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  • Removes Toxic Substances From The Stomach
  • Effective Relief From Heartburn
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The advantage of Silicol Gel exists in the large and highly reactive surface of silicic acid. When taken internally, it forms a protective and soothing coating over the lining of the stomach and intestines.

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    Silicol Gel

    Silicol Gel is an oral gel containing colloidal silicic acid for the treatment of upper gastrointestinal disorders. Taken 3 times a day it helps manage symptoms and provides relief for gastrointestinal discomfort. Its therapeutic action is due to the large and reactive surface of colloidal silicic acid and its ability to act as an adsorbent. After silicol gel is swallowed, it forms a protective and soothing coating over the lining of the stomach and intestines. Due to the adsorptive and binding qualities of colloidal silicic acid, it physically attracts and adsorbs irritants, toxins and pathogens. This renders them harmless so that they can be removed and passed through, as the body empties naturally. Silicic acid can also bind gases and reduce excess acidity.


    Silicolgel is suitable for adults and children over 12 who are suffering from any of the following upper gastrointestinal disorders; stomach pain, abdominal discomfort, flatulence, reflux, nausea and heartburn. To treat upper gastrointestinal disorders, take one tablespoon (15ml) of silicolgel three times daily, an hour before mealtimes. After acute symptoms ease, treatment is recommended for another couple of days. For chronic conditions, treat for up to four weeks and then take a break to re-assess symptoms. Due to the large and reactive surface of colloidal silicic acid and its binding capacity, you should take the certified Medical Device, silicolgel with a gap of at least 1 hour before or after the intake of medicines. Otherwise their effect could be impaired. Please follow on pack advice.

    Silicol Gel IBS

    Silicol Gel IBS may be recommended for someone who suffers from irritable bowel syndrome. Irritable bowel syndrome is a common condition that affects the digestive system. It can cause symptoms like stomach cramps, bloating, and diarrhoea. The symptoms will tend to come and go over time, and can last for days, weeks or even months at a time. If irritable bowel syndrome is left to fester, it can severely impact someone’s quality of life. The majority of cases are generally lifelong and can prove to be very frustrating. This is why Silicol Gel IBS and other treatments like it are recommended. There is currently no known cure, but treatment can help ease symptoms and improve quality of life.

    Silicol Gel For IBS

    Along with using Silicol Gel for IBS, there are other tips you can use to help ease symptoms such as:
    • Cook homemade meals using fresh ingredients.
    • Keep a diary of what you ear and any symptoms you get. This will help you avoid certain foods that trigger IBS.
    • Try to find ways to relax, stress has been found to be a major trigger.
    • Get plenty of exercise.
    • Try a probiotic for a month to see if they help.
    If you’re following the above advice and are still having trouble keeping symptoms under control, whilst also using Silicol Gel for IBS, you may require further examination. Speak to your doctor if this is the case.

    Silicol Gel 220g

    Silicol Gel 220g mode of action works by coatings the stomach and upper gastrointestinal tract with a protective lining. The particles act ‘like a magnet’ attracting irritants, toxins and pathogens, binding them to the gel. During this process the Silicol Gel 220g particles also absorb excess acidity and gases. When the stomach empties naturally these molecules are pass through the body. In order to use Silicol Gel 220g correctly, please follow the below instructions, unless you are told differently by your doctor:
    • Shake the bottle well before every use.
    • Take Silicol Gel 220g at least 1 hour before or after the intake of medicines.
    To treat gastrointestinal disorders, take 1 tablespoon (15ml) three times daily, preferably before meals. It can be taken either undiluted or diluted with water. After acute symptoms ease, treatment can continue for another few days. Silicol Gel 220g also alleviates similar symptoms in the gastrointestinal tract that may occur due to a change in diet during travel or on holiday. If symptoms have not reduced after three days, consult a medical doctor. With diarrhoea, it is important to replace lost fluids by drinking plenty of water.

    Silicol Gel 500ml

    Silicol Gel 500ml FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Can Silicol Gel 500ml be taken with prescribed & over-the-counter medicines? Yes. You can take Silicol Gel 500ml with a gap of at least 1 hour before or after intake of medicines. Can Silicol Gel be taken long-term? Yes. The manufacturer recommended using for 4 weeks followed by a break of between 4 to 7 days. This provides an opportunity to check that symptoms have settled which may indeed reduce the need to take further Silicol Gel 500ml doses as frequently. Start using Silicol gel for another 4 weeks and repeat the break. What are the ingredients? 3.5g Silicon Dioxide in 100ml Silicic Acid gel. Preservatives: Sorbic Acid (E200) & Sodium Benzoate (E211). What is the difference between adsorption and absorption? The particles in Silicol Gel adsorb, as opposed to absorb. Adsorption is the accumulation of molecular species at the surface rather than in the bulk of the solid or liquid.

    Silicol Gel Reviews UK

    You can view Silicol Gel Reviews UK and reviews left by customers who have used our website and service via the product page. To view more Silicol Gel Reviews UK and overall service reviews, click here to view our trustpilot page. Our team will also be able to advise on any alternative treatments should any Silicol Gel Reviews UK cause you to look for an alternative.

    Is Silicol Gel Good?

    A common question we see online is “Is Silicol Gel good?” According to the many reviews posted online and on various retailer sites, Silicol Gel performs its intended purpose extremely well. People have reported that using it has greatly improved their symptoms, whilst also being extremely affordable. Further questions such as “Is Silicol Gel good?” can be answered by looking at the frequently asked questions section.

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