Aerochamber Plus Asthma Inhaler Spacer

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  • Fits Most Prescribed Inhalers
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Quick and hassle-free. Improve the delivery of your Asthma medication with the Aerochamber Plus Asthma spacer. Easy operation with a one-way valve to prevent exhalation back into the chamber.

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My Pharmacy is the Best Place to Buy Aerochamber Spacer Online UK . To order Asthma Spacer Online in the UK you are not required to have a prescription, you can purchase an Aerochamber Plus by clicking the ‘Add To Basket’ button below.

Buy Aerochamber Spacer Online UK Next Day Delivery

Through My Pharmacy you can Buy Asthma Spacer Online UK Next Day Delivery. Each treatment is sent out in secure and discreet packaging ensuring that you get your medicine on time and intact.

Aerochamber Plus Mouthpiece

Aerochamber Plus Mouthpiece comes in three different colours:

  • Aerochamber Plus Mouthpiece Blue for Adults
  • Aerochamber Plus Mouthpiece Yellow for Children (Aerochamber Child)
  • Aerochamber Plus Mouthpiece Orange for Infants


Asthma Inhaler Spacer

An Asthma Inhaler Spacer Device is known as a chamber device that makes it easier to use your inhaler beneficially. Asthma Inhaler Spacer devices help the medications inside your inhaler reach your lungs without the need to press and breathe all at the same time.

See more on Asthma Inhaler Spacer.

What Is A Spacer For Asthma?

What Is A Spacer For Asthma? Is asked by many as people wonder how using an Aerochamber and Inhaler could be any more beneficial than just using an inhaler on its own. So, let’s have a look What Is A Spacer For Asthma? Portable Asthma spacer devices are used to make it easier for people who struggle to use there inhaler properly.

Aerochamber And Inhaler

Using an Aerochamber And Inhaler has many benefits. Some of the Aerochamber Benefits are:

  • An Aerochamber And Inhaler gives you more time to use the inhaler and removes the need for pressing the inhaler and breathing in the medication at the same time
  • Spacers extend the amount of time the inhaler takes to deliver medicine
  • It allows you to inhale a greater concentration of the inhaler contents into the lungs
  • Using a Portable Asthma Spacer reduces the risk of side effects that are known occur when using certain inhalers

Blue Spacer Asthma

Blue Spacer Asthma Aerochamber Devices with masks are usually used for adults who struggle using an inhaler alone, but any adult can use a Blue Spacer Asthma if they wish to.

Portable Asthma Spacer

Using A Portable Asthma Spacer is easy and straightforward and small enough to fit in a bag for carrying to work, school or on holiday. All you have to do when you are ready to use the Aerochamber Plus is attach your inhaler on the inhaler end of the chamber and use the Aerochamber Inhaler mouthpiece at the other end. The contents of the inhaler then collect’s in the space in the middle of the Aerochamber Spacer and allows you can breathe in which makes it easier than using an inhaler on its own.

Where To Buy Asthma Spacer?

You may wonder Where To Buy Aerochamber Plus Asthma Spacer? You can buy a Blue Spacer Asthma and other spacer devices at my pharmacy without a prescription all you have to do it fill in a small consultation and you could receive your order in as little as 24 hours.

How To Use Aerochamber

How To Use Aerochamber Inhaler instructions are set out in the patient information leaflet as well as knowing How To Use Aerochamber Spacer instructions you would need to know how to clean your spacer.

To clean your chamber, you should:

  • Clean it once a week or sooner if needed
  • Remove the back-rubber piece
  • Soak the parts for 15 minutes in lukewarm water with liquid detergent
  • Move gently in the water
  • Rinse in clean water
  • Leave to dry naturally

Aerochamber Instructions For Use

Aerochamber Instructions For Use are first explained and shown to you by your asthma nurse or GP and should be followed exactly how shown to ensure maximum benefits. Aerochamber Instructions For Use are also listed in the patient information leaflet.

Aerochamber Technique

There are two Aerochamber Technique steps that can be used when you use your spacer which one you use depends on the Aerochamber Technique your healthcare provider has told you to use.

For tidal or multiple breathing technique use the following steps:

  • Take off the cap and hold your inhaler upright. Check there’s nothing inside the mouthpiece
  • Shake the inhaler well
  • Put the inhaler into the end of your spacer, with the indent for your nose pointing upwards
  • Put the mouthpiece between your teeth and lips, making a seal so no medicine can escape
  • Sit or stand up straight and slightly tilt your chin up as it helps the medicine reach your lungs
  • Press the canister to put one puff of your medicine into the spacer
  • Breathe in and out slowly and steadily five times through the mouthpiece
  • Remove the mask from your face.

For single breath and hold technique use the following steps:

Carry out steps 1 to 3 as above, then:

  • Breathe out gently and slowly away from the inhaler and spacer until your lungs feel empty and you feel ready to breathe in
  • Put the mask on your face to make a seal over your nose and mouth
  • Sit or stand up straight and slightly tilt your chin up as it helps the medicine reach your lungs
  • Press the canister on the inhaler once and breathe in slowly and steadily until your lungs feel full
  • Remove the mask from your face and, with your mouth closed, hold your breath for up to 10 seconds, or for as long as you comfortably can. Then breathe out gently

Aerochamber vs Nebulizer

Aerochamber vs Nebulizer questions are asked often as some people wonder which one works best. Information on Aerochamber vs Nebulizer suggests that an Aerochamber Plus Asthma Spacer is best used for administration of everyday inhalers and nebulizers are usually used when asthma symptoms become worse and saline solution is needed.

Volumatic Spacer vs Aerochamber

Volumatic Spacer vs Aerochamber decisions are made on whether you struggle with the breathing technique or the coordination. Volumatic Spacer Vs Aerochamber reports suggest the Volumatic spacer is better for people who struggle to press the inhaler and breathe In at the same time, whereas the aerochamber is better for people who struggle more with the breathing technique.

Aerochamber Plus Alternative

Aerochamber Plus Alternative treatments are available to order through My Pharmacy. Other Aerochamber Plus Alternative treatments that we have to offer are:

If you have any further questions regarding Aerochamber Plus Alternative Treatments, Aerochamber vs Nebulizer, Volumatic Spacer vs Aerochamber, What Is A Spacer For Asthma? Where To Buy Asthma Spacer? How To Use Aerochamber, Aerochamber Technique please feel free to contact our helpful customer service team on

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