Steri-Strip 75mm Skin Closures – 5 Strips


  • Secures – Provides wound support and increases the tensile strength of the wound, compared to sutures
  • Helps improve cosmetic outcomes – Non-invasive, sterile design helps reduce scarring and the risk of infection, compared to sutures and staples, with less tissue trauma and better cosmetic outcomes.
  • Easy on patients – Comfortable to wear compared to sutures. Hypoallergenic adhesive.
  • Allows early staple/suture removal – Helps patients get back to their normal routine faster.
  • Saves money – Less expensive than skin adhesives, sutures or staples.
  • Easy to apply – Fast application

Artificial wound closures support healing until skin is strong enough to handle daily tensile forces.
Traditionally sutures or staples performed this role. However, adhesive skin closures are increasing in popularity as an option that improves patient comfort.

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Product Description

3M Steri-Strip Reinforced Adhesive Skin Closures are the standard in adhesive skin closures, trusted for their convenience, simplicity and non-invasive design.

3M Steri-Strip Reinforced Skin Closure Strips is the original skin closure strip with microporous non-woven material designed to let the skin ‘breathe’ and reinforced filaments for added strength. A pressue sensitive hypoallergenic adhesive.


  • A pressure sensitive hypoallergenic adhesive.
  • Superior cosmetic results compared to suturing, eliminating scarring due to cross-hatching.
  • Lower rate of infection and over-all morbidity when compared to sutures and/or staples.
  • Fast application.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Hypoallergenic and reduces likelihood of skin irritation.
  • Sterile.
  • Size: 3mm x 75mm
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