Otrivine Sinusitis Nasal Spray 10ml


  • Effective Relief of Sinusitis
  • Active Ingredients:xylometazoline
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Otrivine Sinusitis Nasal Spray helps unblock your nose in 2 minutes, and lasts for up to 10 hours Offers relief from: nasal congestion (blocked nose, including colds), perennial and allergic rhinitis and sinusitis.

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Product Description

What Otrivine Sinusitis Nasal Spray Is And What It Is Used For

Otrivine Sinusitis Nasal Spray is for application in the nose to give relief from:

• nasal congestion (blocked nose, including colds)

• perennial and allergic rhinitis (recurring inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes, including hay fever)

• sinusitis.

Before You Use Otrivine Sinusitis Nasal Spray

DO NOT use the spray if you:

• are allergic to xylometazoline hydrochloride or any of the other ingredients in the spray

• have had recent neurosurgery.

Do not use this spray for children under 12 years old.

Take special care Before using the spray tell your doctor if you:

• have an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism)

• have glaucoma

• have diabetes mellitus

• have heart or circulatory disease

• are pregnant or breast-feeding.

• have hypertension

Do not take decongestants for more than 7 days in a row. Using other medicines Please tell your doctor or pharmacist before using this product if you are taking or have recently taken any medicines (especially monoamine oxidase inhibitors or other antidepressants) including those obtained without a prescription.

Pregnancy or breast-feeding If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, consult your doctor before using Otrivine. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking any medicine

How To Use Otrivine Sinusitis Nasal Spray

1. Clear your nose.

2. Lean forward slightly and insert the nozzle into a nostril

3. Depress pump and sniff at the same time.

4. Repeat for the other nostril.

To avoid possible spread of infection, this pack should only be used by one person. For reasons of hygiene do not use this bottle for more than 28 days after opening it.



The active ingredient is xylometazoline hydrochloride (0.1% w/v). The other ingredients are Benzalkonium chloride, sodium phosphate, disodium edetate, sodium acid phosphate, sodium chloride, sorbitol, hypromellose and purified water.


see more Information on Sinusitis and other Cough and Cold Treatments

Side Effects

Like all medicines, Otrivine Adult Measured Dose
Sinusitis Spray can cause side effects, although not
everybody gets them. Local discomfort may be felt
after applying the spray if you have sensitive nasal
Occasionally the following side effects have been
• A burning sensation in the nose and throat
• local irritation
• nausea
• headache
• dryness of the nasal membranes
• temporary and passing visual disturbances
• allergic reactions.
Cardiovascular effects, for example, palpitations
may also occur especially if you have heart
If any of the side effects gets serious, or if you
notice any side effects not listed in this leaflet,
please tell your doctor or pharmacist.

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