives
    • Skin rash (red spots)
    • Itching or fever
    • Collapse
    These symptoms could signal an allergic reaction requiring immediate medical attention.  

    Alternatives to Glycerol Suppositories for Adults

    If you prefer oral treatments for constipation, My Pharmacy provides various alternatives, including: No matter where you purchase Glycerol Suppositories, ensure it's from a registered and trusted pharmacy. Online pharmacies should be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council, and online doctor services should be registered with the Care Quality Commission and General Medical Council. For more information or assistance, feel free to contact our customer service team. Check out our full range of stomach and bowel treatments here at My Pharmacy.  

    Youtube Video Suggestion

    "How to Use Rectal Suppositories". This video provides step-by-step guidance on how to use rectal suppositories correctly in order to receive optimal effect from the medication.

  • Side Effects

    Like all medicines, this medicine can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.
    If any of the following symptoms occur contact your doctor or pharmacist immediately. These are symptoms of a serious allergic reaction.
    • sudden wheeziness and tightness of chest
    • swelling of eyelids, face or lips
    • skin limps or hives
    • skin rash (red spots), itchiness, fever
    • collapse
    Other side effects that may occur include:
    • abdominal cramps
    • irritation in or around the rectum (back

  • More Information

    Patient Information leaflet