Bonjela Complete Plus 10ml


Bonjela Complete Plus soothes mouth pain and aids the healing of mouth ulcers and small wounds in the mouth cavity. It comes with an applicator and each bottle contains 100 applications.

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Product Description

What is Bonjela Complete Plus and what is it used for

Bonjela Complete Plus forms a protective barrier over the ulcer which lasts for up to four hours.

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Before you use Bonjela Complete Plus

Do not give to children and adolescents under 16 years of age. This is because there is a possible association between the derivative of salicylic acid and Reye’s syndrome when given to children. Reye’s syndrome is a very rare disease which affects the brain and liver and can be fatal. Highly flammable. Always read the leaflet instructions before use. Please see product leaflet for full list of warnings.

Do not use:


  • in children below 16 years of age
  • in case of allergy to salicylic derivatives
  • on major mouth ulcers bigger than 1 cm in diameter or herpes-like ulcers (many tiny ulcers)
  • on infected wounds, burns or deep wounds (bleeding wounds) in pregnant or breastfeeding women


How to apply Bonjela Complete Plus

Always read the patient information before use


Carboxylic acids, mineral acid, cellulose derivative, Ethanol (Anhydrous), Purified Water, Orange Flavour.

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Side Effects

Like all medicines, bonjela can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.
STOP taking this product and
seek immediate medical help if you experience:
– unexplained wheezing or coughing, asthma,
shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, itching,
face, tongue or throat swelling which can be signs
of serious allergic reactions.

Further Information

Click here For the patient information leaflet