Femfresh Intimate Skin Care Daily Wipes – 25 Wipes


  • pH-Balanced For Intimate Skin
  • 99% Natural Ingredients
  • Gynaecologically Tested
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Femfresh Wipes have been created with a pH balanced formula in order to freshen, cleanse and deodorise keeping you feeling fresh throughout the day.

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    Femfresh Wipes

    Femfresh Wipes are designed to clean your intimate area, which provide long lasting freshness when you don’t have access to water. Made from flushable & biodegradable substrate, the Femfresh Wipes are convenient anywhere at any time. The Femfresh Wipes are made with calendula & aloe vera extracts and 99% of natural ingredients.

    Femfresh Travel Wipes

    Femfresh Travel Wipes contain aloe Vera extracts. For many years people have used it for healing and soothing purposes for skin. It also has many other purposes and can treat other things as well as being in Femfresh Travel Wipes to soothe the skin. These are:-
    • Improves digestive health
    • Promotes oral health
    • Clears acne
    • Relieves anal fissures
    • Heals burns
    The Femfresh Travel Wipes contain a pH-balanced formula to cleanse, freshen and deodorise gently.

    Femfresh Intimate Wipes

    Femfresh Intimate Wipes provide reassurance no matter where you are, whether you are at home, at work, or even on your period. Dermatologically & gynaecologically tested, the Femfresh Intimate Wipes are suitable for everyday use by everybody. Feeling conscious about vaginal odour can lead to struggling with body image and self-esteem. It is normal for the vagina to have a mild, musky smell. The odour can change during hormonal shifts during, menopause, menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Femfresh Deodorant Spray can be used during a period. Here are some other things you can do whilst using Femfresh Intimate Wipes to reduce vaginal odour:-
    • Adopt good hygiene measures
    • Care for the vagina after sex
    • Consume probiotics
    • Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing
    • Cut sugar and boost hydration
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    Femfresh Feminine Wipes

    You should not use this Femfresh Feminine Wipes:
    • If you are allergic (hypersensitive) to any of the ingredients of this product.
    • On damaged or irritated skin.
    Femfresh Feminine Wipes, are for external use only and should not be used internally. The Femfresh Feminine Wipes are not expected to have any side effects when used as directed. Any side effect may be a sign of an allergic reaction, some of these signs include: Swelling of the face, lips, tongue and throat; a red itchy skin rash; wheezing or difficulty breathing; feeling faint and dizzy; a strange metallic taste in the mouth; collapse. If you get any of these symptoms after using this medicine, seek medical attention immediately.

    Femfresh Individual Wipes

    Femfresh Individual Wipes can be purchased anywhere, and are for sale in all supermarkets and local pharmacies. You do not need water to use Femfresh Individual Wipes as they succeed in making a woman feel fresh and washed. Coming in a portable pack of 25 wipes, it makes the Femfresh Individual Wipes easy to discreetly carry whilst in public toilets or when travelling.

    What Are Femfresh Wipes Used For?

    What Are Femfresh Wipes Used For? Well, they can be used when you’ve been doing anything that causes you to sweat, working out at the gym for example. If you’re feeling you just need a refresh during the day, they’re ideal to put into your bag as they are compact and discreet. If you find yourself asking “What are Femfresh Wipes Used for?” and you need a freshen up during your menstrual cycle, Femfresh wipes are the one for you. They quickly and effectively remove any blood from your vulval skin.

    How To Use Femfresh Wipes?

    One of the questions we often see online is “How To Use Femfresh Wipes?” To use these Femfresh Wipes, you wipe intimate skin front to back as you would with toilet paper. Once wiped, the wipes can then be flushed down the toilet. It is advised that they aren’t flushed with more than 2 wipes at a time. If you have any questions regarding “How To Use Femfresh Wipes?” speak with a pharmacist who will be able to help.

    Are Femfresh Wipes Good?

    If you find yourself asking “Are Femfresh Wipes Good?” take a look at these reviews we found, which will reassure you Femfresh wipes are worth buying. “A lovely little wipe to have each month” Before I started actually caring about my sanitary wear I would buy the cheapest of everything and sometimes I’d not even take into consideration my flow and end up leaking and having huge accidents in high school. Since growing up I've self-invested in organic and good hygiene. These wipes are great and they gave recently became flushable too. I used to dread my periods but now each month knowing I have the best sanitary wear it's not all that bad anymore. –British reviewer- Review on Boots. “Great” Great product, I have one for my house and one for my boyfriend’s house. Makes me feel really fresh. Definitely recommend- heartoutholly- Review on Boots. “Perfect for camping or festivals” Love these!! Small, easily transportable packaging and perfect for camping and festivals to feel fresh and clean! They are gentle and soothing –Sadie 13- Review on Boots. So here we are, the answer to “Are Femfresh Wipes Good?” is majority of women, rate these wipes as good to use, easily transportable and leave you feeling fresh. If you have any more questions regarding “Are Femfresh Wipes Good?” Please do not hesitate to contact us at My Pharmacy and we can help.

    Can You Flush Femfresh Wipes?

    A question we often see online is “Can You Flush Femfresh Wipes?” the answer is yes. The Femfresh Wipes have recently been made flushable as they are now made from biodegradable and flushable substrate. “Can You Flush Femfresh Wipes?” is becoming a more common question as before, it was not advised to flush these wipes as they weren’t made out of flushable substrate. If you have any questions regarding “Can You Flush Femfresh Wipes?” speak with a pharmacist.

    Femfresh Wipes Thrush

    Femfresh Wipes Thrush is a common yeast infection that affects both men and women. It is usually harmless but it can cause discomfort and can keep coming back. Femfresh Wipes Thrush is not classed as a STI (sexually transmitted infection). Thrush symptoms in women
    • soreness and stinging during sex or when you pee
    • itching and irritation around the vagina
    • white vaginal discharge (often like cottage cheese), which does not usually smell
    Thrush symptoms in men
    • an unpleasant smell
    • a white discharge (like cottage cheese)
    • difficulty pulling back the foreskin
    • irritation, burning and redness around the head of the penis and under the foreskin
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    Femfresh Wipes Review

    You can view Femfresh Wipes review and reviews left by customers who have used our website and service via the product page. To view more Femfresh Wipes Review and overall service reviews, click here to view our trust pilot page. Our team will also be able to advise on any alternative treatments should any Femfresh Wipes Review reviews cause you to look for an alternative.