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Stay safe in the bedroom with My Pharmacy’s selection of contraceptive pill prescription medicines. There are two categories you can choose from, the combined pill or the mini-pill. Place your contraceptive pill prescription online order with My Pharmacy and receive your medicine securely and discreetly.

Combined pills are what people called ‘the pill’ and contain artificial versions of female hormones oestrogen and progesterone. Whilst the mini-pill, otherwise known as the progestogen-only pill, only contains one hormone, progestogen. Both categories are typically available via a contraceptive pill prescription NHS from your doctor.

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    • Combined Pill

      Combined Pill (32)

      [mph_cat_forms gform_id="177"] The combined pill is a form of oral contraceptive that contains both estrogen and progestin hormones. Widely used for birth control, the combined pill can also offer benefits like regulating menstrual cycles, reducing menstrual cramps, and managing certain hormone conditions.
    • Mini Pill

      Mini Pill (6)

      [mph_cat_forms gform_id="193"] The mini pill is a type of oral contraceptive that contains only progestin, without the estrogen found in combined pills. The mini pill is often chosen by women who are breastfeeding or those who cannot take estrogen for medical reasons.