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Oilatum cream is an emollient cream for eczema and itchy irritating dry skin conditions. It will help to moisturize the skin after washing and is suitable for people allergic to lanolin.

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    Oilatum Emollient Cream

    Oilatum Emollient Cream is an emollient (softening, soothing agent) used in the treatment of eczema and related skin conditions. Oilatum Emollient Cream forms a protective film which moisturises, soothes, softens and rehydrates the skin. It is especially effective after washing. It is suitable for people allergic to lanolin.
    • Oilatum Emollient Cream has been specially developed to treat eczema and related dry skin condition.
    • The rich cream for dry skin forms a protective film to moisturise, soothe and soften the skin.
    • Fragrance free.
    • Suitable for adults and children.

    Oilatum Cream 500ml

    Compared to different variations of emollients, Oilatum Cream 500ml is very good for daytime use as they’re not as greasy as an ointment, and is absorbed quicker. There are plenty of other different types of emollients if Oilatum Cream 500ml isn’t appropriate for your current condition. Typically, the majority of emollients can be purchased over-the-counter from a pharmacy without the need for a prescription.
    • Lotions
      • This type of emollient is thin and is great for hairy or damaged areas of the skin. People with dry skin will want to try another emollient type as lotions aren’t usually moisturising.
    • Ointments
      • Very moisturising, thick and greasy, ointments are great for very dry, thickened skin. Great for sensitive skin because they are usually preservative free, but shouldn’t be used on weeping eczema.
    • Sprays
      • Sprays are great for areas of skin that are hard-to-reach or that are sore or infected that can’t be touched.
    • Soap substitutes
      • Soap, shampoos and shower gels that are generally bought off of supermarket shelves will usually dry out the skin and cause eczema and other skin conditions to worsen. Using an emollient soap substitute can help improve the health of your skin.
    Make sure you’re making the correct decision when purchasing Oilatum Cream 500ml. Other options are available and may be more suitable for your condition.

    Oilatum Cream

    Oilatum Cream is known as an emollient. Emollients are medical moisturisers which lubricate the skin by creating a barrier of moisture. Oilatum Cream and others like it are very important in the treatment of conditions in which the skin is dry and itchy, for example eczema and psoriasis. When applied to the skin, emollients repair the damaged natural barrier, and help protect it from irritation and infections and can reduce redness, swelling and itching. As well as being available as Oilatum Cream, emollients can come in many different formulations, including soap substitutes, creams, bath additives and sprays. The majority of them can be purchased over-the-counter, and some only available on prescription

    Oilatum Face Cream

    In order to use Oilatum Face Cream correctly, please follow the instructions below or the ones listed on the packaging.
    • Apply to the affected area.
    • Use as often as required or as directed by your pharmacist.
    • Oilatum Face Cream is especially affective after washing, to counteract the loss of essential oils from the skin.
    • Oilatum Face Cream is suitable for adults and children.

    Oilatum Face Moisturiser

    Oilatum Face Moisturiser and other similar emollient products can sometimes cause a skin reaction, including:
    • An overheating, burning sensation or stinging that does not settle after a few days of using Oilatum face moisturiser. This is usually caused by a specific ingredient in the emollient.
    • Boils may form due to blocked or inflamed hair follicles.
    • Rashes on the face that further aggravate acne.
    If you experience any of these symptoms when using Oilatum face moisturiser, please speak to a doctor or pharmacist. An ingredient may be causing the above to occur, so a suitable alternative should be sought.

    Oilatum Lotion

    Oilatum Lotion contains two active ingredients called liquid paraffin and white soft paraffin. The liquid paraffin is a softening agent (a substance that soothes and softens the skin). It works by avoiding water loss from the outer coating of the skin. This reduces dryness and leaves the skin hydrated and soft. White paraffin provides a layer of oil on the surface of the skin and avoids water evaporation from the surface of the skin and helps keep the skin moist. Oilatum Lotion is used to treat dry skin conditions such as eczema. When the skin becomes dry it loses moisture and may peel, crack, and irritate the skin.

    Oilatum Eczema

    Atopic eczema is the most common form of eczema, a condition that causes the skin to become itchy, dry and cracked. When using Oilatum Eczema its purpose is to help reduce the dryness of the skin. Eczema is usually a chronic condition, although it can improve significantly over time, or even clear completely. Oilatum Eczema is just one of the many emollients that can be used to treat eczema and other dry skin conditions. There are different strengths of treatments including:
    • Very mild (hydrocortisone)
    • Moderate (Betamethasone valerate and clobetasone butyrate)
    • Strong (a higher dose of Betamethasone valerate and betamethasone diproprionate)
    • Very strong (clobetasol proprionate and diflucortolone valterate)
    Atopic Eczema Overview – NHS Website

    Oilatum Cream Eczema And Dry Skin

    Oilatum Cream Eczema And Dry emollient as you know is used to treat atopic eczema. Treatment for atopic eczema can help relieve symptoms and improve the outlook over time. However, there is currently no cure and eczema that is severe has a significant effect on a person’s day to day life. Controlling symptoms is the main objective when looking for treatment options. There are many different options when looking to control and manage eczema, including:
    • Self-care techniques, such as reducing scratching and avoiding triggers.
    • Emollients (Oilatum Cream Eczema And Dry Skin)
    • Topical corticosteroids that are used to reduce swelling, redness and itching during flare-ups.

    Is Oilatum Emollient Cream Good For Heat Rash?

    A common question we often see online is “Is Oilatum Emollient Cream good for heat rash?” Not directly. You may need to use Oilatum Emollient Cream if you use a topical preparation such as calamine to ease the itching of heat rash. A side effect of using calamine lotion on the skin is dry skin. Oilatum Emollient can be applied afterward if dry skin presents itself. If you have any other questions relating to “Is Oilatum Emollient Cream good for heat rash?” please speak to your doctor or pharmacist.

    Oilatum Baby Emollient Cream

    Gentle enough to use from day one, Oilatum Baby Emollient Cream provides effective relief from eczema and is clinically proven to start soothing immediately. Eczema on babies during their first 6 months usually appears on the face, cheeks, chin, forehead and scalp. It can also spread to other areas of the body, but doesn’t usually spread to the diaper area, where moisture protects the skin. The skin during this stage also tends to look more red and “weepy”. For the majority of eczema cases in babies, managing flares comes down to these basics:
    • Know what triggers your child’s eczema and try to keep them away.
    • Implement a daily moisturise and bathing routine which can include creams such as Oilatum Baby Emollient Cream.
    • Curb symptoms by consistently using OTV and prescriptions medicines.

    Can You Buy Oilatum Over The Counter?

    Another common question we see get asked online is “Can You Buy Oilatum Over The Counter?” Yes, Oilatum can be purchased over the counter from various different pharmacies and supermarkets. If you have any other questions relating to “Can You Buy Oilatum Over The Counter?” please contact our customer support team who will be happy to answer any queries you may have.