Fungal infections can be extremely unpleasant to live with, especially in intimate areas. My Pharmacy offers nail anti fungal treatment on prescription called Amorolfine, as well as the branded version called Loceryl.

You can also purchase anti fungal cream without prescription which is used to treat fungal skin infections, such as Clotrimazole Cream.

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    • Amorolfine Nail Lacquer 5% Loceryl Medicated Containing

      Amorolfine 5% Nail Lacquer

      • Effective Nail Fungal Treatment
      • Active Ingredient: Amorolfine
      • Next Day Delivery Available At Checkout

      AMOROLFINE 5% nail lacquer is used to treat fungal infections affecting fingernails and toenails.
      It is the generic equivalent to Loceryl or Curanail. It is clinically proven to clear up to 85% of fungal fingernail infections and 75% of toenail infections within six months.

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    • Buy Loceryl Nail Lacquer UK Online Curanail 5ml Fungal

      Loceryl 5% Nail Lacquer 5ml

      • Effective Antifungal Nail Treatment
      • Active Ingredient: Amorolfine Aydrochloride
      • Generic Version Of Curanail

      A weekly application of Loceryl Nail Lacqeur clears fingernail infections after around 6 months and toenail infections in 9 to 12 months, providing relief from discomfort and resulting in healthy nails.

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    • Buy Trosyl Nail Solution Online UK Next Day Delivery

      Trosyl 283mg Nail Solution – 12ml

      • Effective Nail Fungal Treatment
      • Active Ingredient: Tioconazole
      • Next Day Delivery Available At Checkout

      Trosyl nail solution is a topical treatment for fungal nail infections. The solution is applied directly on the nail to kill the fungal cells and treat the infection.

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