Unistik 3 Comfort Lancets (100)


  • 28 Gauge lancet
  • 1.8mm depth penetration
  • Suggested for frequent testing

A simple one-click action activates the lancet and allows the user to choose exactly when the lancet will activate. A standard feature for this range includes a clear alignment guide which means the lancet can be accurately positioned before being activated, keeping users in control of the sampling experience.

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Product Description

What are Unistik 3 Comfort Lancets?

Used to obtain blood samples for testing, Unistik® 3 are single-use, sterile safety lancets. The range offers a choice of different depth and gauge specifications for use across different environments and blood sampling requirements. Developed to provide a comfortable blood sampling experience, they provide an easy and convenient way to perform capillary blood sampling for:

  • Healthcare professionals in a multi-patient setting
  • Patients in their own home, or while travelling

What benefits do Unistik 3 Comfort Lancets offer over other lancets?

  • Control: Via an activation button and alignment guide
  • Comfort: Patented Comfort Zone Technology maximises comfort for the patient during the sampling procedure
  • Safety: The needle retracts immediately after use to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries, and a lock out indicator prevents reuse

How are lancets measured?

Lancets are measured by gauge (thickness). The lower the gauge, the larger the perforation the lancet makes, e.g, a 21-gauge lancet will make a larger puncture hole in your skin than a 28-gauge lancet will. The principle of gauge measures applies to standard lancets, single use safety lancets and pen needles. Penetration depth also varies across different device ranges.

How to use Unistick 3 Comfort lancets

Wash hands thoroughly before and after using the device. Clean the sample site and use personal protective equipment according to institution guidelines.

  • Twist off and discard lancet cap. DO NOT PULL.
  • Press platform firmly against sample site and press release button.
  • The lancet will automatically retract into body of device. Dispose of the entire device in a suitable sharps container.