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Mebeverine hydrochloride is a type of medicine known as an antispasmodic. It helps with muscle spasms. It can be used to ease painful stomach cramps if you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or other conditions.

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    Mebeverine Hydrochloride Tablets

    Mebeverine Hydrochloride Tablets contain the active ingredient Mebeverine Hydrochloride. It belongs to a group of medications called antispasmodics that help with muscle spasms, particularly in people suffering from IBS. Once Mebeverine Hydrochloride Tablets are taken, they get to work relaxing the muscles in the gastro-intestinal tract. Among Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) it’s also used to treat the following conditions; chronic irritable colon, spastic constipation, mucous colitis and spastic colitis. As Mebeverine Hydrochloride Tablets can be sold as generic, there are also many brands that offer their own branded versions including Colofac, Aurobeverine and Colofac IBS.

    Mebeverine Hydrochloride 135mg Tablets

    What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome and why is Mebeverine Hydrochloride 135mg Tablets used to treat it? Irritable bowel syndrome is a common condition that affects the digestive system. The majority of symptoms are located in and around the bowel location causing stomach cramps, bloating, diarrhoea and constipation. The condition is usually lifelong and will require a consistent diet plan and treatment plan should a flare up occur. There is no current cure available for IBS but diet changes and medication such as Mebeverine Hydrochloride 135mg Tablets can help control symptoms. When Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms present themselves, Mebeverine Hydrochloride 135mg Tablets is used to treat the associated pain. A long muscular tube is used to pass food down into the gut so it can be digested. If this tube goes into a spasm it can cause pain. This medication works by relieving the spasm and in turn the pain. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Overview – NHS Website

    Mebeverine Tablets Bp 135mg

    As well as treating irritable bowel syndrome with Mebeverine Tablets Bp 135mg, diet changes can also have a positive effect. This will depend entirely on the way IBS affects you. Eating certain foods can bring on symptoms, therefore you should avoid eating the foods that trigger a reaction. A high fibre diet may help long-term but this should be discussed with your doctor or pharmacist first before starting. Another possible treatment for IBS other than medication such as Mebeverine Tablets Bp 135mg, is to take a moment out of your day and relax. Stress has been found to be a large contributor to IBS symptoms. The more stressed you are, the more pronounced the symptoms become.

    What Are Mebeverine Tablets For?

    We are often asked the question “What are Mebeverine Tablets For?” Mebeverine is primarily used for the relief of symptoms caused by gastrointestinal cramps. As an antispasmodic it’s available in many forms including tablets, modified release capsules and liquid medicine. The main symptoms of IBS:
    • Stomach pain and spasm.
    • Persistent diarrhoea, or alternating constipation and diarrhoea.
    • Flatulence and feeling bloated.
    • Small, hard, pellet-like or ribbon-like stools.
    You should first be diagnosed with IBS by a doctor before using this medication. The majority of IBS cases are life-long and require a detailed plan on how to relieve symptoms and provide long-term quality of life. If you still have questions about “What are Mebeverine Tablets for?” please talk to your doctor.

    Mebeverine Tablets For Ibs

    Mebeverine Tablets for IBS can be taken by most adults and children aged 10 years and older. They may not be suitable for some people. If you are considering using this medication tell your doctor or pharmacist before taking Mebeverine Tablets for IBS if you:
    • Have ever had an allergic reaction to Mebeverine or any other medication in the past.
    • Have a condition called paralytic ileus that causes an inactive gut.
    • Have a rare inherited condition that means that you cannot digest galactose.
    • Are trying for a baby, pregnant or breastfeeding.
    Purchasing Mebeverine Tablets for IBS without a prescription should be cleared first with your doctor if you are experiencing blood in the poo, nausea/vomiting, lost appetite or are unusually pale or tired.

    Mebeverine Tablets Dosage

    The following Mebeverine Tablets Dosage the default recommended dosage that is in the patient information leaflet. If your doctor has given you instructions, those instructions will override the patient information leaflet. Always take Mebeverine tablets exactly as your doctor described. Any Mebeverine Tablets Dosage should be taken 20 minutes before a meal. The majority of people’s symptoms will appear after they have eaten. Recommended Mebeverine Tablets Dosage (Adults & Elderly)
    • One tablet three times a day. Do not exceed more than three tablets per day.
    • If symptoms improve the number of tablets you take can be lowered.
    Recommended Mebeverine Tablets Dosage (Children & Adolescents)
    • This medication is not recommended for Children & Adolescents below the age of eighteen.

    Mebeverine Tablets Side Effects

    Like with all medicine, Mebeverine Tablets Side Effects can occur but these aren’t experienced by everyone. If you experience any Mebeverine Tablets Side Effects, especially if any of them are getting progressively worse, immediately stop and speak to your doctor as soon as possible. Below is a list of Mebeverine Tablets Side Effects experienced more, or less when people have used Mebeverine Tablets. If you notice any of the symptoms associated with an allergic reaction immediately stop taking this medication and seek medical help.
    • Difficulty in breathing, swelling of the face, neck, lips, tongue or throat.
    Other Mebeverine Tablets Side Effects Allergic reactions may occur, such as skin reactions, inflamed or reddened skin, swelling, hives, itching or skin rashes.

    Mebeverine Tablets Where To Buy

    Mebeverine Tablets Where To Buy? This medication can be purchased confidently from My Pharmacy UK. As an independent pharmacy, My Pharmacy is able to get the best prices for both generic and brand name treatments. When compared to other retailers, My Pharmacy can be as much as 50% cheaper to buy the same products. My Pharmacy has an expert team of pharmacy professionals available to help via email, online chat and telephone should you have any questions regarding your current prescription or treatment.

    Mebeverine 135mg Tablets Information Leaflet

    Every purchase of a Mebeverine 135mg Tablets will include a Mebeverine 135mg Tablets Information Leaflet. This contains everything you need to know about the medication, including what it is, the ingredients it contains, possible side effects and how to use it. If for some reason your purchase doesn’t include a Mebeverine 135mg Tablets Information Leaflet you can download and print one off one for yourself by searching google.

    Mebeverine Film Coated Tablets

    There are other IBS remedies and treatments available out there. Some of these include peppermint oil and Buscopan. Buscopan and peppermint oil are also antispasmodics and work similarly to Mebeverine Film Coated Tablets. By relaxing the stomach muscles they help to ease the pain caused by cramps. Both are available to buy over the counter from pharmacies, with Buscopan also available on prescription. The amount of time you may take the alternative remedies for will vary. Mebeverine Film Coated Tablets are typically taken when a flare-up occurs. You can stop taking them once you feel better. This can take up to two weeks.

    Mebeverine Tablets Reviews

    You can view Mebeverine Tablets Reviews and reviews left by customers who have used our website and service via the product page. To view more Mebeverine Tablets Reviews and overall service reviews, click here to view our trustpilot page. Our team will also be able to advise on any alternative treatments should any Mebeverine Tablets Reviews cause you to look for an alternative.
  • IBS

    IBS is a common condition that affects the digestive system.
    It causes symptoms like stomach cramps, bloating, diarrhoea and constipation. These tend to come and go over time, and can last for days, weeks or months at a time and is usually a lifelong problem.
    There’s no cure, but diet changes and medicines can often help control the symptoms.
    The exact cause is unknown – it’s been linked to things like food passing through your gut too quickly or too slowly, oversensitive nerves in your gut, stress, and a family history of IBS.

    Common IBS symptoms

    stomach pain or cramps,bloating, diarrhoea, and constipation.

    Other symptoms can include flatulence, passing mucus from your bottom, tiredness and a lack of energy,
    nausea, and backache

  • Side Effects

    Most people will not have problems, but some may get some side effects (unwanted effects or reactions).

    If you get any of these serious side effects, stop taking the tablets. See a doctor at once:

    Difficulty in breathing, swelling of face, neck, tongue or throat (severe allergic reactions)

    These other effects are less serious. If they bother you talk to a pharmacist:

    Skin rash, red itchy skin

    Reporting of side effects

    If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse. This includes any possible side effects not listed in this leaflet. You can also report side effects directly via the United Kingdom national reporting system The Yellow Card Scheme at:

  • Further Information