Viscotears HA Eye Drops – 10ml


  • Sodium hyaluronate 0.1%
  • For mild to moderate dry eye
  • Contact lense compatible
  • Preservative free

Viscotears HA moisturises and lubricates decreasing the symptoms of mild to moderate dry eye such as redness, burning, irritation and foreign-body sensation. Viscotears HA contains 0.1% sodium hyaluronate (HA), which creates a protective, transparent viscoelastic film on the surface of the eye.

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  • Who can use Viscotears HA?

    Viscotears HA is suitable for the treatment of mild or moderate dry eyes caused or linked for example to contact lens wear, certain medical conditions or treatments, use of computer and device screens and environmental factors such as air-conditioning, central heating or pollution.

    How does HA soothe dry eyes?

    Sodium hyaluronate, also called hyaluronic acid or HA, is a naturally occurring molecule in humans. HA can bind to ocular surface cells to increase viscosity and enhance lubrication. A growing number of clinical studies have demonstrated HA’s good tolerability and the ability to improve dry eye symptoms.

    Why choose preservative-free drops?

    Chronic exposure to preservatives can induce toxicity and adverse changes to the ocular surface. Viscotears HA is preservative free thanks to the Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser (OSD) closure system, which maintains the microbiological, chemical and physical characteristics of the product. A unidirectional valve in the OSD allows multidose bottles to be free of preservatives, whereas before OSDs, only unit dose vials were unpreserved. However, unit dose vials are more expensive than OSDs and may be more difficult to use for some patients. The lack of preservatives has benefits such as:
    • The adverse effects of preservatives can be avoided
    • Increased antioxidant content in tears of patients with dry eyes

    One bottle lasts for weeks

    Each Viscotears HA 10 ml bottle has approximately 200 drops. If used in both eyes twice a day, the bottle lasts for 7 weeks. Viscotears HA eye drops should be used 1-2 drops, 2-3 times a day or as often as necessary. One bottle can be used for up to 6 months from the date of first opening, potentially reducing waste and costs.