Dioralyte Relief – Blackcurrant (20 Sachets)


  • Treatment of diarrhoea and rapid rehydration
  • Returns watery stools to normal
  • Sugar-free oral therapy

Fast and effective rehydration treatment to help replace the loss of fluid and electrolytes (minerals and salts) lost when you have diarrhoea. Clinically proven to help reduce your diarrhoea thanks to the rice powder and has a gentler effect on diarrhoea than Demoralize containing Loperamide, which can stop diarrhoea in just one dose.

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  • What Dioralyte Relief is and what it is used for

    The name of this medicine is Dioralyte Relief Blackcurrant Sachets. Dioralyte Relief works by replacing the water and salts lost from your body when you have diarrhoea. It helps the watery stools return to normal. It contains pre-cooked rice powder and salts (these are sodium citrate, soidum chloride and potassium chloride). The powder is mixed with water before taking.