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  • Active Ingredient: Clotrimazole
  • Treatment For Vaginal Thrush
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Canesten 500mg Pessary is a full course of treatment for vaginal thrush (candidiasis). It is inserted into the vagina for treatment at the site of infection.

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    Canesten Pessary

    Canesten Pessary is used to treat candida vaginitis. Candidiasis is an infection caused by yeast called candida. Candida usually lives in the body in places like the throat, gut, mouth and vagina. Sometimes candida can multiply and cause infection which can be treated by using a Canesten Pessary. Here are some symptoms of candidiasis and what may cause you to use Canesten Pessary: -
    • Vaginal itching or soreness
    • Pain during sexual intercourse
    • Pain or discomfort when urinating
    • Abnormal vaginal discharge

    Canesten Thrush Pessary

    Canesten Thrush Pessary contains the ingredient clotrimazole. Clotrimazole is an antifungal agent, which means that the Canesten Thrush Pessary combats the yeast and fungus which causes the infection. Canesten Thrush Pessary usually treats thrush within 7 days but it's best to treat the infection for at least 2 weeks to stop it coming back.

    Canesten Gel Pessary

    Each Canesten Gel Pessary comes in a foil blister pack, together with an applicator to help you insert it.
    1. Wash your hands before you start.
    2. Remove the applicator from the packet.
    3. Pull the plunger (the thinner end of the applicator) out as far as it will go.
    4. Take the pessary out of the blister pack.
    5. Gently squeeze the holder (the wider end of the applicator) to open it.
    6. Push the Canesten Gel Pessary into the application following the instructions that come in the medicine packet.
    7. Lie on your back, bend your knees then let your knees fall to each side.
    8. Gently put the applicator into your vagina and push it in as far as you can comfortably.
    9. Holding the applicator in place, slowly press the plunger in until it stops moving.
    10. Remove the applicator.
    11. Throw the applicator away safely, out of the reach of children. Do not flush it down the toilet.
    12. Wash your hands thoroughly when you've finished.
    If you have any questions regarding how to use Canesten Gel Pessary’s then please do not hesitate to contact us here at My Pharmacy or alternatively speak with a healthcare professional.

    Canesten Pessary And Cream

    Canesten Pessary And Cream is a combined treatment for thrush in women. The Canesten Pessary And Cream work together on both external and internal symptoms to relieve thrush. A lot of women prefer to use the Canesten Pessary and Cream for a quicker relief of the symptoms they suffer with from thrush. If you have any questions about Canesten Pessary and cream, please contact us here at My Pharmacy. Click here to find this product on our website.

    Canesten Pessary Discharge

    Canesten Pessary Discharge is normal. It is not uncommon for you to notice parts of the dissolved Canesten pessary Discharge coming out of your vagina over the next few days following starting the treatment, this is normal and does not mean the treatment is not working. You may wish to wear a panty liner during this period as this can leave a white chalky Canesten Pessary discharge.

    Canesten Pessary Side Effects

    Here are a couple of the possible Canesten Pessary Side Effects that some people may experience but not all will: -
    • Canesten Pessary Side Effects may cause Vaginal irritation, for example burning, stinging, itching, redness, rash, blistering or peeling. Consult your doctor if you have a severe reaction to the pessary.
    • You may experience some pelvic or abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding after using the Canesten Pessary Side Effects.

    Canesten Pessary Not Dissolving

    If the Canesten Pessary Not Dissolving this could mean that you suffer from vaginal dryness. If the Canesten Pessary Not Dissolving, pieces of the pessary may crumble and fall out of the vagina. To help the pessary dissolve, insert it as far as possible into your vagina at bedtime this can prevent the Canesten Pessary Not Dissolving.

    Canesten Pessary Not In High Enough

    If it is felt that the Canesten Pessary Not In High Enough don’t worry. If the Canesten Pessary Not In High Enough does not feel comfortable, use your index finger to gently push it in a little farther. You can't hurt yourself or the pessary doing this. The rim of your pessary should sit just under the pubic bone at the front of your vagina.

    Still Itchy After Using Canesten Pessary

    If you are still Itchy After Using Canesten Pessary after 7 days of treatment or have experienced 2 or more episodes of vaginal thrush within 6 months you should speak to your doctor for further advice, you will need to speak with a GP. If you leave the issue of being Still Itchy After Using Canesten Pessary vaginal candidiasis will get worse in most cases, causing redness, itching, and inflammation in the area surrounding your vagina. This may lead to a skin infection if the red and inflamed areas become cracked, or if scratching creates open wounds. Please speak with a GP if you are Still Itchy After Using Canesten Pessary.

    How Long Does Canesten Pessary Take To Work?

    A commonly asked question is “How Long Does Canesten Pessary Take To Work?” Canesten pessaries are available in different strengths. The pessaries that come in the two lower strengths 100mg and 200mg need to be inserted into the vagina for at least 3 days. The 500mg pessary does only need to be inserted once. Some people who are asking “How Long Does Canesten Pessary Take To Work?” will notice relief from the symptoms of vaginal thrush after a single application as the pessary will work directly at the site of infection. After 3-7 days you should notice that your symptoms have become unnoticeable as the infection clears.

    How Do I Know If Canesten Pessary Is Working?

    Another commonly asked question is “How Do I Know If Canesten Pessary Is Working?” The pessary is going to work within 3 days of using the pessaries if they are going to treat an infection. If you find that you are asking “How Do I Know If Canesten Pessary Is Working?” and don’t feel like it is working to its full potential, speak with a GP.

    Can I Take Canesten Oral And Pessary Together?

    If you find yourself asking “Can I Take Canesten Oral And Pessary Together?” the answer is no. If you look on our website here, you can find all the Canesten treatments we sell, although the combination treatments are all one internal treatment and one external.

    Can I Pee After Inserting Canesten Pessary?

    A question we often see online is “Can I Pee After Inserting Canesten Pessary?”. The answer is Canesten Pessary’s do not stop you from weeing, so you can wee after inserting the pessary. Although, if you are asking “Can I Pee After Inserting Canesten Pessary?” you cannot pee immediately after inserting the pessary. Although the urethra is outside or front of the vagina, some of the urine will go inside the vagina. This can dissolve the Canesten pessary and make it too watery. The drug can start to melt too fast and leak out.