GlucoRx CarePoint Pen Needles 31G 6mm (100)


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These are a type of needle that fit onto any insulin pen delivery devices

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GlucoRx CarePoint Pen Needles

What Are CarePoint Pen Needles?

CarePoint Pen Needles are a type of needle that fit onto any insulin pen delivery devices. Some of these delivery devices include Sanofi, Becton Dickinson and Eli Lilly. These needles come in many different sizes such as 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm.

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How To Use

  1. Wash and dry your hands.
  2. Remove your insulin pen cap. For cloudy insulin, roll between the palms of your hands 10 times and gently invert the pen 10 times.
  3. Select a new CarePoint Pen Needle and attach it to the pen; remove the protective cap.
  4. Test that the pen is working by selecting 2 units. Hold the pen upright and press the button to release the dose; watch to see that insulin appears at the needlepoint. If it does not, repeat the process until it does.
  5. Dial the required dose on the pen.
  6. Select an injection site. The most commonly used sites are the abdomen, outer thighs, upper arms or buttocks, but check with your healthcare practitioner who can advise on the best sites for you to use. Remember to rotate your injection sites.
  7. Pinch your skin into a fold and fully insert the needle at 90 degrees to your skin.
  8. Press the button to release the dose, holding the pen still.
  9. Don’t forget to count to 10 before removing the needle, to ensure the full dose is delivered!
  10. Remove the pen and take off the needle, safely disposing of it in a sharps bin.

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