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Compeed Blister Plaster provide instant pain relief. Whilst forming a protective cushion, the plaster absorbs excess moisture and provides optimum healing conditions for foot blisters.

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    Compeed Blister Plasters

    Compeed Blister Plasters are more than just a plaster. They are cushioned gel pads that provide instant and long lasting pain relief. As the active gel absorbs excess liquid from the wound, the dressing swells to create a shock-absorbent layer, protecting the blister from further rubbing and pressure. If you’re looking for an easy alternative to Compeed Blister Plasters, My Pharmacy also sells the Compeed Anti-Blister Stick.

    Compeed Large Blister Plasters

    Compeed Large Blister Plasters are designed using a form fitting film and tapering shape, so they look and fit just like a second skin. They are durable and flexible and can stay in place for days. The Plaster will start to detach when the skin underneath is healed. Each of the Compeed Large Blister Plasters use hydrocolloid, a moist wound healing dressing. It’s an active gel containing particles spread across the plaster that help to main the natural moisture levels of a wound needed for skin repair and healing.

    Compeed Anti Blister Plasters

    Compeed Anti Blister Plasters use a form fitting mould. They form a protective barrier against dirt, water, and bacteria. This film also allows the skin to breathe and lets excess moisture evaporate. When compared to a regular plaster, the Compeed Anti Blister Plasters are designed to support the natural moisture balance of the wound to promote faster healing. The gel in each of the Compeed Anti Blister Plasters actively absorbs excess liquid from the wound, swelling the dressing and creating a shock-absorbent layer, further protecting the blister from pressure and rubbing. Lastly, because of the tapering shape, Compeed Anti Blister Plasters ensures optimal absorption as the hydrocolloid lies right against the skin. As it’s also form fitting, it has a strong adherence to stay in place and not scrunch up when moving around.

    Compeed Blister Plasters On Broken Skin

    Compeed Blister Plaster On Broken Skin is fine. Just make sure before application that the area is clean and dry. In order to achieve the best results, Compeed Plasters need to be left alone and not taken off again until the healing process is complete. If you’re struggling to decide if you should use Compeed Blister Plasters on Broken Skin, please to speak to your doctor or podiatrist.

    Compeed Plaster On Open Blister

    In order to apply a Compeed Plaster to a blister, you don’t need to burst the blister before application. If you’re applying a Compeed Plaster on Open Blister, firstly clean it with mild soapy water, soak it in a salt water foot bath for 10 minutes and then cover it with a Compeed Blister Plaster. If you don’t feel comfortable using a Compeed Plaster on open blister, please consider doing the following to avoid infection:
    • Gently wash the area with clean water. Don’t use alcohol, iodine, or any other cleanser.
    • Don’t remove the flap of skin over the blister. Gently smooth the flap over the tender skin. Only remove it if it’s dirty, torn or has pus underneath it.
    • Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline, and a non-stick bandage.
    • The bandage should be changed once a day or anytime it gets wet or dirty. Remove it at night to allow the wound to dry and breathe.
    Treating a blister by yourself – NHS Website

    Compeed Blister Plasters How Do They Work?

    A doctor or podiatrist may be able to provide further information about the different types of plasters available and answers to “Compeed Blister Plasters How Do They Work?” Did you know the liquid around a blister contains important nutrients and cells needed for natural wound healing? If this liquid isn’t present, the open air dries the liquid up and a scab forms. Compeed Blister Plasters therefore provide ideal healing conditions without scabbing.

    Compeed Plaster Stuck To Blister

    If you find that the Compeed Plaster stuck to blister isn’t budging when applying slight pressure, you should soak it in warm water for 20 to 30 minutes before trying again. Some users even recommend using baby oil or even olive oil to help unstick the plaster glue. Do not rip the plaster off with force as the blister could burst, increasing the risk of infection. After trying the above recommendations, if the Compeed plaster stuck to blister still won’t budge, seek out a medical professional for help.

    Compeed Blister Plaster Itching

    Compeed Blister Plaster Itching is most likely a mild reaction to the plaster being applied to the skin. If the itching continues to last for a long period of time, don’t continue to use them. If you notice Compeed Blister Plaster Itching a while after application, this may not be because of the plaster, but the blister itself. Itching can be a sign of infection and should be treated as soon as possible.

    Are Compeed Blister Plasters Waterproof?

    Are Compeed blister plasters waterproof? Yes, Compeed blister plasters are waterproof. Although contact with water may reduce the adhesion, water will only enter though the edges of the patch, not through the outer film. If the adhesion is reduced, remove the plaster carefully by slowly stretching along the skin and replace with a new one. Are Compeed Blister Plasters Waterproof? Is a frequently asked question. If you’d like to view more frequently asked questions about Compeed Blister Plasters, Compeed has a list with direct and easy to understand answers.

    Compeed Underfoot Blister Plaster Pack

    Compeed Underfoot Blister Plaster Pack are specially designed to fit the ball of the foot, helping protect from underfoot blisters, as well as an extra cushioning zone to help ease pressure and provide long-lasting pain relief. Compeed Underfoot Blister Plaster Pack can stay in place for several days, however individual experiences can vary. Each purchased pack contains 5 plasters.
  • How do they work

    As Compeed Blister Plasters are highly regarded, you may ask yourself “How do Compeed Blister Plasters work?”

    Each of the blisters contain hydrocolloid technologies that help support natural moisture balance of the wound to promote faster healing. Once a plaster is applied to a blister, the plaster begins to absorb the excess liquid around the blister, and forms a white bubble. This white bubble helps protect against further rubbing and pressure.

    Struggling to understand “How do Compeed Blister Plasters work?” speak to our customer support service and they’ll gladly answer any medical questions you have.