Balneum Cream


  • Relieves Flare-Ups Of Eczema And Dermatitis
  • Soothes Itchy, Red, Dry Skin
  • Active Ingredient: Clobetasone Butyrate
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Balneum cream contains  5% urea and ceramide, Balneum cream is used for the treatment of eczema, dermatitis and other dry skin conditions.


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    Balneum Cream

    Balneum Cream is a cream that is easily absorbed containing an ingredient called lauromacrogols water. It has a soothing and softening effect on the skin, relieving itching and replacing much needed oils on dry skin. This helps prevent any loss of skin moisture, which otherwise may be lost with other cream treatments. Balneum cream also contains urea. A substance that is found naturally in the skin and helps retain water. People suffering with eczema and other skin conditions such psoriasis have reduced amounts of urea in their skin and Balneum cream can help by replacing it.

    Balneum Plus Cream

    Balneum Plus Cream is for the treatment of itching and dry skin seen with eczema, dermatitis and scaling skin conditions. All of these become worse when the skin is slowed to become dry. Using Balneum Plus Cream has shown to increase skin moisture for up to 24 hours, providing relief to many of the symptoms associated with the above conditions. When applying Balneum Plus Cream, caution must be exercised.

    Balneum Cream Boots

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    Balneum Cream Uses

    The majority of Balneum Cream uses are associated with skin conditions. It helps relive common symptoms such as dryness, itching and oozing. Some of the follow Balneum cream uses are for treating:
    • Eczema
    • Psoriasis
    • Dermatitis
    • And other scaling skin conditions
    Before using Balneum cream you should speak to your doctor about Balneum cream uses and how they may affect the specific skin condition you have. It’s important for your doctor to take a look before applying any treatments as Balneum cream 500g or other creams may make it worse.

    Balneum Cream For Psoriasis

    Using Balneum cream for psoriasis is one of the listed main conditions Balneum can help treat. Psoriasis affects around 2% of the population in the UK and can start at any age. The scaly skin patches usually appear on the elbows, knees, scalp and lower back. The severity of it can vary from person to person and can majorly affect the quality of someone’s life. In the majority of cases the treatment will consist of creams and ointments such as Balneum cream for Psoriasis. If creams and ointments aren’t effective, a treatment called phototherapy will be considered. This involves exposing skin to certain types of ultraviolet light. Psoriasis Overview – NHS Website

    Balneum Plus Cream Reviews

    You can view Balneum Plus Cream Reviews and reviews left by customers who have used our website and service via the product page. To view more Balneum Plus Cream Reviews and overall service reviews, click here to view our trustpilot page. Our team will also be able to advise on any alternative treatments should the Balneum Plus Cream reviews cause you to look for an alternative.

    Balneum Cream Spc

    Balneum Cream SPC (Summary of Product Characteristics) can be found via online or inside the product box. The Balneum Cream SPC will contain common questions about Balneum Plus Cream 100g, it does not however contain all of the available information. It should not be used for advice in place of your doctor’s instructions. For further information that isn’t contained in the Balneum Cream SPC, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

    Balneum Plus Anti Itch Cream

    Balneum Plus Anti Itch Cream can be used to relieve the itching symptoms of many skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. One of the first things someone should do before even considering a cream such as Balneum Plus Anti Itch Cream, is to find the initial trigger for the itching. Identifying what is causing the itch is crucial for choosing the correct treatment option. A visit to the dermatologist will be vital in identifying the cause of the itch, as itching can be caused by so many different problems. A physical exam can go a long way in finding the true cause and fixing it as fast as possible. Balneum Plus Anti Itch Cream may be one of the treatment options your dermatologist advises you to use once the cause has been found.

    Balneum Cream Side Effects

    Like with all medicine, Balneum Cream Side Effects can occur but these aren’t experienced by everyone. If you experience any of these Balneum Cream side effects, especially if any of them are getting progressively worse, immediately stop and speak to your doctor as soon as possible. Below is a list of Balneum Cream Side Effects experienced more, or less when people have used Balneum cream 500g. For a full list, please refer to the patient information leaflet.
    • You may experience a burning sensation, redness, itching or the formation of pustules of your eczema may get worse if Balneum Plus Cream 500g is used on inflamed skin.
    • The frequency in which rash and with pustules accompanying rash may occur is not known.
    If you experience any Balneum Cream side effects not listed above, please report them directly to the Yellow Card scheme at: GOVUK Yellow Card.

    Balneum Plus Cream 100g

    Balneum Plus Cream 100g is one of two sizes available to purchase. The Balneum Plus Cream 100g is intended for less severe/short term relief of symptoms. Balneum Plus Cream 100g comes in small box and is contained within a small tube.

    Balneum Plus Cream 500g

    Balneum Plus Cream 500g is one of two sizes available to purchase. Balneum Plus Cream 500g is the largest of the two and is intended for long term use. Each purchase of Balneum Plus Cream 500g comes in a plastic bottle.

    Balneum Cream 500g

    The length of time you need to use Balneum Cream 500g will be decided by your doctor. If you are unsure check with your doctor/pharmacist.
    • Adults, elderly and children should only use Balneum Cream 500g externally.
    • Using clean hands, apply the cream to the affected areas twice a day until the symptoms have eased.

    Balneum Cream On Prescription

    Balneum cream on prescription will be prescribed after assessment by a doctor or dermatologist. It is also available to purchase online. If you are unsure about choosing a treatment option, do not hesitate to setup an appointment with a health expert to discuss what product will be best for you. Balneum Cream on prescription may be advised if your condition is long term.
  • Side Effects

    Balneum Cream

    Containing 5% urea and ceramide, Balneum cream is used for the treatment of eczema, dermatitis and other dry skin conditions.

    The main active ingredient is urea and this helps to clear dry skin in three ways. It hydrates the skin, removes dead skin (keratolytic) and helps stop any itching. Ceramide builds up the skin’s barrier function and, as this cream contains no fragrances, artificial colourants or preservatives, it is also suitable for people with delicate skin.

    Tests have shown that even after short-term use of Balneum cream, the skin stays hydrated up to four times longer than when using other creams. Apply the cream twice daily, particularly after bathing, as it will keep the skin moisturised.

    It is a lack of water in the outer layer of skin cells (stratum corneum) which leads to dry skin. Dehydration causes the skin to lose its flexibility and so it becomes scaly, cracked and sometimes itchy. This outer layer has the ability to retain water which comes up from the deeper layers. This top layer also has a film of sebum, a natural oil which holds skin cells which have broken down. Together, they reduce evaporation and therefore help retain the water from the skin’s surface.

    Drying out increases with age and the situation is exacerbated by bathing with hot water and soap, as these remove the sebum from the skin’s surface. Dry skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis can be greatly helped by the use of moisturising bath oils, regular use helping to restore and maintain the smoothness of the skin. This helps reduce redness, itching and the scaling of skin and, after using these moisture products, it is a good idea to pat the skin dry, as rubbing will remove some of the moisture layer than has been built up from the product. In the case of eczema, regular use can prevent flare-ups.

    This treatment may not be suitable to people who are allergic to soya or peanuts, or to any of the ingredients contained in Balneum cream. Always give your doctor full details as to your health and to any allergies, so that he can assess how suitable this treatment is for you.

    If you are using any other creams to treat your condition, please make your doctor aware of this, as the active ingredient in Balneum cream can cause the active ingredients from other products to pass through the skin.



    *Prescription medicines are supplied subject to a medical consultation at the discretion of a doctor.
    Always use Balneum Plus Cream exactly as your doctor has told you. You should check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.

    The medicine is for external use by adults, the elderly and children.
    Using clean hands, apply the cream to the affected areas twice a day until the symptoms have eased.
    Most medicines can cause some side-effects but not everyone having the same medicine will get the same side-effects.

    The following side-effects have been associated with people having this medicine:

    – Burning sensation
    – Skin redness
    – Itching
    – Formation of pustules
    – Worsening of eczema if applied to inflamed skin areas
    – Allergic reactions

  • Further Information

    Patient information leaflet.