FreeStyle Libre 2 Sensor


  • Flash glucose monitoring system
  • Scan the sensor for glucose reading in 1 second
  • For use with the FreeStyle Libre 2 Reader

Unlike traditional blood glucose monitoring, using the FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor does not involve routine finger pricks. It continuously measures the glucose concentration in your interstitial fluid, and stores 8 hours of data.

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  • Freestyle Libre Sensor

    The Freestyle Libre Sensor is a flash glucose monitoring system that’s used for the self-monitoring of glucose levels. Unlike the traditional method of pricking the fingertip, the Freestyle Libre sensor measures glucose levels in the interstitial fluid, using a sensor that sits just under the skin. It can update every minute and stores data every 15 minutes. This sensor that is worn just under the skin is called Flash for short. It will continuously record glucose levels throughout the day and night. If glucose levels need to be checked at a specific time, simply scan the sensor whenever needs be.

    Abbott Freestyle Libre Sensor

    Since April 2019, Abbott Freestyle Libre Sensor became available on prescription across England to those who have met the criteria. The follow criteria must be met in order to obtain an Abbott Freestyle Libre Sensor on prescription from the NHS –
    • Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and are required to check glucose levels more than eight times a day.
    • Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and have previously paid for an Abbott Freestyle Libre Sensor and can show that HbA1c has improved.
    • Are pregnant with Type 1 diabetes.
    • Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and have severe hypos or have reduces hypo awareness.
    • Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes but are unable to test regularly due to a disability.
    • Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis-related diabetes and take insulin.
    • Work somewhere that a diabetes team has advised isn’t appropriate for finger-pricking test.
    • Diagnosed with another type of diabetes that is treated with insulin and are also using haemodialysis.
    If any of the above criteria are met, the following should also be met –
    • Learn how to use the Abbott Freestyle Libre Sensor with a healthcare professional or carer, when appropriate.
    • Agree to check levels of glucose eight or more time a day and use the sensor 70% or more of the time when you check.
    • Agree to regular reviews with a local diabetes team.
    Type 1 Diabetes – NHS Overview

    Freestyle Libre Sensor Shortage

    Since the beginning of 2020 there has been a seemingly ongoing supply issue with a Freestyle Libre Sensor shortage. People with Type 1 diabetes have been struggling to obtain or replace existing sensors to monitor their blood glucose levels. The creator of the sensor has admitted to the delay in supply. Released in a statement, they said: “We are currently experiencing delays in fulfilling orders of the FreeStyle Libre sensors. The delay is two to three weeks from date of order. “We are doing all we can to expedite shipments in an effort to minimise any interruptions and are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. You will receive an e-mail with a tracking number when the product is dispatched. This is the same information that our customer service team will be able to provide.” Due to the Freestyle Libre Sensor shortage many people have reverted back to their old methods of tracking glucose levels, such as the fingertip blood prick. The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee has recommended that pharmacists refer people back to their prescriber alternative.

    Freestyle Libre Sensor UK

    A common question we are asked is “How does the Freestyle Libre Sensor UK work?” Each flash glucose monitor has two parts:
    • A sensor that is worn just under the skin.
    • A reader that is swiped over the senor to get both the sugar levels and trend of levels in the blood. It’s also possible to scan the sensor with a phone.
    Each time the scan is used, it’s possible to access the last eight hours of sugar level readings. It’s also possible to Freestyle Libre Sensor Download Software and analyse the results to see patterns in sugar levels. Once a sensor has been worn for fourteen days, a new one will need to be re-applied. Sensors are advised to be worn only on the arm and should not be placed in areas with a tattoo as this could impact the Freestyle Libre Sensor UK results.

    Changing Freestyle Libre Sensor Early

    If changing Freestyle Libre Sensor Early is required because the sensor has broken or isn’t scanning correctly, the current sensor can be ended early and swapped for a new one. Once the defective one has been replaced, simply scan the new one with your reader or phone and it will ask if the previous sensor should be ended, tell it yes and pair the new one up. Any questions about changing Freestyle Libre Sensor Early please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team or contact the Abbott product support.

    Freestyle Libre Sensor Compatibility

    The Freestyle Libre Sensor Compatibility guide can accessed via Abbotts official compatibility page. The Freestyle Librelink App is only compatible with the following phones:
    • Android Operating System 5.0 and higher, Near Field Communication (NFC) capability.
    • iPhone 7 or higher, OS 11 or higher
    The performance of the scan will vary depending on differences in phone hardware and operating systems. The table shown on Abbott’s official page has a list of phones tested and recommended for use with Freestyle LibreLink. Any phones not listed in the table have not be assessed for Freestyle Libre Sensor Compatibility.

    Freestyle Libre Sensor Download Software

    You can get the Freestyle Libre Sensor Download Software for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play. The software has been designed to be used with the sensor, recording glucose levels on a phone without lancets. Once you have the Freestyle Libre Download Software you can track real-time glucose. The app will allow you to view:
    • The current glucose reading, including a text-to-speech option, when enabled.
    • A graph will display the trend of your glucose levels, indicating how your glucose has changed over the course of eight hours.
    • Notes can also be added to give context to food eaten, insulin use, exercise and other events that may lower or rise glucose levels.

    Freestyle Libre Sensor Not Compatible With Reader

    If you discover that your Freestyle Libre Sensor Not Compatible With Reader it may be because you are trying to use the 14 day system with the 10 day system reader. The sensors and readers included in each product aren’t compatible with one another. The readers can only be used with its corresponding sensors. If you are unsure which is which, each box is labelled to ensure product compatibility. The 14 day label will be on the front of the box with a blue background. If you are receiving an error stating that the “Freestyle Libre Sensor Not Compatible With Reader” and are using the correct reader and sensor combo, please contact Abbotts customer support for further guidance.

    Freestyle Libre Sensor Problems

    Experiencing Freestyle Libre Sensor Problems? Abbott has official channels you can go through to get the correct support you need, including a live chat and a call back to talk over the phone. You can also email them if you don’t require an immediate answer. Freestyle Libre Sensor Problems aren’t wide spread and particular problems may be caused by a faulty sensor or reader.
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