Perinal Cutaneous Spray – 30ml


  • Relieves Pain & Itch Caused By Haemorrhoids
  • Active Ingredient: Hydrocortisone and Lidocaine
  • For Short-Term Use
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  • Next Day Delivery Available

Perinal Cutaneous Spray is a treatment to spray on and around your bottom (anus) to relieve painful and itchy symptoms caused, for example, by haemorrhoids (piles)

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    Perinal Cutaneous Spray

    Perinal Cutaneous Spray contains the active ingredients hydrocortisone and lidocaine and is sprayed on and around the back passage to relieve symptoms such as pain, itchiness and irritation caused by problems such as haemorrhoids (piles) and can be used by both adults and children over 14 years of age. The Perinal Cutaneous Spray active ingredients work by:
    • Reducing itching and inflammation
    • Relieving pain and discomfort
    See more information on haemorrhoids here on the NHS website.

    Haemorrhoid Spray

    Perinal Haemorrhoid Spray is usually safe for most people to use but there are a small number of people who should not use it or take extra care while using it. Do not use Perinal Haemorrhoid Spray:
    • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients
    • Anywhere other than the ana region
    • Internally (Inside the anus)
    • On broken or infected skin
    Speak to your doctor before using Perinal Haemorrhoid Spray:
    • You have bleeding or persistent pain from your bottom
    • If your stomach is unusually swollen or bloated
    • If you are losing weight
     Speak to your doctor if your taking:
    • Other local anaesthetics
    • Medicines to treat an uneven heartbeat, such as amiodarone
    • Cimetidine or beta-blockers, which may cause an increase in the blood levels of lidocaine

    Haemorrhoid Cooling Spray

    Perinal Haemorrhoid Cooling Spray side effects can occur but that does not mean everybody will get them, some Perinal Haemorrhoid Cooling Spray side effects include:
    • Local tingling sensation
    • Dizziness
    • Skin thinning
    • Blurred vision
    • Irritation
    A full list of Perinal Haemorrhoid Cooling Spray side effects can be viewed here in the Patient Information Leaflet.

    Treatment For Haemorrhoids

    While using Perinal as a Treatment For Haemorrhoids there are other things you can do at home that will help ease the pain and discomfort, this includes:
    • Drinking lots of fluid and eating fibre to keep your stool soft
    • Taking over the counter painkillers such as Paracetamol
    • Wiping your bottom with damp toilet roll
    • Using an ice pack wrapped in a towel
    • Keeping your anus clean and dry
    • Taking a warm bath
    If you require any further information on any kind of Treatment For Haemorrhoids, please feel free to contact us via the email address below.

    Effective Haemorrhoid Treatment

    You are more than likely suffering from piles and require an Effective Haemorrhoid Treatment like Perinal Cutaneous Spray if you have:
    • Red blood after you poo
    • An itch in or around the anus
    • Feeling like you still need to poo after visiting the toilet
    • Lumps around your anus
    • Pain in or around the anus
    At my pharmacy, we offer a wide Effective Haemorrhoid Treatment range that can be viewed here.

    Hydrocortisone Spray

    Perinal Hydrocortisone Spray and Lidocaine Spray should be stored correctly so that when you come to use it, it is safe to do so. You should store Perinal Hydrocortisone Spray and Lidocaine Spray:
    • Out of the sight and reach of children
    • Replace the cap tightly after use
    • Do not store the product above 25°C
    • Do not use after the expiry date
    Returning an Perinal Hydrocortisone Spray and Lidocaine Spray to your local pharmacy for safe disposal will help protect others and the environment.

    Lidocaine Spray

    Before using this Lidocaine and hydrocortisone containing spray to ease your symptoms you should check the ingredients to make sure you are not sensitive to any of them. Perinal Lidocaine and hydrocortisone spray ingredients:
    • Lidocaine, hydrocortisone macrogol cetostearyl ether (cetomacrogol 1000), citric acid monohydrate, sodium citrate, propyl gallate, phenoxyethanol and purified water
    If you are allergic any of the ingredients, please contact us for advice on an alternative Treatment For Piles.

    Piles Treatment

    How to use Perinal for Piles Treatment in adults and children over 14 years:
    • Part your bottom cheeks if necessary
    • Spray once over the affected area
    • Repeat up to three times a day if you need to
    • Replace the cap after use
    • Always wash your hands after use
    • Stop using the spray after 7 days
     If you require an additional Piles Treatment because using Perinal alone is not helping enough, you should contact your own doctor or nurse practitioner for advice.


    Treatment For Piles

    While Treatment For Piles purchased through our easy to online consultation service are very effective. You should contact your doctor or ring 111 for further advice regarding Treatment For Piles if:
    • You have piles and your temperature is very high, or you feel hot and shivery and generally unwell
    • You have pus leaking from your piles
    In serious cases sometimes Treatment For Piles includes surgery, although the need for surgery is a last resort and the not needed in the majority of people. Surgical Treatments for piles for both internal and External Piles Treatment include:
    • Haemorrhoidectomy where the piles are cut away
    • Stapled Haemorrhoidopexy where they are stapled back inside the anus
    • Haemorrhoidal artery ligation where stitches are used to cut of the blood supply which makes them shrink
    This kind of External Piles Treatment usually requires a general anaesthetic and a short hospital stay of a day or so after the surgery.

    External Piles Treatment

    Whilst External Piles Treatment like Perinal available from other commercial stores like Boots and Asda, most of those will require you to bring in your prescription before you can order the medicine. My Pharmacy offers a free online consultation as well as free shipping on orders over £40 with next delivery options also available. From My Pharmacy you can purchase your prescription treatments online without ever having to leave your home, making it much easier for people to get the vital treatments they need safely and promptly. Unlike Boots and Asda’s External Piles Treatment, My Pharmacy has an expert team of pharmacy professionals available to help via email, online chat and telephone should you have any questions regarding your current prescription or treatment. Our team will also be able to advise on any alternative treatments should the one you’re looking for not be available. As an independent pharmacy, My Pharmacy is able to get the best prices for both generic and brand name treatments. When compared to other retailers such Boots and Asda, My Pharmacy can be as much as 50% cheaper to buy the same products.

    Piles Treatment Spray

    Perinal Piles Treatment Spray alternative treatments are available through my Pharmacy. Some Piles Treatment Spray alternatives that we have to offer include: If you have any questions regarding any other Piles Treatment Spray or if we can assist you with anything else, please feel free to contact us via
  • Side Effects

    Like all medicines, Perinal Cutaneous Spray can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.
    • You may feel a local tingling sensation after initial application. This is normal and only temporary.
    • Rarely, individuals may experience more persistent discomfort and irritation, in which case they may be allergic to the spray’s ingredients and should stop using it.
    • Topical corticosteroids are usually well tolerated when used in the right amount and for the correct length of time. However, prolonged, excessive use, particularly in children, can cause local skin thinning (making the skin damage easily) and adrenal suppression (a type of hormone imbalance that causes generalised effects on the body).
    Stopping treatment normally corrects these side effects.
    • Hydrocortisone can cause blurred vision. The frequency of this is not known. If this happens, stop using this product and tell your doctor.
    • Topical lidocaine is normally well tolerated and the amount in Perinal Cutaneous Spray is very small. However, if you feel dizzy, drowsy or experience difficulty breathing, you should stop using this product and seek medical attention.
    If any of the side effects get serious, or you notice any other side effects not mentioned in this leaflet, stop using this product and tell your doctor or pharmacist.

  • Further Information

    Patient Information Leaflet