Warticon Cream 0.15% – 5g


  • Treats genital warts
  • Applies directly to the warts
  • Contains the active ingredient Podophyllotoxin

Warticon is a topical cream used to treat genital warts. The cream is applied directly to the warts and helps to stop them from growing and spreading.

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  • Warticon Cream

    What Warticon Cream is and what it is used for

    Warticon Cream contains a medicine called podophyllotoxin. This is a plant extract which belongs to a group of medicines called ‘antivirals’. Warticon Cream is used to treat genital warts. It is used for warts on the penis in men or external warts on the vagina in women.

    What you need to know before you user Warticon Cream

    Do not use Warticon Cream if:
    • You are allergic to podophyllotoxin or any of the other ingredients of Warticon Cream
    • Your warts are on areas of broken/damaged or bleeding skin
    • You are already using another medicine containing podophyllotoxin

    Warnings and precautions

    Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before using this medicine if:
    • Your warts cover an area bigger than 4 centimetres (approximately the size of a postage stamp). You may need to have this medicine applied by a nurse/doctor in a clinic.
    Warticon Cream is only to be used on the affected skin. Do not take Warticon Cream by mouth. Do not apply Warticon Cream to warts on the inside of the penis, vagina or rectum. Warticon Cream should only be applied to warts on the outside skin. Avoid applying Warticon Cream to healthy skin surrounding the wart. Avoid getting Warticon Cream in your eyes as it may cause irritation. If you accidently get Warticon Cream in your eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and see a doctor. Do not put a dressing overt the top of the area treated with Warticon Cream.  

    How to use Warticon Cream

    Always use Warticon Cream exactly as your doctor has told you. Check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure. Using Warticon Cream
    • Apply Warticon Cream twice a day, in the morning and evening (every 12 hours) for 3 days.
    • Do not apply any cream for the next 4 days. This completes one treatment course.
    • When you apply Warticon cream, after two or three days you may notice a mild irritation of the areas treated. This shows that Warticon Cream is starting to work. However, Warticon Cream can cause severe skin reactions. If this occurs, stop using Warticon Cream and seek medical attention.
    • If you still have any warts remaining 7 days after you started using the cream, repeat the treatment course (twice a day for 3 days followed by 4 days where you do not use the cream).
    • A maximum of 4 treatment courses may be applied.
    • If any warts remain after 4 treatment courses consult your doctor.
    How to apply Warticon Cream
    1. Wash the affected areas with soap and water. Dry the area gently with a clean towel.
    2. Using a fingertip, apply Warticon Cream to cover each wart. Use only enough cream to cover each wart.
    3. Rub the cream into the wart. Be careful not to get the cream onto healthy skin. If this happens, wash the cream off with soap and water.
    4. Wash your hands thoroughly.
    5. Make sure you have screwed the lid back on tightly.
    If you get Warticon Cream in your eyes or if you swallow it
    • If you get Warticon Cream in your eye, rinse the eye thoroughly with water and talk to your doctor.
    • If you accidently get Warticon Cream in your mouth, rinse at once with water.
    • If you accidently swallow some of the cream see your doctor or go to hospital straight away. Take the tube of cream with you so that the doctor knows what you have swallowed.

    Possible side effects

    Like all medicines, Warticon Cream can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. If you experience any of the following serious side effects, stop using Warticon Cream and seek medical attention:
    • Severe burning, stinging pain, bleeding, itching or swelling of the treated skin. If these symptoms occur, wash Warticon Cream from your skin with soap and water immediately.
    Very common side effects
    • Wearing away of the top layers of skin, application site irritation including redness, itching, burning sensation.
    Other side effects with frequencies that cannot be estimated from the available data include:
    • Allergic reaction, pain, swelling, bleeding
    • Damage to or loss of the top layer of skin, weeping wound
    • Skin ulcer, scab, skin discolouration, dry skin, blister.
    These effects can occur on the area of skin where you use the cream.