Cerumol Olive Oil Ear Drops, 10ml


Cerumol ear drops are used to remove hardened ear wax.

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Product Description

What are Cerumol Olive Oil Ear Drops used for?

Cerumol Olive Oil Ear Drops are used to remove hardened ear wax in a gentle way .

How do you use Cerumol Ear Drops

These drop are suitable for adults and children over 1 year old.

First, tilt your head sideways with the affected ear facing upwards.Next, place 2-3 drops in the ear, using the dropper.Finally massage around the outside of the ear.

Never insert the dropper or any solid object in the ear. Keep you head tilted so that the drops can reach the ear drum. In addition plug your ear with cotton wool. You should use the drops twice a day for up to seven days.

As you get older wax gets harder. Consequently it is more difficult to remove, Use Cerumol for gentle releif.

Children under five years.

Get young children diagnosed by a doctor, before treating.

ear care at My Pharmacy

You can read more about ear wax on the NHS web site.


Side Effects

Like all medicines, Cerumol Ear Drops can
cause side effects, although not everybody gets
Possible side effects:
• Local irritation.
• Redness.
• Rash.
If any of the side effects gets serious or you
notice any side effect not included above, stop
use and tell your doctor or pharmacist. They
will tell you what to do

Further Information

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