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Germoloids Ointment is used to relieve the symptoms of pain, swelling and irritation associated with internal haemorrhoids and anal itching (pruritus ani).

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    Germoloids Ointment

    Germoloids Ointment is used to relieve the symptoms of pain, swelling and irritation associated with internal and external haemorrhoids and anal itching. Each tube of Germoloids Ointment contains two active substances, zinc oxide and lidocaine. Zinc oxide has astringent properties (causes contraction when applied to the skin), which help to shrink swelling. It also helps to soothe and protect the area around the anus from damage and has mild antiseptic properties. Lidocaine is a local anaesthetic, which helps to soothe swelling, pain and irritation and relieve itching. The Germoloids Ointment base acts as an emollient to help the passing of stools and reduce straining during bowel movement which is bad haemorrhoids.

    Germoloids Ointment 55ml

    Germoloids Ointment 55ml is a triple action formula that provides fast, numbing relief from the symptoms of haemorrhoids (piles):
    • Local anaesthetic pain relief
    • Soothes itching
    • Shrinks piles.
    Germoloids Ointment 55ml is formulated with a local anaesthetic, lidocaine hydrochloride, to numb and soothe pain, itching, and general discomfort associated with haemorrhoids. The water-based cream format has been designed to manage symptoms by moisturising and soothing the affected area. Germoloids Ointment 55ml also contains zinc oxide which helps to shrink the enlarged haemorrhoids and protect sore, sensitive skin against infection.
    • Suitable for internal and external piles
    • Applicator included for easy, hygienic use
    • Suitable for vegetarians
    • Can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding
    • Available in 25ml and 55ml tubes.

    Germoloids Ointment Uses

    One of the main Germoloids Ointment Uses is the treatment of haemorrhoids (piles). Some of the tell-tale signs and symptoms include:
    • Bright red blood after you poo.
    • Feeling like you still need to poo after just going to the toilet.
    • An itchy anus.
    • Slimy mucus in underwear or on toilet paper directly after wiping your bottom.
    • Lumps or pain in and around the anal area.
    There are two different types of haemorrhoids, internal and external. Internal haemorrhoids occur deeper inside the bottom and as such don’t cause as much pain or discomfort. However, they will still likely bleed at some point causing you concern. Internal Haemorrhoids have a class category depending on the severity:
    • First degree – the piles may bleed but don’t protrude from the anus.
    • Second degree – the piles come out after a bowel movement but go back inside on their own.
    • Third degree – the piles come out and don’t go back inside unless pushed in.
    • Fourth degree – they always come out, are very painful and can’t be pushed back in.
    External haemorrhoids on the other hand can be extremely sensitive and painful if they occur close to the skin surrounding the anus. If they are prolapsed, they may be able to be felt as bulges near the bottom when going to the toilet. Approximately 75% of people will experience haemorrhoids at some point in their life and often more than once. So if you’re currently suffering, or have suffered from piles in the past, it’s good to know there is treatment out there, especially being one of the main Germoloids Ointment uses.

    Germoloids Ointment How To Use

    The following is a guide on Germoloids Ointment How To Use. If you have any queries regarding “Germoloids Ointment How To Use” please refer to the patient information leaflet included with your purchase.
    • Wash your hands before and after using the ointment.
    • Adults and children aged 12 years and over:
      • Before using the ointment for the first time, check that the tube seal is not broken.
      • Remove the seal by peeling the tag.
      • For External Haemorrhoids, apply the ointment directly to the affected area.
      • For Internal Haemorrhoids, screw the applicator nozzle onto the tube and smear some of the ointment on the outside of the nozzle to ease application. Carefully insert the applicator into the opening of the anus. Gently squeeze the tube whilst slowly withdrawing the nozzle so that the ointment moves gently up the anus.
      • Replace the cap firmly after use. Always keep the tube of ointment, cap, and nozzle clean.
    In order to Germoloids Ointment how to use it correctly, apply the ointment to affected area at least twice a day with a minimum of 3 to 4 hours between applications. Further applications can be made at any time of the day, and are particularly recommended after a bowel movement. Do not use the ointment more than 4 times in a 24 hour period.

    Germoloids Triple Action Ointment

    28% of pregnant women are more likely to develop the symptoms of piles during the third trimester of pregnancy and 48% post-birth. This is due to the pressure from an expanding womb and general relaxing of the pelvic muscles, which can cause them to prolapse. There is also an increases probability of suffering from constipation in pregnancy, which is the biggest trigger of haemorrhoids. Germoloids Triple Action Ointment can be safely used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, medicines can affect an unborn baby. Always talk to your doctor or pharmacist before using Germoloids Triple Action Ointment or any medicine during pregnancy.

    Does Germoloid Ointment Help Fissures?

    A common question we often see online is “Does Germoloid Ointment help fissures?” Before using it on a fissure speak to your doctor first. Germoloid Ointment does not indicate whether or not it can be used on a fissure. Your doctor will be able to give appropriate advice. An anal fissure is a tear or open sore that develops on the large intestine, near the anus. The signs you have one are experiencing a sharp pain when you poo, often accompanied by a burning sensation that can last for multiple hours, as well as noticing slight specks of bright red blood in the poo or on toilet paper. If the anal fissure has shown no signs of healing naturally, a doctor can prescribe medication to help symptoms and speed up the healing process, one of which could be Germoloids Ointment. If you have any other questions relating to “Does Germoloid Ointment help fissures?” please contact our customer support team or speak to a doctor.

    Germoloid Ointment Stings

    Germoloid Ointment stings or burning sensation may occur upon application to a haemorrhoid, but will only last for a few minutes. This will likely stop happening after it has been applied over the course of a couple of days. If Germoloid Ointment stings continues to persist past the first couple of applications, speak to your doctor about finding an alternative.

    Germoloids Cream Or Ointment

    When choosing between Germoloids Cream or Ointment it’s important to know that both have the same active ingredients and proportions. However, Germoloids Cream is thinner than the ointment, with some people finding it easier to apply. The cream is reported to feel more like a moisturiser. Your doctor may also choose between Germoloids Cream or Ointment when they’re making a decision on what’s best for your current condition. The clinical differences when choosing between Germoloids Cream or Ointment is one is water-based (cream) and the other (ointment) is oil-based.

    Germoloids Cream Vs Ointment

    The main difference between Germoloids Cream Vs Ointment is the base or “make-up”. Creams and gels are generally water-based, while ointment is oil-based. When deciding between Germoloids Cream Vs Ointment your doctor will take a look at the condition of your skin. They be looking for signs of dry, scaly skin or moist and weepy areas. Depending on their diagnosis, Germoloids Cream Vs Ointment are intended for different skin ‘textures’. The cream is used on skin that is particularly moist and weepy, whereas the ointment has a more greasy makeup, making it great for dry scaly areas. Ultimately the decision for what is best will be made by your doctor. If you have any questions about Germoloids Cream Vs Ointment, ask your doctor or local pharmacist.

    Germoloids Ointment Reviews

    You can view Germoloids Ointment Reviews and reviews left by customers who have used our website and service via the product page. To view more Germoloids Ointment Reviews and overall service reviews, click here to view our trustpilot page. Our team will also be able to advise on any alternative treatments should any Germoloids Ointment Reviews cause you to look for an alternative.