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Viewing Coughs and Colds Through the Eyes of a Child

Our latest video was made by children to help adults understand what they can do for us when we have coughs and colds during the winter months.

Did you know that most children are affected by colds, coughs, and other winter nasties every year? So, this is common and nothing to be worried about. In fact, having some colds and coughs are probably good for us as they help us build up our immune system!

But if you do want your children to avoid having colds and coughs, then it is probably simpler not to catch them in the first place! So here are some tips on how to avoid getting them:

1. Get your child to eat a well-balanced diet including food which contains lots of vitamin C. Like oranges and lemons (yuck!)

2. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep. When children are well-rested, their bodies are more able to fend off any nasty germs.

3. Give them plenty of exercise. Try and get them out and about when you are exercising. Remember being cold does not mean that they are more likely to catch a cold. In fact, they are more likely to catch a cold if you stay inside more!

If that fails and the little blighters come home with a sniffly nose or keep you up all night with a cough, then:

1. Soak them in a bath. The hot water will act as a decongestant and may also sooth a tickly cough. Add some bubble bath for extra fun. You will know when your child is done and ready to be taken out when they look like a dried old prune!

2. Have a movie morning, afternoon, evening, or even day! Or reading stories works just as well… but is more labour intensive! Wrap them up in soft blankets in front of a warm fire. The distraction and comfort combined will work wonders.

3. Give your child lots of hugs and cuddles. Yes, you will catch the cold…but you would have got it eventually anyway…. and let’s face it you have to give kisses and cuddles… it was in the job description, and no one said anything about time off for good behaviour!

Once you have done all the above (and we mean all!) you can do some of these things too:

1. Give your child some paracetamol or ibuprofen if they have a temperature. Paracetamol now comes in yummy flavours and in easy to swallow liquid for children. The stuff is magic, but not the plain white variety. It tastes like underpants …. awful!

2. If your child has a cough then try a cough syrup for children – I like the strawberry flavoured one!

3. You can also try rubbing some oil or linctus on their back or chest. This is brilliant at night time just before bed. Makes the whole bed smell nice and minty!

So now you know what to do when your child gets a cough or cold…. But if you would like any more advice or tips then please get in touch!

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