Nicorette Inhalator 15mg – 36 Cartridges


  • Replicates the hand to mouth action of having a cigarette
  • Can be used indoors, on flights and on public transport
  • Helps cravings and nicotine withdrawal symptoms

Nicorette 15mg inhalator is used to relieve and/or prevent withdrawal symptoms and reduce the cravings you get when you try to stop smoking or when cutting down the number of cigarettes you smoke.

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  • Nicorette Inhalator 15mg Cartridges

    Clinically proven nicotine replacement therapy aid that provides the hand-to-mouth action of a real cigarette.
    • Held like a cigarette, so it keeps your hands busy
    • Replaceable cartridge releases nicotine to help relieve your cigarette cravings and nicotine withdrawal symptoms
    • Available in 20s and 36s
    • Can be used indoors
    • Can be used on public transport including aeroplanes (it is recommended that as with any medicinal product, you travel with the product packaging including the information leaflet which highlights that the product is acceptable to use)

    How to use

    • Line up the markers of the inhalator’s mouthpiece and pull each end in the opposite direction.
    • Insert one nicotine plug into the mouthpiece and twist the parts of the mouthpiece to close.
    • Each cartridge will provide you with about 40 minutes of intense use. You can divide this time how you like. For example, you could use a cartridge for four 10-minute inhalation periods. Or you could use a cartridge for 10 minutes on waking and then for six periods of five minutes later on in the day.
    • Remove the used nicotine plug from the mouthpiece by re-aligning the markers of the mouthpiece to open the mouthpiece.