Lecicarbon C (Children) Suppositories 10


  • Treats Symptoms Of Chronic Constipation
  • Targets Source Of Abdominal Pain
  • Effective Relief From Cramps And Flatulence
  • Buy With Confidence From UK Registered Pharmacy

Lecicarbon Children works to relieve the symptoms of frequent or chronic constipation, especially weak rectal emptying reflex, by slowly releasing carbon dioxide.

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Lecicarbon A Suppositories

Childhood Constipation

Constipation accounts for around 3% of GP visits among children. Signs to watch for include changes in poo patterns, going to the toilet fewer than three times per week and symptoms associated with passing a hard poo, such as bleeding and straining

Additional Information

The smooth, torpedo-shaped capsules come individually wrapped in packs of 15 for easy and comfortable insertion as and when relief is needed. Some parents find it easier to dip Lecicarbon in water before use. Lecicarbon may cause a slight burning sensation upon insertion, that quickly disappears. The suppository is not suitable for use in those with peanut or soya allergies. It cannot be used by those with intestinal obstruction or those with anal or rectal diseases that could lead to an excessive absorption of carbon dioxide. In the presence of toxic megacolon, it should only be used with permission of the treating doctor.

A diagnosis of constipation should be made by your child’s doctor or pharmacist before taking Lecicarbon. Always read the patient leaflet before taking this product. Further information is available at www.lecicarbon.co.uk

Lecicarbon should not be used if allergic to peanut or soya or in cases of ileus or anal/rectal diseases leading to excessive CO2 absorption.

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Patient Information Leaflet