Femfresh Freshness Deodorant 125ml


  • MULTIActif complex
  • 24-hour protection
  • Gynaecologically Tested
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Femfresh Deodorant is an intimate spray is delicately fragranced for your delicate intimate skin. Specially designed with calendula, moisturising silk extracts and MultiActif complex for an extra layer of protection.

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    Femfresh Deodorant

    Femfresh Deodorant is an intimate spray which is slightly fragranced for intimate delicate skin. It is formulated with moisturising silk extracts which provides a protective barrier on the skin to feel comfortable even on your period days. Another ingredient is Calendula which help to stay fresh and and feel confident for longer. Providing a 24 hour protection, Femfresh Deodorant prevents odours such as sweat. Femfresh Deodorant can be used every day.

    Femfresh Deodorant Spray

    There are a variety of vaginal odours that different women experience. The vagina does have a unique fragrance, it is normal for a healthy vagina to have a slight scent, but this can change. Femfresh Deodorant Spray is some women’s god send as it creates a sense of relief from worrying about vaginal odour. Feeling conscious about vaginal odour can lead to struggling with body image and self-esteem. It is normal for the vagina to have a mild, musky smell. The odour can change during hormonal shifts during, menopause, menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Femfresh Deodorant Spray can be used during a period. Here are some other things you can do whilst using Femfresh Deodorant Spray to reduce vaginal odour:-
    • Adopt good hygiene measures
    • Care for the vagina after sex
    • Consume probiotics
    • Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing
    • Cut sugar and boost hydration

    Femfresh Deodorant 125ml

    Femfresh Deodorant 125ml should be used as directed. It should not be used in confined areas, and inhaling the product should be avoided. Avoid spraying the Femfresh Deodorant 125ml near the eyes, in the event of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Femfresh Deodorant 125ml should not be sprayed onto broken or irritated skin as it can cause symptoms to worsen. If you have any questions about how to use Femfresh Deodorant 125ml, please do not hesitate to contact us as My Pharmacy and we can assist you. There are also other Femfresh products that we sell which you can find here.

    Is Femfresh Deodorant Safe?

    There are often a lot of questions we see online and one of these is “Is Femfresh Deodorant Safe?” The answer is yes, the intimate deodorant range is pH-balanced and safe to use around the external intimate area or directly onto underwear. “Is Femfresh Deodorant Safe?” although it’s safe to use externally, it should never be used inside the vagina as this can upset your natural intimate pH-balance. If you find yourself asking “Is Femfresh Deodorant Safe?” and want to ask any other questions, speak with a pharmacist.

    Does Femfresh Deodorant Work?

    Another question we see often is “Does Femfresh Deodorant Work?” The reviews on this product, say it all! Here are a few listed below to prove that the answer to “Does Femfresh Deodorant Work?” is yes! “Keeps me fresh” I love this spray, helps keep me fresh and ideal for warmer weather- A Powell- Reviewed on boots “Very handy!” Perfect sized bottle to carry round in your handbag. Smells amazing and keeps your mind at ease when used! Lasts such a long time and keep it fresh down there J - Liv123- Reviewed on boots “Fresh and clean!” This has become a must have product of mine; perfect for after showering and also for using throughout the day if you just want to feel a bit fresher. Has become a daily use alongside my regular deodorant for my underarms- Toni- Reviewed on boots For more “Does femfresh deodorant Work?” reviews, you can find these all over the internet.

    What Is Femfresh Deodorant For?

    What is Femfresh Deodorant For? Femfresh Intimate Hygiene Feminine Deodorant Spray is a slightly fragranced gentle deodorising mist formulated for intimate feminine use. It gives added reassurance especially during menstruation and warm weather. It has been gynaecologically and dermatologically tested. A lot of people ask What Is Femfresh Deodorant For? Believe it or not, there are a lot of women who use products like these, to ensure they can feel confident throughout the day in times of hormonal change.

    Femfresh Deodorant How To Use?

    A common question we often see online is “Femfresh Deodorant How To Use?”
    • Shake well before use
    • Remove cap, and hold bottle 8-12 inches away from the vagina, then press down on the top to spray.
    • Spray externally as needed
    • Store in a cool dry place
    If you need help with Femfresh Deodorant How To Use? You can speak with a pharmacist who will be able to help. On the other hand, if you would prefer to use a wash rather than a spray, we do sell Femfresh Intimate wash which you can find here.

    Femfresh Deodorant OK for Men?

    Femfresh Deodorant OK for Men? The answer is no. Vaginas have a specific balance of bacterial flora, which can lead to things such as bacterial vaginitis and thrush which results in a lot more odours. There has been research into Men treatment for odours in the intimate areas, but Femfresh Deodorant Ok for Men? Is not one of those! If you find yourself asking, Femfresh Deodorant Ok for Men? And wanting to know if there any treatments, or products you can purchase over the counter, speak with a pharmacist or a healthcare professional.

    Femfresh Deodorant Review

    You can view Femfresh Deodorant Review and reviews left by customers who have used our website and service via the product page. To view more Femfresh Deodorant Review and overall service reviews, click here to view our trust pilot page. Our team will also be able to advise on any alternative treatments should any Femfresh Deodorant Review reviews cause you to look for an alternative.