Virasoothe Spray Gel 60ml


  • Chickenpox relief cooling spray gel
  • Cools & helps relieve itching
  • Supports natural healing
  • Helps reduce scarring
  • From 6 months

Virasoothe Spray Gel is available for the symptomatic relief of chickenpox. It is suitable for use in children from six months and can be applied to the affected areas on the face and body, two or three times daily, or whenever relief is required.

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  • Virasoothe Spray Gel


    Understanding Chickenpox and Its Symptoms

    Chickenpox, predominantly a childhood illness, is caused by the varicella-zoster virus. It manifests as an itchy rash with red spots and fluid-filled blisters, commonly accompanied by fever, body aches, and a general feeling of being unwell. Understanding these symptoms is crucial in early detection and effective management. Learn more about chickenpox symptoms in this informative NHS article.  

    Why Choose Virasoothe Spray Gel?

    Virasoothe Spray Gel is a revolutionary product designed to provide rapid relief from chickenpox symptoms. Its unique formula cools and soothes irritated skin, significantly reducing the itch-scratch cycle that can lead to scarring. Suitable for children over six months and adults alike, it’s an essential item in your chickenpox care kit.  

    Application and Usage Guidelines

    Using Virasoothe Spray Gel is straightforward. Ensure hands are clean before application, hold the bottle about 10cm from the skin, and spray. For facial application, spray onto hands and gently apply to avoid eye contact. Use two to three times daily or as needed for relief.  

    Caring for Your Child During Chickenpox

    When your child has chickenpox, comfort is key. Keep the hydrated, dress them in light clothing, and use Virasoothe Spray Gel to alleviate itching. It’s important to keep their nails trimmed and to inform their school or nursery about the diagnosis to prevent further spread. Remember, while Virasoothe provides symptomatic relief, it’s not a cure for the virus itself.  

    Virasoothe for Adults: A Comprehensive Approach

    Adults can also contract chickenpox, often experiencing more severe symptoms. Stay off work until recovery and use Virasoothe Spray Gel alongside remedies like calamine lotion for comfort. If symptoms worsen, seek medical advice promptly. Adults may benefit from antiviral medications in addition to topical treatments.  

    Additional Tips and Home Remedies

    If Virasoothe Spray Gel is unavailable, other home remedies can help. Cool baths with baking soda or colloidal oatmeal provide relief. Always keep fingernails short to minimize scratching and the risk of infection.  

    Virasoothe Gel or Spray: Making the Right Choice

    Choosing between Virasoothe Gel or Spray depends on preferences, ease of application and the age of the person with chickenpox. Here’s a detailed comparison to guide you in making an informed decision:
    • Ease of application
      • Spray: Offers a touch-free application, which is less irritating for sore and sensitive skin. The spray mechanism allows for quick and even coverage, ideal for treating larger areas of the body.
      • Gel: Requires manual application, which can be more controlled and precise. This might be preferable for targeted areas or when dealing with a smaller number of spots.
    • Suitability for different age groups
      • Children: Both the spray and gel are suitable for children over six months of age. However, the spray might be more convenient for younger children who may be less cooperative during application.
      • Adults: Adults with chickenpox may prefer the gel for targeted application on specific, perhaps more sensitive, areas.
    • Coverage and Absorption
      • Spray: Provides wider coverage, making it efficient for use on larger body areas. It also tends to absorb quickly.
      • Gel: Offers a thicker consistency, which might provide a more substantial feeling of relief on the skin. The gel can be massaged gently into affected areas for deeper absorption.