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  • Active Ingredient: Oseltamivir
  • Can Also Be Used For Flu Prevention
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Tamiflu is a flu treatment belonging to a group of medicines called neuraminidase inhibitors that work by supressing the symptoms of the flu virus infection and preventing it spreading further inside the body.

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    Tamiflu Capsules

    Tamiflu Capsules contain the active ingredient oseltamivir and is used in cases where you have flu symptoms or people in your community are suffering from the flu virus and can be used in adults, children and infants. Tamiflu Capsules work by preventing the virus from spreading around the body while helping to ease and prevent the symptoms caused by the flu. Influenza can cause symptoms such as:
    • Sudden fever
    • Extreme fatigue
    • Runny nose
    • Muscle aches
    • Loss of appetite
    • Sore throat
    • Dry cough
    • Headaches
    See more information on the flu virus here on the NHS website.

    Tamiflu BNF

    While the Tamiflu BNF information holds all the important information for the capsules the warnings and precautions of medicines are usually written in the patient information leaflet and should be read before treatment is commenced. Some of the Tamiflu BNF precautions in certain groups of people states: Pregnancy Although safety data are limited, oseltamivir can be used in women who are pregnant when the potential benefit outweighs the risk for example during a pandemic. Breast feeding Although safety data are limited, oseltamivir can be used in women who are breast-feeding when the potential benefit outweighs the risk. Oseltamivir is the preferred drug in women who are breast-feeding. Renal impairment Avoid for treatment and prevention if glomerular filtration rate is less than 10 mL/minute/1.73 m2 in both adults and children

    What Is Tamiflu?

    Let’s have a look at the answers to What Is Tamiflu? Tamiflu is a brand name of the medication called Oseltamivir. It belongs to a group of antiviral medicines and is used to both treat and prevent influenza A and B.  Many health care professionals often recommended its use to people who are at high risk of complications if the flu virus is contracted. If you require any further information on What Is Tamiflu? Please feel free to contact us via the email address below.

    Tamiflu Oseltamivir 75mg X 10 Capsules

    Tamiflu Oseltamivir 75mg X 10 Capsules is the full course of treatment for most people, two capsules are taken twice a day for 5 days. Before opening the packet of Tamiflu Oseltamivir 75mg X 10 Capsules you should have a read through the patient information leaflet. Tamiflu is not always safe for you to take with other medicines so you should discuss treatment with your GP if you take any of the following medicines:
    • Chlorpropamide
    • Methotrexate
    • Phenylbutazone
    • Probenecid

    Tamiflu 75 mg Oral Capsule

    While using Tamiflu 75 mg Oral Capsule there are other things you can do any home to help speed up your recovery time, this includes:
    • Drink plenty of clear fluids
    • Get plenty of rest
    • Keeping warm
    Paracetamol or Ibuprofen Tablets can also be used to help with a high temperature and to help ease your aches and pains.

    Tamiflu Tablet

    When suffering from the flu you may wish you use something that will help with other symptoms such as a sore throat, headaches and a dry cough, here at My Pharmacy we offer a wide range of medicines that can be taken alongside Tamiflu Tablet, some medicines that can be used at the same time as Tamiflu Tablet to help ease a sore throat includes: You can view a full list of our other cough and cold treatments here at My Pharmacy.

    How To Take Tamiflu Capsules

    Instructions on How To Take Tamiflu Capsules should be followed at all times by followed the How To Take Tamiflu Capsules instructions you will help minimise the risk of side effects such as nausea or vomiting especially if they are taken with food. How To Take Tamiflu Capsules:
    • Swallow Tamiflu whole with water
    • Do not break or chew the capsules
    • Tamiflu can be taken with or without food

    Tamiflu Dosing

    Tamiflu Dosing varies depending on age, weight and whether or not you have a weakened immune system. You doctor will work out the right Tamiflu Dosing for you, or if you’re ordering them online you should follow the Tamiflu Dosing instructions in the patient information leaflet carefully when you have received them. The usual recommended dose:
    • Two capsules should be taken daily preferably take one in the morning and one in the evening for 5 days
    Those with a weakened immune system usually have to extent the dose for up to 10days but you should discuss treatment with your GP first.

    Tamiflu Side Effects

    Tamiflu Side Effects can occur but that does not mean everybody will get them, some Tamiflu Side Effects, that may occur in adults and child over 13 years of age includes but are not limited to: Very common side effects
    • Headache
    • Nausea
    Common side effects
    • Bronchitis
    • Cold sore virus
    • Cough
    • Dizziness
    • Pain in limb
    • Runny nose
    • Sleeping difficulties
    • Sore throat
    • Stomach-ache
    • Tiredness
    • Upper abdominal fullness
    • Upper respiratory tract infections
    • Upset stomach
    • Vomiting
    • Fever
    • Pain
    Uncommon side effects
    • Allergic reactions
    • Altered level of consciousness
    • Convulsion
    • Heart rhythm abnormalities
    • Mild to severe liver function disorders
    • Skin reactions
    Rare side effects
    • Thrombocytopenia
    • Visual disturbances
    A full list of Tamiflu Side Effects including those that may occur in children under 13 years of age can be viewed here in the Patient Information Leaflet.

    Tamiflu 75mg Capsules Price

    Tamiflu 75mg Capsules Price at My Pharmacy start of at as little as £29.99 but regardless of the Tamiflu 75mg Capsules Price that you may find you should always make sure you obtain it from a registered and trusted pharmacy. Any online pharmacy should be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council and any online doctor service should registered with the Care Quality Commission and General Medical Council. If you are ever unsure if the company you are ordering from holds the above or you wish to view their Synphase Pill Review, you should contact them for proof directly

    Tamiflu Capsules To Suspension

    In some cases, you may need to change Tamiflu Capsules To Suspension, this is done when someone is either too young to swallow a capsule or has difficulty swallowing. How to change Tamiflu Capsules To Suspension If you have been prescribed Tamiflu Capsules and you have difficulty swallowing, you should let your doctor now, he/she can organise a suspension, you would never be expected to make it yourself. However, the suspension is usually achieved by using the contents of a capsule and grinding it down into a fine powder.

    Tamiflu Hard Capsules

    Tamiflu Hard Capsules should be stored correctly to ensure that when you need to use it, it is safe to take and to keep others safe from harm. You should store Tamiflu Hard Capsules:
    • Keep this medicine out of the sight and reach of children
    • Do not use this medicine after the expiry date which is stated on the box
    • Store below 25°C
    • Store in the original package
    Returning any unused or expired Tamiflu Hard Capsules to your local pharmacy for safe disposal will help protect others and the environment.

    Tamiflu 75 Mg

    Before using Tamiflu 75 Mg Capsules you should check the full list of ingredients to make sure you are not allergic to any of them, if you are allergic to any of the Tamiflu 75 Mg Ingredients you should contact a doctor or pharmacist for advice. Tamiflu 75 Mg Capsules Ingredients: Oseltamivir, pregelatinized starch, talc, povidone, croscarmellose sodium and sodium stearyl fumarate, gelatine, yellow iron oxide (E172), red iron oxide (E172), black iron oxide (E172) and titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide (E171) FD and C Blue 2 (indigo carmine E132)

    Tamiflu UK

    At My Pharmacy we take great pride in providing all over customers with an outstanding service.  Through our free online prescription service, you can trust us to deliver a high-quality service with affordable medicine dispensed by our licensed UK Pharmacy. Many customers leave Tamiflu UK Reviews via email or the trust pilot section of the website so everyone can access them. One of our customer’s says, “Tamiflu 75 mg Oral Capsule worked well for me and I recovered quickly “You can view all our 5-Star Tamiflu UK  Reviews at Trustpilot Reviews. To Buy Tamiflu 75mg Capsules Online or if there is anything else, we can assist you with please feel free to contact our helpful customer service on info@mypharmacy.co.uk
  • Flu

    You can often treat the flu without seeing your GP and should begin to feel better in about a week.

    <h3>Check if you have flu</h3>
    Flu symptoms come on very quickly and can include:

    a sudden fever – a temperature of 38C or above
    aching body
    feeling tired or exhausted
    dry, chesty cough
    sore throat
    difficulty sleeping
    loss of appetite
    diarrhoea or tummy pain
    nausea and being sick
    The symptoms are similar for children, but they can also get pain in their ear and appear less active.

    <h3>Telling the difference between cold and flu</h3>

    Cold and flu symptoms are similar, but flu tends to be more severe.

    Flu Cold
    Appears quickly within a few hours Appears gradually
    Affects more than just your nose and throat Affects mainly your nose and throat
    exhausted and too unwell to carry on as normal Unwell, but you’re OK to carry on

    <h3>How to treat flu yourself</h3>
    To help you get better more quickly:

    rest and sleep
    keep warm
    take paracetamol or ibuprofen to lower your temperature and treat aches and pains
    drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration (your pee should be light yellow or clear)

    Be careful not to use flu remedies if you’re taking paracetamol and ibuprofen tablets as it’s easy to take more than the recommended dose.




    <h3>How to avoid spreading the flu</h3>
    Flu is very infectious and easily spread to other people. You’re more likely to give it to others in the first 5 days.

    Flu is spread by germs from coughs and sneezes, which can live on hands and surfaces for 24 hours.

    To reduce the risk of spreading flu:

    wash your hands often with warm water and soap
    use tissues to trap germs when you cough or sneeze
    bin used tissues as quickly as possible
    See how to wash your hands correctly

    <h3>How to prevent flu</h3>
    The flu vaccine reduces the risk of catching flu, as well as spreading it to others.

    It’s more effective to get the vaccine before the start of the flu season (December to March).




  • Side Effects

    Like all medicines, this medicine can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. Many of the side effects listed below may also be caused by influenza.

    The following serious side effects have been rarely reported since oseltamivir has been marketed:

    Anaphylactic and anaphylactoid reactions: severe allergic reactions, with face and skin swelling, itchy rashes, low blood pressure and breathing difficulties
    Hepatic disorders (fulminant hepatitis, hepatic function disorder and jaundice): yellowing of the skin and white of the eyes, change in stool color, changes in behaviour
    Angioneurotic oedema: sudden onset of severe swelling of the skin mainly around the head and neck area, including eyes and tongue, with difficulties breathing
    Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis: complicated, possibly life-threatening allergic reaction, severe inflammation of the outer and possibly inner skin, initially with fever, sore throat, and fatigue, skin rashes, leading to blisters, peeling, shedding of larger areas of skin, possible breathing difficulties and low blood pressure
    Gastrointestinal bleeding: prolonged bleeding from the large bowel or spitting up blood
    Neuropsychiatric disorders, as described below.
    If you notice any of these symptoms, get medical help immediately.

    The most frequently (very common and common) reported side effects of Tamiflu are feeling or being sick (nausea, vomiting), stomach ache, stomach upset, headache and pain. These side effects mostly occur after the first dose of the medicine and will usually stop as treatment continues. The frequency of these effects is reduced if the medicinal product is taken with food.

    For a full list of side effects see the maunfacturers <a href=”https://www.medicines.org.uk/emc/files/pil.1194.pdf” rel=”noopener noreferrer” target=”_blank”>patient information leaflet</a>.

  • Further Information

    Further information can be found on the manufacturers
    <a href=”https://www.medicines.org.uk/emc/files/pil.1194.pdf”>Paitient Information Leaflet</a> and printed if required.