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  • Daktarin Powder
  • Medicated talc for fungal infections
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Daktarin Powder is a medicine which is used to treat infections of the skin which may appear on the hands, feet, outer ear, trunk or groin. It is also used to treat nappy rash.

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    Daktarin Aktiv Spray Powder

    Daktarin Aktiv Spray Powder contains the active ingredient Miconazole. Miconazole is used to treat a number of skin infections such as Athletes foots, sweat rash and jock itch. Daktarin Cream helps to relieve the itching and destroys the bacterium that causes the fungal infection at the same time as keeping the skin dry. You may be suffering from Athletes foot if you have:
    • Itching, stinging, and burning between your toes or on soles of your feet
    • Blisters on your feet that itch
    • Cracking and peeling skin on your feet, most commonly between your toes and on your sole
    • Dry skin on your soles or sides of your feet
    See more information on athletes foots here on the NHS website.

    Daktarin Spray Powder

    Daktarin Spray Powder is usually safe for most people to use put there are a small number of people who should not use it. Do not use Daktarin Spray Powder:
    • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients
    Speak to your doctor or a pharmacist before using Daktarin Spray Powder:
    • If you are taking any medications that are used to thin the blood such as warfarin
    Daktarin Powder 20g ingredients:
    • Miconazole, Talc, zinc oxide and colloidal anhydrous silica

    Daktarin Dual Action Spray Powder

    Daktarin Dual Action Spray Powder can both cause effects, but this does not mean everybody will experience them. Stop using Daktarin Dual Action Spray Powder and tell your doctor straight away if you get any the following side effects:
    • Swelling of the face, tongue or throat
    • Difficulty swallowing or difficulty breathing
    • Severe irritation, reddening or blistering of your skin
    • Hives
    Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you suffer from any of the following Daktarin Dual Action Spray Powder side effects:
    • Burning sensation, itching, redness, or rash on the skin
    • Local irritation of the treated area. This is much milder than an allergic reaction
    A full list of Daktarin Dual Action Spray Powder 100g side effects can be viewed here in the Patient Information leaflet.

    Daktarin Powder 20g

    How much Daktarin Powder 20g for adults and children of all ages
    • Apply the powder to the infected skin twice a day
    How to apply Daktarin Powder 20g
    • Wash the infected area and dry it well
    • Sprinkle the powder onto the infected area and surrounding skin
    • Wash your hands carefully after applying the powder to avoid spreading the infection
    • Do not use more than the recommended dose

    Daktarin Dual Action Spray Powder 100g

    No matter where you buy your Daktarin Dual Action Spray Powder 100g regardless of their Daktarin Dual Action Spray Powder 100g review that you may have read, you should always make sure you obtain it from a registered and trusted pharmacy. Any online pharmacy should be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council and any online doctor service should be registered with the Care Quality Commission and General Medical Council. If you are ever unsure you should contact the company for proof.

    Daktarin Powder Jock Itch

    Jock itch also known as tinea cruris, causes a red and itchy ring like rash that is more common in warm and moist areas of the body such as the groin and inner thighs. Daktarin Powder Jock Itch treatment works to by killing of the bacteria that causes fungal infection and preventing it from returning. Alongside using Daktarin Powder Jock Itch treatment you should make sure you:
    • Wear clean clothes
    • Wear correctly fitted clothes
    • Keep the area clean
    If you require any further information on jock itch please don’t hesitate to contact us via the email address below.

    Daktarin Athletes Foot Powder

    As well as Daktarin Athletes Foot Powder at My Pharmacy we offer a wide range of foot care treatments these include but are not limited to: See a full list of Daktarin Athletes Foot Powder alternative here at My Pharmacy.

    Daktarin Antifungal Powder

    While using Daktarin Antifungal Powder for Athletes foot you can also do some things at home that will help it heal faster, these include:
    • Drying your feet and between your toes by dabbing them after washing
    • Using a separate towel for your feet and wash it regularly
    • Taking your shoes off and air your feet when at home
    • Wearing clean socks every day – cotton socks are best
    You should remember not to share towels and clothes with anyone else, this will prevent passing the infection on.

    Daktarin Powder For Nappy Rash

    You may wonder if you can use Daktarin Powder For Nappy Rash? Daktarin Antifungal Powder can be used in the treatment of nappy rash as long as the application directions and recommended dose is followed at all times. It can be used for up to 10 days. If there is no improvement of the nappy rash after a few days or symptoms worsen at any point, you should contact your doctor or health visitor for advice.

    Daktarin Powder For Dogs

    You can use Daktarin Powder For Dogs if your vet has told you to, however if you are trying to order Daktarin Powder For Dogs via My Pharmacy Online you will need to supply a valid prescription. We are not licensed to supply medicines for pets without a prescription provided via a vet. You should remember that not all medicines that are safe for humans are necessarily safe for animals.

    Daktarin Aktiv Spray Powder Review

    At My Pharmacy we take great pride in providing all over customers with an outstanding service.  Through our free online prescription service, you can trust us to deliver a high-quality service with affordable medicine dispensed by our licensed UK Pharmacy. Many customers leave Daktarin Aktiv Spray Powder Review via email or via the trust pilot section of the website so everyone can access them. One of our customer’s says “Daktarin Antifungal Powder definitely stops the itch” You can view all our 5-Star Daktarin Aktiv Spray Powder Review at Trustpilot Reviews. If you require any further information on Daktarin Powder Jock Itch or if there is anything else we can assist you with please feel free to contact our helpful customer service team on info@mypharmacy.co.uk
  • Side Effects

    ■ A severe allergic reaction which may include:
    ■ Swelling of the face, lips, mouth, tongue or throat
    ■ Difficulty in swallowing or breathing
    ■ Itchy rash (hives)
    ■ skin burning sensation, application site reactions, application site irritation, application site burning, application site warmth, application site itchiness, skin inflammation, skin discolouration.
    Other side-effects which may occur but it is unknown how often:
    ■ Rash, skin irritation, itchiness or redness
    If you experience any side-effects not included in this leaflet or are not sure about anything, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

  • Further Information

    Patient Information leaflet