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Valupak Calcium And Vitamin D3 400mg Tablets are ideal nutritional supplements help aid with bone maintenance as well as helping your immune system functionality.

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    Valupak Vitamins Calcium & Vitamin D3 400mg

    Growing up, kids can be fussy eaters and struggle to get what they need in terms of vitamins and nutrients. This is why they may benefit from taking Valupak Vitamins Calcium & Vitamin D3 400mg. A healthy lifestyle and a varied balanced diet are important. Kid’s bones and brains are never resting! You can trust Valupak Vitamins Calcium & Vitamin D3 400mg to provide your children with vitamins and minerals combined into a great tasting softie. The Department of Health recommends that all children aged 6 months to 5 years are given vitamin supplements containing vitamins A, C and D every day.

    Valupak Vitamins Calcium & Vitamin D3

    Valupak Vitamins Calcium & Vitamin D3 contains essential minerals and vitamins.
    • Vitamin D - Helps to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. Good sources are; Oily fish, red meat, egg yolks, liver.
    • Calcium – Helps build bones and keep teeth healthy. It also regulates muscle contractions and makes sure the blood clots normally. Good food sources include milk, cheese and other dairy foods.
    Vitamin D and Calcium are both in Valupak Vitamins Calcium & Vitamin D3. It’s important for children to get a healthy amount of the above vitamins to guarantee they have all the energy and nutrients they need to develop properly. This is especially the case for Vitamin D and Calcium. A lack of calcium in the diet could lead to a condition called rickets in children, or osteoporosis in later life.

    Valupak Vitamin D3

    Vitamin D is the only vitamin contained in Valupak Vitamin D3 & Calcium. It’s only found in a few foods, such as oily fish and eggs. It can be quite difficult to include in a diet and to get enough from food alone. The main source of Vitamin D is the summer sun, shining on the skin. But it’s important to keep your child’s skin safe in the sun. Remember to cover up and protect their skin before it burns or turns red. Not getting enough Vitamin D can lead to bone deformities such as rickets in children. It’s essential to keep the bones, teeth and muscles healthy. That’s why Valupak Vitamin D3 & Calcium contain 2.5ug of Vitamin D3, which is the equivalent to 50% of the recommended daily intake for this vitamin.

    Valupack Vitamin D3 & Calcium 400mg

    Although Valupack Vitamin D3 & Calcium 400mg Vitamin D and Calcium through supplementation, it’s important to get the majority of nutrients from a healthy diet. Make sure their packed lunch is supplied with:
    • at least 5-a-day
    • a large bottle of fresh water
    • wholegrain carbohydrates options e.g., brown pasta or wholegrain seeded bread
    • a form of protein such as cheese or a meaty sandwich filling
    Some children may have a condition that affects their ability to absorb vitamins and minerals. Valupack Vitamin D3 & Calcium 400mg may be needed alongside a healthy, nutritional diet if this is the case.

    Valupack Calcium

    Valupack Calcium & Vitamin D contain 400 mg of Calcium, which is the equivalent to 50% of the recommended daily intake. Calcium has several important functions. These include:
    • helping build bones and keep teeth healthy
    • regulating muscle contractions, including the heartbeat
    • making sure blood clots normally.
    Along with taking Valupack Calcium & Vitamin D, Calcium can be found in numerous dietary foods such as:
    • Milk, cheese and other dairy foods
    • Green leafy vegetables – such as curly kale, okra but not spinach
    • Soya drinks with added calcium
    • Bread and anything made with fortified flour
    • Fish where you eat the bones – such as sardines and pilchards

    Calcium & Vitamin D3

    Preventing a Calcium & Vitamin D3 deficiency in young children is important, however it’s particularly important to prevent Vitamin D deficiency in children with limited calcium intake. Children that have diagnosed allergies or are fussy eaters are at risk of rickets due to calcium / Vitamin D deficiency. Taking Calcium & Vitamin D3 supplements daily can help prevent this. Calcium & Vitamin D3 also work in tandem together. Vitamin D controls the amount of calcium in the blood and how effectively it is absorbed. So even if your child is effectively getting enough calcium in their diet, it could be a waste if they’re deficient or not getting enough Vitamin D. This is why the NHS recommends taking a supplement to keep levels topped up. Children from the age of 1 year and adults need 10 micrograms of Vitamin D a day. This includes people at risk from Vitamin D deficiency. Babies up to the age of 1 year need 8.5 to 10 micrograms of vitamin D a day.

    Calcium & Vitamin D3 Benefits

    There are additional calcium & vitamin d3 benefits that come with taking these vitamins and minerals over a longer period of time. Although research is still in the early stages, studies in 2019 suggested that calcium may help in the reduction of high blood pressure, and in 2020 another study suggests that calcium has a protective effect against colorectal cancer. Another of the many Calcium & Vitamin D3 benefits includes supporting a healthy pregnancy. Higher vitamin D levels have shown an association with lowering the risk of preeclampsia and premature birth. Most of the health benefits of calcium and vitamin D3 will go unnoticed by the majority of people. Think of them like silent guardians of the body and immune system. Speak to a healthcare professional if you have any questions about the health benefits of calcium and vitamin d3.