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  • Effective Relief From And Prevention Of Travel Sickness
  • Suck, Chew Or Swallow
  • Active Ingredient: Hyoscine Hydrobromide
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Kwells Kids anti-sickness medication works by correcting the body’s chemical imbalance that causes motion sickness and also by blocking messages to the brain that cause nausea. Give the recommended dosage of Kwells Kids medication to your child for fast and effective relief from nausea and effective travel sickness prevention.

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    Kwells Travel Sickness Tablets

    Kwells Travel Sickness Tablets are used for to prevent and control travel and motion sickness in children. If you’re about to take a journey and travel with a child, Kwells Travel Sickness Tablets can help relieve the discomfort and distress caused by motion sickness. You won’t need a prescription for Kwells Travel Sickness Tablets, however you will need to fill out a short consultation before My Pharmacy can take your order. This ensures that Kwells Travel Sickness Tablets will be best suited for you and your child.

    Kwells Sickness Tablets

    Kwells Sickness Tablets melt in the mouth when taken orally. This allows for the ingredients to be absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly, allowing Kwells Sickness Tablets to be taken up to twenty to thirty minutes before the onset of sickness or travelling. Your doctor should be informed if your child is taking any other medication before taking Kwells Sickness Tablets.

    Kwells Tablets

    Kwells Tablets contain the active ingredient called hyoscine hydrobromide. This allows Kwells Tablets to temporarily reduce the effect of movement on the balance organs of the inner ear and nerves responsible for nausea. Kwells Tablets aren’t the only way to administer this active substance. It’s also available as patches and injections, although injections are usually only administered in hospitals.

    Kwells Travel Sickness

    Some ways of minimising the effects of motion sickness when a child may not be able to take Kwells Travel sickness:
    • Open the car window and allow fresh air to enter the vehicle
    • Ginger, can be taken as a tablet, biscuit or tea
    • Distraction by talking, singing songs or listening to music
    Kwells Travel Sickness is caused by the inner ear sending mixed signals to the brain, different from those the eyes are seeing. This causes confusion and makes you feel unwell. More information about motion and travel sickness can be found on the NHS website.

    Kwells Kids

    Kwells kids should not be taken by children under the age of four. Some children may be allergic to the active substance in Kwells Kids called hyoscine hydrobromide. If a child is currently suffering any of the following, Kwells Kids is not suitable:
    • Glaucoma
    • Enlarged prostate gland
    • Blockage of intestines
    • Narrowing of the stomach outlet
    • Myasthenia gravis
    Kwells Kids should not be taken by someone who is pregnant or breastfeeding unless advised by a doctor.

    Kwells For Nausea

    Kwells for nausea is one of the most common symptoms of motion sickness/travel sickness. By targeting the nerves and organs in the inner ear, Kwells Kids can prevent and relieve Kwells for nausea. Giving the correct Kwells dosage will allow for fast and effective relief of nausea. If you are concerned about any of the side effects when taking Kwells for nausea, please refer to the patient information leaflet.

    Kwells Boots

    Whilst Kwells Kids is available from other commercial stores like Kwells Boots, Tesco, Lloyds, most of those will require you to bring in your prescription before you can order the medicine.   My Pharmacy offers a free online consultation as well as free shipping on orders over £40 with next delivery options also available. From My Pharmacy you can purchase your prescription treatments online without ever having to leave your home, making it much easier for people to get the vital treatments they need safely and promptly.   Unlike Kwells Boots, Tesco, Lloyds, My Pharmacy has an expert team of pharmacy professionals available to help via email, online chat and telephone should you have any questions regarding your current prescription or treatment. Our team will also be able to advise on any alternative treatments should the one you’re looking for not be available. See our thousands of 5 Star Ratings on Trustpilot from real customers.   As an independent pharmacy, My Pharmacy is able to get the best prices for both generic and brand name treatments. When compared to other retailers such as Kwells Boots, Tesco, Lloyds, My Pharmacy can be as much as 50% cheaper to buy the same products.

    How To Take Kwells

    The following is a recommended and general guide on how to take Kwells. This should not be followed if your doctor or pharmacist has given you specific instructions. If Kwells Kids has been purchased without a prescription, follow these directions on how to take Kwells:
    • Kwells tablets can be sucked, chewed or swallowed
    • Each tablet has a scoreline and can be halved if necessary
    • They can be taken up to thirty minutes before travelling to prevent sickness, or at the onset of feeling nauseous
    How to take kwells may change depending if you got it on prescription or not. Always follow your doctor advice.

    Kwells Dosage

    The following Kwells Dosage is the general recommended dosage and may change depending on prescription and your doctor’s advice. Recommended Kwells Dosage for Children over ten years old One or two tablets every six hours, as required. Do not give your child this medicine more than three times in twenty four hours. Recommended Kwells Dosage for Children aged four to ten years old One half or one tablet every six hours, as required. Do not give your child this medicine more than three times in twenty four hours. Kwells chewable tablets or a Kwells dosage should not be given to children under the age of four. If you think your child may have taken more than recommended Kwells dosage, you should immediately contact a doctor or A&E department.

    Kwells Kids Dosage

    Follow the advice given to you by your doctor about Kwells Kids Dosage. The recommended Kwells Kids dosage can be found in the patient information leaflet. Any questions regarding Kwells kids dosage should be directed toward your doctor or pharmacist. Your child may come under special circumstances where the dose changes.

    Kwells Side Effects

    Like with all medicine, Kwells Side Effects can occur but these aren’t experienced by everyone. If you experience any of these Kwells side effects, especially if any of them are getting progressively worse, immediately stop and speak to your doctor as soon as possible. Below is a list of Kwells Side Effects experienced more, or less when people have taken Kwells chewable tablets. For a full list, please refer to the patient information leaflet. Allergic Reaction
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Coughing
    • Wheezing
    • Rash, itching, swelling
    If your child experiences any of the above allergic reaction symptoms, tell your doctor immediately. Some people have reported the following side effects:
    • Blurred vision, dilated pupils
    • Dry mouth
    • Drowsiness and dizziness
    • Increased boy temperature due to decreased sweating
    Less Frequent Side Effects
    • Restlessness
    • Hallucinations
    • Confusion

    Kwells Travel Sickness Tablets Review

    Below will be some Kwells Travel Sickness Tablets review and reviews left by customers who have used our website and service. To view more Kwells Travel Sickness Tablets review and overall service reviews, click here to view our trustpilot page. “I recently ordered some antibiotics for a UTI. They were more expensive than an NHS prescription but my local GP has practically shut their doors so I had no choice. Thank god this service exists as I was feeling miserable from my infection.” Claire  “I was very pleased with the service. The website was easy to use and checking out was very easy. Delivery was quick and the delivery charge very reasonable.” Susan Hammond

    Kwells Travel Sickness Alternative

    Kwells Chewable Tablets is one of many different motion and travel sickness treatments we have available at My Pharmacy. Before changing treatments you should consult with your doctor and try to find the best Kwells Travel Sickness alternative for you and your travel sickness severity. You may want to consider some of the following as a Kwells Travel Sickness alternative:
  • Side Effects

    The listed adverse drug reactions are based on spontaneous reports, thus an organization according to CIOMS II categories of frequency is not pertinent.

    General: hyperthermia at high temperatures due to decreased sweating.

    Eye disorders: blurred vision, mydriasis.

    Gastrointestinal disorders: dry mouth.

    Immune system disorders: allergic reaction and anaphylactic reaction. Hypersensitivity reactions with respective laboratory and clinical manifestations, including asthma syndrome, mild to moderate reactions affecting skin, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, and cardiovascular system, and symptoms such as rash, urticaria, oedema, pruritus, cardio-respiratory distress, have been reported.

    Nervous system disorders: drowsiness, dizziness, sedation and somnolence are commonly reported. Central nervous system stimulation including restlessness, hallucinations and confusion, have been less frequently reported following the administration of hyoscine.

    There have been rare reports of an increase in seizure frequency in epileptic patients (the same caution for this patient population is included in Section 4.4).

  • Further Information

    Patient information leaflet