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5 Things To Look For When Purchasing Prescription Treatments Online

How to be sure you’re purchasing from a registered pharmacy

After recent clamp down in the UK on illegitimate online pharmacies, it’s now more important than ever to be vigilant when purchasing prescription treatments online. In this article we want to help you spot signs that an online pharmacy is registered and trustworthy.

By purchasing from a registered pharmacy not only means that your medicines will arrive on time and in order, but also will guarantee that you’re receiving the authentic medicine that you’re paying for. All registered online pharmacies in the UK are backed by a qualified and certified superintendent, for example at My Pharmacy our superintendent and responsible pharmacist is Mohammed Yasir. Yasir has over 15 years’ experience working for a number of large pharmacy chains before starting My Pharmacy.

Find out more about the team behind My Pharmacy on our ‘About’ page.

  1. Are they a registered UK Pharmacy?

When browsing an online pharmacy, the first thing to look for is whether they are a Registered Pharmacy, if an online pharmacy is registered, they will display that proudly. At the bottom of My Pharmacy’s web page all their credentials and with what bodies they are regulated, this is a good example. If you’re browsing an online Pharmacy and are unable to find this very easily, steer clear!

Here’s what you’re looking for. Click on these badges to go through the pharmacy registered pharmacy’s page. If the website in question has
the badges but doesn’t link through to the official regulation page they might not actually be registered.


  1. Are they NHS trusted?

Another key sign is whether the website displays an NHS approved logo on their webpage, this means that they approved by the NHS as being safe. The best pharmacies are used by the NHS as an Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) meaning NHS GPs can send prescriptions directly to the online Pharmacy.

  1. Do prescription orders require an online consultation?

It is extremely important that patients are receiving the correct treatments for their conditions and only qualified healthcare professionals can provide this. Make sure before ordering ANY prescription treatment that the online pharmacy requires you to participate in an online consultation with a medical professional before orders can be made.

Don’t be put off by the extra time these consultations take (usually about 2 minutes), they will ensure you’re getting the right medicine and the correct quantity.

  1. Can the pharmacy be physically located?

Online pharmacies are required to be clear about the identity and/or location of the pharmacies issuing prescriptions. If the website doesn’t clearly display some kind of “Contact Us” page then leave the website. My Pharmacy is located on 58 – 60 Queen Street, Great Harwood, Lancs, BB67AL, United Kingdom. Check out our verified Google Maps business location too.

Whilst we are based in Lancashire, we offer next day delivery options across the UK.

  1. Does some medication require the prescriber to contact your GP before issuing?

It is required for an online pharmacy to contact a patients GP prior to prescribing medication which can be abused to confirm that it is appropriate for the patient and that the appropriate monitoring is in place.

And that is our list, it is important all these points are covered by an online pharmacy when you’re purchasing and prescribed treatment. We hope that will help you be safe when ordering treatments online. If you have any questions be sure to contact us on Facebook.

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