Nytol Original 25mg Tablets – 20 Tablets


  • Helps you get back into your normal sleep rythm
  • Taken 20 minutes before bed
  • Active ingredient: Diphenhydramine

Nytol Original is a specially formulated remedy for short-term sleeplessness and stress. It has been shown to help sufferers of insomnia fall asleep faster.

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  • What is Nytol Original?

    Nytol Original 25mg and Nytol One-A-Night, are both clinically proven night-time sleep aids. The two products don’t differ in dosage, just the number of tablets you take. 2 for Nytol Original. 1 for Nytol One-A-Night. Simple. They both provide temporary relief for sleeplessness by using a common antihistamine as a sedative to help you drift off quickly, sleep soundly and wake up refreshed.

    Why should I choose Nytol Original?

    If you’re a bit tired of sleepless nights and looking for a temporary solution that helps you get to sleep, then Nytol Original 25mg could be right for you.

    How does Nytol Original work?

    Let’s get a little sciencey for a second. Nytol Original contains a commonly used antihistamine called diphenhydramine hydrochloride (trust us it’s easier to use than to say!) It works by blocking the normal actions of histamine, the chemical that stimulates arousal-promoting areas of the brain. This helps reduce alertness and promote that first drowsy stage of sleep, helping you to then drift off into a restful, deeper sleep.