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  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and skin
  • Preservative and detergent free
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Lumecare Eyelid Wipes are ideal for daily eyelid hygiene and are preservative and detergent free. They also help to relieve tired eyes and are suitable for sensitive eyes and skin

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Lumecare Eyelid Wipes

What are Lumecare Eyelid Wipes

Lumecare Eyelid Wipes have been developed based on the input of leading experts in the field of meibomian gland dysfunction is a condition that often causes blepharitis and dry eye. This was triggered mainly due to requests from patients who were seeking alternatives to existing therapies. Patients reported that existing products cause stinging, discomfort and dry eye.

Preservative-free (eliminates the risk of preservative reactions such as toxic events, allergic reactions) and detergent free, for daily eyelid and eyelash hygiene, gently cleans away debris on the eyelid and eyelashes, revives tired eyes, suitable for sensitive eyes and skin, suitable for babies and adults, does not require rinsing.

See more information on how to look after your eyes on the NHS website

How to use Lumecare Eyelid Wipes

  1. Wash your hands before using these wipes
  2. To use, close the eye and wipe from the nearest corner of the eye to the nose and wipe outwards across the lash
  3. Always read the patient information leaflet inserted before use

Lumecare Eyelid Wipes Benefits

  1.  Preservative and detergent free
  2. Used daily for eyelid hygiene
  3. Gently cleans away debris from eyelid and eyelashes
  4. Revives tired eyes
  5. Suitable for sensitive eyes and skin
  6. Suitable for adults and babies
  7. Requires no rising

 Lumecare Eyelid Wipes Ingredients

Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Chloride Dihydrate, Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate, Sodium Acetate, Sodium Citrate Dihydrate & Purified Water.

*All ingredients are correct to the best of our knowledge, but may be subject to change

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