Viscotears Treha Duo Eye Drops – 10ml


  • Trehalose 2% & Sodium Hyaluronate 0.25%
  • For moderate to severe dry eye
  • Contact lense friendly
  • Preservative free

Viscotears Treha Duo hydrates, lubricates and lowers tear film osmolarity helping the ocular surface recover from damage. Viscotears Treha Duo contains a combination of 2% trehalose and 0.25 % sodium hyaluronate, which provides hydration, lubrication and stabilisation of the tear film, protecting the eye from drying and cell damage.

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  • Who can use Viscotears Treha Duo?

    Viscotears Treha Duo is an intensive moisturising eye drop intended to relieve moderate and severe dry eye symptoms. It contains trehalose and sodium hyaluronate. The combined action of trehalose and sodium hyaluronate provides hydration, lubrication and stabilisation of the tear film, protecting the eye from drying and cell damage. Viscotears Treha Duo lowers tear film osmolarity, helping the ocular surface recover from damage and redness. Regular use relieves dry eye symptoms such as itching, burning and foreign body sensation caused by environmental factors such as dry air, wind, smoke, air pollution, excessive light, visual display work, ocular surgery or contact lens use. This sterile, preservative free eye drop is suitable for those with sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers and is appropriate for long-term and frequent use.

    How does trehalose soothe dry eyes?

    Trehalose is a naturally occurring disaccharide, which has high water retention capabilities. Trehalose protects corneal cells from dehydration and apoptosis. Trehalose also helps restore osmotic balance to the ocular surface, as well as prevents denaturation of cell membrane lipid bilayers and proteins to maintain the homeostasis of corneal cells. Trehalose together with HA utilises the lubricant properties of HA and bioprotectant properties of trehalose.

    Why choose preservative-free drops?

    Chronic exposure to preservatives can induce toxicity and adverse changes to the ocular surface.2 Viscotears Treha Duo is preservative free. A unidirectional valve in the OSD allows multidose bottles to be free of preservatives, whereas before the use of OSDs, only unit dose vials were unpreserved. However, unit dose vials are more expensive than OSDs and may be more difficult to use for some patients. The lack of preservatives has benefits such as:
    • The adverse effects of preservatives can be avoided
    • Increased antioxidant content in tears of patients with dry eyes

    One bottle lasts for weeks

    Each Viscotears Treha Duo 10 ml bottle of Viscotears Treha Duo has approximately 200 drops. If used in both eyes twice a day, the bottle lasts for 7 weeks. Viscotears Treha Duo eye drops should be used 1–3 times a day as needed applying 1–2 drops into each eye. One bottle can be used for up to 6 months from the date of first opening, potentially reducing waste and costs.