3M Micropore Surgical Tape


  • Latex Free And Hypoallergenic
  • Highly Breathable
  • Gentle To Skin
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This medical tape is a multi-purpose, hypoallergenic paper tape that is gentle to skin, yet adheres well and leaves minimal adhesive residue upon removal.

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    Micropore Tape

    Micropore Tape is a specialist, silicone based, hypoallergenic, first aid medical tape. Micropore Tape have bi-directional perforations for easy hand tearing and a gentle adhesive strength that’s kind to skin. Micropore Tape is latex free and secure reliably, even on fragile skin layers.
    • Gentle tape with specialist silicone based adhesives which holds well, yet remove without disrupting fragile skin layers.
    • Provides reliable and consistent securement.
    • Easy to tear by hand and reposition once applied to the patient.
    • Hypoallergenic & latex free

    Micropore Tape 2 Inch

    Micropore Tape 2 Inch – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    • Is 3m Micropore Tape sterile? Can it be sterilized?
      • Micropore Tape 2 Inch is sold clean, not sterile. Micropore tape may be sterilized by ethylene oxide but NOT by steam. Although the manufacturer 3M provides sterilization guidelines, it is up to the facility to ensure sterility.
    • What happens when a tape “expires”? Why do Micropore Tape 2 Inch have an expiration date?
      • An expiration date is required by law in a number of different countries. 3M says it doesn’t expect performance of the tapes to be reduced once the date shown has passed. The recommended shelf life for 3m Micropore Tape is 5 years under normal storage conditions.
    • How can I get Micropore Surgical Tape to stick better?
      • Micropore Surgical Tape has the lowest adhesion to dry skin of all the 3M medical tapes. However, it has the highest adhesion to skin that is damp and then dries. Adhesion may be increased by gently pressing the tape to the skin or dampening the skin, patting it dry, and then applying Micropore Surgical Tape.
    • Which 3M surgical tapes are hypoallergenic?
      • All of the available 3M Micropore Tape products are considered hypoallergenic and have been tested in 200 subject “Human Repeat Insult Patch Tests”.

    3m Micropore Tape

    Main features of 3m Micropore Tape:
    • Gentle tape with specialist silicone based adhesives which holds well, yet removes without disrupting fragile skin layers.
    • Provides reliable and consistent securement.
    • Easy to tear by hand and reposition once applied to the patient.
    Once a bandage or dressing has been applied to a wound, 3M Micropore Tape is commonly used to secure them to the skin without leaving sticky residue. Due to its hypoallergenic properties, it doesn’t cause any skin irritation and can therefore be used long-term. Unlike a standard plaster, 3M Micropore Tape has tiny holes, making it breathable, ultimately speeding up healing when compared to a plaster.

    3m Micropore Tape Dispenser

    The 3M Micropore Tape Dispenser is a product that allows for easy and mess free access to micropore tape. This 3M Micropore Dispenser allows for ‘easy to cut’ access and is lightweight, making it suitable for travel. Want to cut certain lengths of tape with a clean cut? 3M Micropore Tape Dispenser products come equipped with an effective “biting” arrangement for cutting specific lengths.

    Micropore Surgical Tape

    In the medical field, Micropore Surgical Tape isn’t the only adhesive tape that is used. There are others available that are used for specific things. Some are made of different, softer material like cotton. Others are more elastic, supporting flexibility. Below are some of the more common types of adhesive tape and how they differ to Micropore Surgical Tape.
    • Transpore Polythylene Tape
      • This is a translucent tape that is breathable but not flexible; it’s made from non-stretch film. It’s used for securing tubing and dressings, particularly in patients who are wet, bleeding, or sweating.
    • Zinc Oxide Tape
      • This tape is commonly used to prevent sports injuries. As a very durable tape, it can protect athletes from soft tissue damage and stabilize any existing injuries. It’s incredibly flexible, allowing athletes to bend, twist, run and still push themselves without the fear of it breaking.
    • Waterproof Tape
      • This type of tape is specifically designed for use in water. This type of tape can only be applied to dry skin beforehand. If the skin is already moist beforehand, the tape won’t stick.
    • Durable Cloth Tape
      • Durable Cloth Tape is one of the most versatile and widely used of medical adhesive tapes, it’s both flexible and comfortable. It’s often used to secure splints.
    Micropore Surgical Tape is great for zero-pressure situations. Gentle on the skin, it stays in place for several days without falling off. It’s breathable and is easy to remove. Able to withstand SOME sweat and moisture, but no waterproof. Lastly, it’s not as flexible or malleable as other adhesive tapes listed above.

    Micropore Skin Tone Tape

    Micropore Skin Tone Tape is specifically designed to try and mimic the tone of your skin. Big wounds that require a large dressing or wounds that are located in specific areas can be embarrassing for some people. Applying Micropore Skin Tone Tape will cover the area and allow you to about your day, forgetting about any wound or cut that may have been otherwise exposed. Micropore Skin Tone Tape is exactly the same as standard Micropore tape, but instead of a standard white colour, it matches the colour tone of the skin. Please speak to a doctor if you’re worried about the look of a dressing or wound, and would like to cover it using Micropore Skin Tone Tape.

    Micropore Tape For Eyelash Extensions

    A lot of people who own beauty salons use Micropore tape for eyelash extensions. Soft and flexible, they are essential for a lash extension kit and a must-have for every lash artist. Using Micropore Tape for eyelash extensions are great for adjusting the clients’ eyelids to get a better view of the lash line. Below is a video demonstrating proper use of micropore tape for eyelash extensions. Using Micropore tape, simply press one end down close to the lash line, then simply pull the tape slightly, lifting the lid up and press down the other end close to the brow line. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PryshoKYITY[/embed]  

    What Is Micropore Tape?

    A common question we often see online is “What is Micropore Tape?” Micropore Tape is a gentle, breathable general-purpose paper tape. Used to secure dressings and lightweight tubing and for repeated taping on fragile skin. Micropore tape is also economical, latex free and available in a variety of different sizes, colours and quantities. If you have any other questions relating to “What is Micropore Tape?” please speak to a doctor or local pharmacist for advice.

    Micropore Tape Boots

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