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How To Order Pet Prescriptions Online

Did you know that you can order your pet prescriptions UK online through us? We don’t only offer cheap pet prescriptions, but the process is easy and simple.

You are entitled to ask your vet for written pet prescriptions if your pet requires medication and order it via pet prescriptions online. The prescription will have to be paid for, however the cost of pet prescriptions vs the amount you would save with My Pharmacy should be considerable enough to make it worthwhile.

How To Get A Pet Prescription Online

In order to fulfil pet prescriptions online you’ll need a licensed pet prescription from registered UK vet. With these pet prescriptions you can then order these prescriptions, such as dog prescriptions, online from My Pharmacy. All you need to do is send an email to info@mypharmacy.co.uk for a free quote.

Follow these simple steps on how to get a vet prescription online:

  • Contact us at info@mypharmacy.co.uk with a copy of the prescription and we’ll provide a free quote.
  • Once we’ve replied with a quote send your dog prescriptions/pet prescriptions to our address
    • My Pharmacy, 58-60 Queen Street, Great Harwood, Lancashire, BB67AL
    • Make sure to include your quote reference number when sending the prescription.
  • Our licensed pharmacist will then check your pet prescriptions and send out the treatment.
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How Much Does A Pet Prescription Cost

Depending on the vet, vets will often charge and their fee will vary. How much does a pet prescription cost will have to be checked with them to see what their fee will be. Some will be cheaper than others. There are plenty of different veterinary pharmacies online, whilst some standard online pharmacies also take pet prescriptions and dog prescriptions.

As an online pharmacy, pet prescriptions UK can be supplied more cheaply than your local vet, resulting in cheap pet prescriptions. Online pharmacies enjoy large discounts from suppliers due to purchasing in bulk. Required by law, vets cannot purchase medication from any retailers other than veterinary wholesalers, thus they can’t access discounted prices. Veterinary drugs are often quite expensive because the market is so small. In order to make a profit, prices are set relatively high.

Where To Get Pet Prescriptions Filled

There are three main choices of where to get pet prescriptions filled. The vet’s office, an online pet pharmacy or your local pharmacy.

Firstly, the vet’s office is the most convenient when your pet is diagnosed during a visit. Your veterinarian can often provide the medication during the same visit, depending on the availability of certain drugs. Most local vet offices will keep common prescriptions in stock. This is probably the most convenient and safe way. But it may not be the cheapest. The prices may be marked up and or additional dispensing fees could be added on.

The second option is getting pet prescriptions online. Pharmacies such as My Pharmacy will deliver your dog prescriptions treatment straight to your door. Services such as these are great sources of medications that might not have huge stock quantities. However, depending on your pet’s condition, something such as infection will need immediate treatment, rather than waiting several days for clearance and shipping. Be careful when purchasing pet medication online, make sure they’re reliable and you aren’t purchasing counterfeit drugs.

Lastly, your local pharmacies such as the major supermarkets, Superdrug, Lloyds etc. will be able to supply some medications that overlap between human and animal. Some of these include broad-spectrum antibiotics, pain medications, and anti-nausea medications. All of the above local pharmacy brands will fill pet prescriptions if there is a human equivalent available, including My Pharmacy.

If you’re having any trouble finding where to get pet prescriptions filled, please speak to your veterinarian or contact us via email.

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Pet Antibiotics Without Vet Prescription UK

If you’re thinking of using Pet Antibiotics Without Vet Prescription UK, don’t. Any antibiotic given to your pet should have been prescribed by your vet. Never, under any circumstance, give your pet any medication without instructions from your vet, even if they have had it previously.

Using medication incorrectly, especially antibiotics, can be extremely harmful and can even create antibiotic resistance and cause more severe problems in the future. If you have given your pet antibiotics without vet prescription UK when you shouldn’t have, seek immediate medical attention.

Making Sure Your Online Pet Prescription Is Legit

Yes, shopping at online pharmacies can help save money on medication for your pet just as it does for humans. However, there are a number of things you need to be aware of before purchasing ANY medication online. Various investigations from legal authorities have identified a number of different areas where companies are selling products that aren’t fit for purpose.

Certain websites are selling counterfeit drugs, unapproved drugs, expired drugs and others making false claims of drugs having particular benefits and selling cheap pet prescriptions that look too good to be true.

One of the first things you can do to identify whether or not an online pharmacy is reliable and legal is to look at their pet prescription reviews. Just make sure that the reviews look genuine and don’t look suspicious, such as multiple people with the same names etc. Don’t only depend on the pet prescription reviews to make a judgement though.

Legitimate companies will ensure they are in compliance with governing laws and will have been verified by governing bodies. Any online pharmacy should be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council. Simply search for the trading name or location and the registration status will be displayed.

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