Viscotears Tri Action Eye Drops – 10ml


  • Trehalose 2%, Sodium Hyaluronate 0.25%, Sacha Inchi Seed Oil 0.1% & Glycerol
  • For moderate to severe or lipid-deficient dry eye
  • Contact lense friendly
  • Preservative free

Viscotears Tri Action is a lipid, microemulsion eye drop for the treatment and prevention of symptoms of moderate to severe dry eye, especially for those who require lipid supplementation. Viscotears Tri Action has been designed to counteract all major factors contributing to dry eye.

The combination of 2% trehalose, 0.2 % sodium hyaluronate (HA), 0.1% sacha inchi seed oil and glycerol supports all three layers of the tear film1 targeting tear film instability, hyperosmolarity and cell damage and inflammation on the ocular surface.

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  • Who can use Viscotears Tri Action?

    Viscotears Tri Action is a lipid microemulsion eye drop for the treatment and prevention of signs and symptoms of moderate or severe dry eye, especially where lipid supplementation is required. Tear film instability can lead to excessive evaporation of the tear film which, in turn, leads to hyper osmolarity of the tear film (where the tear film becomes too salty). Tear film instability and hyper osmolarity can induce ocular surface inflammation and damage. Viscotears Tri Action has been designed to counteract all major factors that contribute to dry eye.

    How does Viscotears Tri Action soothe dry eyes?

    HA, trehalose and glycerol bind water in the tear film. The mildly hypotonic solution brings tear film osmolarity to a safe level allowing the ocular surface to recover from damage. Trehalose protects corneal cells from dehydration and apoptosis. Trehalose also helps restore osmotic balance to the ocular surface, as well as prevents denaturation of cell membrane lipid bilayers and proteins to maintain the homeostasis of corneal cells.

    Sacha inchi seed oil in a novel, emulsion formulation

    Sacha inchi seed oil strengthens the tear film’s lipid layer to prevent evaporation and hyperosmolarity. The combination of the oil and HA provides extended retention and stabilisation of the tear film’s lipid and muco-aqueous layers. Sacha inchi microemulsion (SIME) has been proven efficacious in improving each aetiological factor for dry eye.2 Together, HA, trehalose and natural antioxidants of sacha inchi seed oil assist ocular cells in recovery from inflammatory damage.

    Why choose preservative-free drops?

    Chronic exposure to preservatives can induce toxicity and adverse changes to the ocular surface. Viscotears Tri Action is preservative free thanks to the Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser (OSD) closure system, which maintains the microbiological, chemical and physical characteristics of the product. A unidirectional valve in the OSD allows multidose bottles to be free of preservatives, whereas before OSDs, only unit dose vials were unpreserved. However, unit dose vials are more expensive than OSDs and may be more difficult to use for some patients. The lack of preservatives has benefits such as:
    • The adverse effects of preservatives can be avoided
    • Increased antioxidant content in tears of patients with dry eyes

    One bottle lasts for weeks

    Each Viscotears Tri Action 10 ml bottle of Viscotears Tri Action has approximately 200 drops. If used in both eyes three times a day, the bottle lasts for almost 5 weeks. Viscotears Tri Action eye drops should be used 3–4 times a day applying 1 drop into each eye. One bottle can be used for up to 6 months from the date of first opening, potentially reducing waste and costs.
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