Otex Ear Drops 8ml


  • Treats Ears Blocked With Wax
  • Reduces The Need For Ear Syringing
  • Active Ingredient: Urea Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Buy With Confidence From UK Registered Pharmacy
  • Includes Free Prescription

Hardened ear wax can block the ears, causing discomfort, earache and impaired hearing. Otex Ear Drops contain the active ingredient, urea hydrogen peroxide, that works by softening the ear wax and breaking it down into pieces to it can easily fall from the ear. Otex Ear Drops also have antiseptic properties to reduce the risk of ear infection. Squeeze up to 5 drops into the ear, using the easy squeeze bottle, once or twice a day for noticeably improved symptoms within 3 to 4 days.

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Product Description

What are Otex ear drops used for?

Otex ear drops are used to remove hardened ear wax.

How to use

Only use Otex in the ears.
For adults, children and the elderly:
Repeat the following once or twice daily, normally for 3 to 4 days, until you notice an improvement in your hearing and less discomfort:
Turn the cap anti-clockwise. (This will break the seal when you use the drops for the first time.)
Remove the cap to reveal the applicator nozzle.
Tilt your head and gently squeeze up to 5 drops into the ear.
Keep your head tilted for a few minutes so that the drops stay in the ear.
Then wipe away any surplus with a tissue.
Repeat in the other ear, if necessary.
Wash hands after use.
Do not “plug” the ears with loose cotton wool.
Always replace the cap after use and return the bottle to the carton.
Note that in some cases excessive ear wax may persist for more than 3 to 4 days, despite softening.

If the wax is very hard, the ear drops alone may not be able to clear the ear canal. This may cause some
temporary loss of hearing. In these cases you should consult your doctor, nurse or
pharmacist for further advice.

If you use more Otex than you should Do not worry if you use too much Otex.
Simply wipe away any surplus running from the ear with a tissue.
If you forget to use Otex Do not worry if you occasionally forget to use Otex. When you remember, just carry
on using this product once or twice daily as usual.

Side Effects

Like all medicines, Otex can cause side
effects, although not everybody gets them.
• A temporary mild bubbling sensation in the ear can occur (due to the release
of oxygen as the drops break down the ear wax).
• The ear drops can make the symptoms of excessive ear wax worse, including some discomfort, irritation or pain, loss of hearing, dizziness and tinnitus
(ringing sound in the ear).
• Very rarely, an unpleasant taste has been reported. Stop using the ear
drops immediately if this happens and tell your doctor.
Stop using this product and tell your doctor
or pharmacist if:
• symptoms persist or,
• if any of the side effects get serious

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