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Glucorx Needles are universal fit on all insulin pen delivery devices including Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk AS, Becton Dickinson, Owen Mumford and Sanofi. Each of the Glucorx Needles are electropolished with high grade siliconisation for enhanced ease of injection.

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  • What Are CarePoint Pen Needles?

    CarePoint Pen Needles are a type of needle that fit onto any insulin pen delivery devices. Some of these delivery devices include Sanofi, Becton Dickinson and Eli Lilly. These needles come in many different sizes such as 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm.

    How To Use

    1. Wash and dry your hands.
    2. Remove your insulin pen cap. For cloudy insulin, roll between the palms of your hands 10 times and gently invert the pen 10 times.
    3. Select a new CarePoint Pen Needle and attach it to the pen; remove the protective cap.
    4. Test that the pen is working by selecting 2 units. Hold the pen upright and press the button to release the dose; watch to see that insulin appears at the needlepoint. If it does not, repeat the process until it does.
    5. Dial the required dose on the pen.
    6. Select an injection site. The most commonly used sites are the abdomen, outer thighs, upper arms or buttocks, but check with your healthcare practitioner who can advise on the best sites for you to use. Remember to rotate your injection sites.
    7. Pinch your skin into a fold and fully insert the needle at 90 degrees to your skin.
    8. Press the button to release the dose, holding the pen still.
    9. Don’t forget to count to 10 before removing the needle, to ensure the full dose is delivered!
    10. Remove the pen and take off the needle, safely disposing of it in a sharps bin.

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    Glucorx Needles

    Glucorx Needles are universal fit on all insulin pen delivery devices including Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk AS, Becton Dickinson, Owen Mumford and Sanofi. Each of the Glucorx Needles are electropolished with high grade siliconisation for enhanced ease of injection. They use Maxflow technology (extra thin wall allows maximum flow rate and reduced injection time) and so are anti-coring (no fragmentation). Glucorx Needles FinePoint use 5 bevel needle tip Quintapoint technology (except 10mm and 12mm) which provides a higher level of comfortable injection to patients. The GlucoRx CarePoint range is 3 bevel.

    Glucorx Pen Needles

    Glucorx Pen Needles are used to deliver insulin to diabetic patients. Insulin is a hormone made in the pancreas. It helps the body use the glucose (sugar) from your diet for energy. Type 1 diabetes causes the pancreas to no longer produce insulin causing extreme fatigue and even possible death. Complications such as heart disease or kidney disease can occur if the condition isn’t controlled correctly. This is where Glucorx Pen Needles come in and deliver the required amount of insulin to your blood stream. There are two different types of insulin, one taken once or twice a day and the other taken with food or drink. The one taken once or twice a day is called long-acting, background or basal insulin. This gives the body insulin it needs whether or not you’ve eaten. It’s intended to keep insulin levels stable over night and between each meal. The other, taken with food or drink, is called fast-acting, mealtime or bolus insulin. This type reduces the sudden spike in blood glucose when you’ve eaten or drank something. It’s usually taken before a meal, snack or drink containing carbohydrates.

    Glucorx Safety Needles

    Frequently Asked Questions Which insulin pens are compatible with Glucorx Safety Needles?
    • GlucoRx pen needles have universal fit on all insulin pens. A compatibility chart can be seen by clicking here.
    How many times can one pen needle be used?
    • Glucorx Safety Needles are single use only and cannot be reused, for safe discarding in a sharps bin after.
    Do Glucorx Safety Needles both retract and autosheath?
    • These safety pen needles have a front automatic safety shield cover which protects the needle tip after use, helping to prevent accidental needle stick injury during injection / disposal and also reduces the risk of cross infection.

    Glucorx Safety Pen Needles

    Glucorx Safety Pen Needles have an automatic safety shield cover that protects the needle tip after use.
    • Glucorx Safety Pen Needles help prevent accidental needle stick injuries and reduce the risk of cross infection.
    • Simple to use and compatible with all insulin pens.
    • Ultra-sharp, polished needles with thin wall allowing enhanced insulin flow which provides a more comfortable injection.

    Glucorx Nexus Needles

    Sharps bins and needle clippers are the safest way of disposing of Glucorx Nexus Needles. A needle clipper removes the needle from the insulin pen, and is useful when travelling. Getting rid of the sharps bin will depend on where you live. The healthcare team responsible for your treatment and advice should have the information to help get rid of the bin. Local pharmacies should also be able to give advice regarding the destruction of Glucorx Nexus Needles.

    Glucorx Insulin Pen Needles

    There are a lot of people who fell anxious when they first starting using Glucorx Insulin Pen Needles. This can happen if the person is scared, squeamish, or just feel embarrassed about using the injection publicly. These feelings are completely natural but can start to have a serious effect on health, especially if doses are skipped. Over time these feelings may fade as you continually get use to using Glucorx Insulin Pen Needles. However, if they continue to persist, try talking too others about it. Learning others thoughts and feelings about Glucorx Insulin Pen Needles can help calm anxiousness and make it feel normal.

    Glucorx Carepoint Needle

    My Pharmacy currently stocks a wide range of different Glucorx Carepoint Needle sizes.

    Glucorx Carepoint Ultra Needles

    If it hurts when using Glucorx Carepoint Ultra needles, try the following:
    • Let a doctor decide which pen needle size is best for you; consult them about using different needle size/pen/injection site.
    • Never reuse Glucorx Carepoint Ultra Needles; this can cause bacterial growth on the needle and dull the tip, resulting in painful injection and risk of it breaking off / dislodging in the skin.
    • Remove the outer and inner caps carefully so not to bend the needle.
    • Inject insulin when at room temperature.
    • Ensure correct injection technique, penetrate the skin quickly and relax the muscles.
    • Injections of smaller insulin doses hurt less; ask a doctor if doses can be split.

    Glucorx Carepoint Insulin Pen Needles

    It’s not unusual for Glucorx Carepoint Insulin Pen Needles to puncture a tiny blood vessel so some blood appears when injecting. This can be stopped by putting light pressure on the injection site with a cotton ball, without rubbing to prevent bruising. If a bruise appears, do not use Glucorx Carepoint Insulin Pen Needles on the same site again until the bruise goes. If bleeding has occurred before, consult a healthcare professional on injection technique and/or if another medical problem has presented itself.

    Glucorx Finepoint Needles

    If it’s hard to press the Glucorx Finepoint Needles button or plunger down, clogging may be due to:
    • Small amounts of insulin caught in the needle from previous use. Use new Glucorx Finepoint Needles for each injection.
    • Clump in the insulin – make sure it’s properly mixed before drawing it up.
    • Prematurely drawing insulin before ready to inject, causing some to dry inside the needle. Fill the syringe closer to injection time.
    • Dialling excess dosage than the amount of medication in the pen – Glucorx Finepoint Needles pen.

    Glucorx Finepoint Insulin Pen Needles

    If leakage occurs after using Glucorx Finepoint Insulin Pen Needles, the needle may not be under the skin long enough – try to count up to 10 slowly before withdrawing the needle. There may still be some leakage after withdrawing a needle anyway but this should not affect blood glucose control. Make sure that the skin fold technique is also being used, release the pinch before the Glucorx Finepoint Insulin Pen Needles are removed from the skin. Also never carry Glucorx Finepoint Insulin Pen Needles with the needle already attached. This causes air to enter the cartridge and slow the insulin dosage time.

    Glucorx Finepoint Hypodermic Insulin Needles

    Skin problems at the injection site when using Glucorx Finepoint Hypodermic Insulin Needles can occur due to changes in the subcutaneous fat:
    • Lipohypertrophy – appears as soft, grape-like lumps under the skin from insulin reaction or needle reuse. Rotate injection sites to prevent development.
    • Lipoatrophy – loss of fat under skin so it dips is a rare occurrence with impure insulin’s.
    Although less painful, never use Glucorx Finepoint Hypodermic Insulin Needles into lumps because insulin does not absorb well there. Do not forget scheduled insulin injections as this can affect glucose levels and overall health.

    Glucorx Needles Compatibility

    The Glucorx Needles compatibility chart can be found by clicking here. It should be noted that this is not an exhaustive list of all compatible pens. If you’re unsure about Glucorx Needles compatibility with your current pen, speak to your doctor.