Lift Glucose Chewable Tablets (50)


  • Fast Acting Energy Boost
  • Suitable For Vegetarians
  • Gluten Free
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Lift Glucose Tablets are used to give you a fast acting boost of energy, which is ideal if you are going to partake in exercise that lasts for longer than 30 minutes.

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    Lift Glucose Chewable Tablets

    Lift Glucose Chewable Tablets contain glucose to give you that fast-acting boost when your body needs it most. Lift can help you get the most out of training, unlocking that extra 5% in a big race or match – or give you enough to get you to the gym. Lift Glucose Chewable Tablets Key Benefits:
    • Fast-acting impact
    • Tough, resealable & water resistant packaging
    • Measured dosage and low calorie
    Each tube of Lift Glucose Chewable Tablets contains 10 fast acting natural glucose tablets which are caffeine, gluten & fat free. Lift tabs are free from any artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners and also suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. It is recommended that 1-3 Lift Glucose Tablets should be consumed 10-15 minutes prior to any high energy activity e.g. running or gym sessions, that will last 30 minutes or longer. For diabetics, Life can be used to help manage blood sugar level.

    Lift Glucose Chewable Tablets (50)

    Frequently Asked Questions
    • What is the main ingredient in Lift Glucose Chewable Tablets (50)?
      • Lift Tabs contain 3.7 grams of carbohydrates, mainly in the form of dextrose (glucose).
    • Where does the Maltodextrin come from?
      • Maize corn (annual cereal grass)
    • Have Lift Glucose Chewable Tablets (50) or juice been tested on animals?
      • No, neither Lift Tabs nor Lift Juice have ever been tested on animals.
    • What is the shelf life on Lift Tabs?
      • A best-before-end date is printed on each individual tube. The tube of 10 and tubs of 50 are typically 3 years. The individually wrapped tabs are 2 years.
    • Are Lift Glucose Chewable Tablets (50) tubes and lids recyclable?
      • Lift 10 count tube and lids are not currently recyclable in the UK. The 50 count tube are recyclable though. The tubes are made of polypropylene and the lids of polyethylene.
    • What is the source of the hydrogenated vegetable fat?
      • Palm kernel oil from sustainable sources
    • Has the formulation changed from GlucoTabs & GlucoJuice?
      • No the formulation of the product has not changed. Only the name of the product and the artwork has changed. The actual product inside is the same as GlucoTabs & GlucoJuice.
    • Should I test my blood glucose before eating Lift Tabs if I am diabetic?
      • If you have diabetes it is always best to check your blood glucose before eating Lift Tabs to confirm that your blood glucose is low and that you need extra carbohydrates.
    • Has GlucoGel also been re-branded to Lift?
      • No GlucoGel remains unchanged.

    Lift Glucose Tablets

    Lift Glucose Tablets contain the body’s preferred source of sugar – glucose. This gives the body what it needs. Helping it reach its potential and get the most out of the day:
    • Sports performance
    • Long days
    • Late nights
    • Blood glucose management
    To use Lift Glucose Tablets to their full potential, chew 1-3 Lift Tabs when you need a tasty burst of fast-acting glucose. Glucose tablets are taken orally by chewing thoroughly before swallowing. Take 3 or more Lift Tabs to initially increase low blood sugar. Sports enthusiasts are recommended to take 2 tablets 10-15 minutes prior to participating in high endurance activity lasting from 30 minutes or longer, continue as required for every 30 minutes. Lift Glucose Tablets should be stored in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.

    Glucose Chews

    A low blood sugar level is also known as something called hypoglycaemia. This is when the level of sugar in the blood drops too low and causes symptoms. People with diabetes will often experience this, especially if they are taking insulin. If it isn’t treated quickly, say with some Glucose Chews, a low blood sugar level can be extremely dangerous. Early signs you may need to take some Glucose Chews include:
    • Sweating
    • Feeling tired
    • Dizziness
    • Feeling hungry
    • Tingling lips
    • Feeling shaky or trembling
    • A fast or pounding heartbeat
    • Becoming easily irritated, tearful, anxious or moody
    • Turning pale

    Glucose Tablets

    Due to insulin and other diabetes related medication, people with diabetes may experience episode of hypoglycaemia as a side effect. Someone who is newly diagnosed with diabetes may experience moderate symptoms of low blood sugar due to their body adjusting to prescribed treatment. Fast acting glucose tablets can help those with diabetes raise their blood sugar quickly when it drops dangerously low. The glucose in glucose tablets is often easily absorbed by the body due to its simple molecular formula. It’s recommended that you use glucose tablets over eating other foods, due to how quickly it can be absorbed and relieve symptoms. The glucose tablets created by Lift contain the same, biochemically identical glucose produce in the human body, making them as natural as you can get.

    Lift Energy Tablets

    As recommended by, to treat low blood sugar you should consume 15 grams of glucose every 15 minutes until your blood sugar level rises above 4mmol/L. This is what is known as the 15 minute rule. Lift Energy Tablets make it easier to stay on top of this by making it easy to administer treatment, providing quick-release glucose in carefully measured quantities. Some glucose tablets like Lift Energy Tablets are available in tough, water-resistant, resealable on-the-go packs, allowing you to travel around without ever having to worry about a quick onset of symptoms.

    Glucose Tablets For Diabetics

    Glucose tablets for diabetics are supposed to be taken when someone is experiencing low blood sugar symptoms. Once they’ve been taken it is recommended that levels are checked 10 to 15 minutes after ingesting, making sure levels are rising and are back to a safe enough range. Other gels and glucose tablets for diabetics usually relieve symptoms within a 10 minute period. Gel may be recommended if levels are dropping fast due to it not needing to be chewed. Glucose tablets for diabetics are not meant for emergency hypoglycaemia. Emergency treatment would be something like a glucagon emergency kit or Baqsimi nasal spray.

    Do Glucose Tablets Lift Brain Fog

    A common question we often see online is “Do Glucose Tablets lift Brain Fog?” Brain fog isn’t an official medical term. It’s a term used for certain symptoms that can affect your ability to think. The feeling of being disorganized, confused or finding it hard to focus are all associated with brain fog. One of the reasons people with diabetes experience this “brain fog” is due to blood vessel damage. Blood sugar with highs and lows can create problems with blood circulation. If blood is restricted from getting to the brain, it begins to starve. This causes the brain to not function to its best ability, causing symptoms of brain fog to appear. In theory, keeping your blood sugar levels optimal with glucose tablets and other forms of medication should alleviate any “brain fog” symptoms. If you have any questions relating to “Do Glucose Tablets lift brain fog?” please speak to a doctor or pharmacist.

    How Long Do Glucose Tablets Take To Work?

    Another common question we often see online is “How long do glucose tablets take to work?” Glucose tablets such as Lift come in precise doses, with the standard recommended amount of glucose to rate low blood sugar being around 15 grams. It will typically take 15 minutes before you see any difference in blood sugar levels. If you notice that your levels haven’t increased within those 15 minutes, repeat the process of taking glucose tablets in line with the instructions on the packaging or from your doctor. If you have any more questions relating to “How long do glucose tablets take to work?” please speak to your doctor.

    Lift Fast Acting Glucose Chews

    It is also possible for those who don’t have diabetes to experience symptoms of hypoglycaemia. This usually occurs when someone hasn’t eaten for an extended period of time, have other underlying health issues or have been active without eating. Lift Fast Acting Glucose Chews can help in this regard but they should never be taken instead of a healthy and balanced diet. Regularly experiencing symptoms of low blood sugar is a cause for concern. Contact a doctor immediately if you experience them often. A doctor will be able to carry out comprehensive tests to find out the root cause. Lift Fast Acting Glucose Chews are available to purchase over-the-counter from a variety of different retail and pharmacy stores.

    Lift Glucose Chews Reviews

    You can view Lift Glucose Chews Reviews and reviews left by customers who have used our website and service via the product page. To view more Lift Glucose Chews Reviews and overall service reviews, click here to view our trustpilot page. Our team will also be able to advise on any alternative treatments should any Lift Glucose Chews Reviews cause you to look for an alternative.