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Top 10 Tips To Stop Travel Sickness This Summer

I’m sure you’re currently counting down the days until your holiday this summer. Staring out the window at work and picturing yourself sitting on the beach, eating in local restaurants and drinking wine. The holidays are a time to unwind and relax, however for many the journey there isn’t always pleasant. There isn’t a worse way to start a holiday than being sick on the journey. But rest assured, in this article we will tell you how with a bit of planning, you can avoid travel sickness this summer.

What causes travel sickness?

Travel sickness, otherwise known as motion sickness, is caused by the repeated movements when travelling such as going over bumps in a car or moving up and down in a boat. The inner ear sends different signals to your brain from those your eyes are seeing. These confusing messages can cause you to feel unwell.

How to avoid travel sickness.

Effective planning before a journey can massively reduce travel sickness symptoms, so it is important to be mindful before a long journey of how you’re treating your body if you’re susceptible to travel sickness.

1. Be careful what you eat before a journey – spicy or greasy foods can sit in your stomach and feel heavy; this can amplify the nausea felt when travelling

2. Avoid strong food odours – smelly crisps or things like egg sandwiches will only make feeling travel sick worse

3. Get some fresh air – be sure to crack a window and have a fresh supply of air, stuffy cars can make you feel worse when travelling

4. Sit in the front – if you’re prone to travel sickness, before you travel be sure to plan to sit in the front to minimise the motion you feel in the car

5. Look forward at a fixed point – don’t stare at moving objects such as other cars as this can continue to confuse your brain making you unwell

6. Avoid reading or looking at your phone – concentrating on a device such as a phone or reading a book can worsen the symptoms of travel sickness. Instead try listen to a podcast or listen to music

7. Plan to take plenty of pit stops – allow time to have breaks at service stations so you can get some fresh air, have a walk and drink water

8. Have a nap – if you’re able, try to sleep during long journeys to help reduce effects of travel sickness

9. Drink cold water – keep yourself hydrated with a cool drink to help you feel refreshed

10. Travel sickness tablets – be bring some travel sickness tablets before travelling as these can massively reduce the symptoms of travel sickness.

We want to make sure that you have a great holiday this summer, so make sure you stick to our guide and you should be fine! Browse our range of travel sickness tablets to help tackle the nausea.
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