Ultra Chloraseptic Honey & Lemon Throat Spray 15ml


  • Active Ingredient: Benzocaine
  • Numbs Pain Fast
  • Contains 100 Sprays

Ultra Chloraseptic Anaesthetic Throat Spray Honey & Lemon relieves pain in the throat. The active ingredient is benzocaine. Benzocaine acts as a local anaesthetic that numbs the throat. Consequently swallowing is made easier.

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  • Honey & Lemon Throat Spray

    For sore throat relief that gets to work within seconds, try our soothing Honey & Lemon anaesthetic throat spray. It acts fast, numbing the pain of sore throats caused by coughs, colds and throat infections. Just three quick sprays for adults and teens 13+, or one spray for children aged 6-12, and the local anaesthetic in our throat sprays gets to work quickly. The taste of honey and lemon on your palette is followed by a numbing sensation in the back of the throat. Our sprays target the site of pain and take the edge off the sore feeling in your throat, helping to give you relief. Our Honey & Lemon spray is ultra convenient too. The bottle is pocket-sized so you can keep it anywhere, from your bag or car to your desk at work. But don’t be fooled by the small size – each Ultra Chloraseptic spray contains enough for at least 33 adult doses, that’s over 100 sprays.

    Additional Information

    Ultra Chloraseptic Honey & Lemon Spray is suitable for use by adults, teens and children over the age of six. Children aged between six and 12 should always be supervised when using the spray. Ultra Chloraseptic bottles come with a cleverly designed protective cap to prevent accidental use. You’ll need to remove the cap and twist the nozzle to the ‘on’ position to activate the spray. To use, simply spray into the back of the throat. You can administer every two to three hours. However, the anaesthetic spray shouldn’t be used more than eight times in any one day. Note that it is not designed to treat coughs, colds or throat infections, but it can help you to manage throat pain until your symptoms alleviate. Use Ultra Chloraseptic spray for up to a maximum of three consecutive days. If you’re still experiencing throat pain after this time, see your doctor or pharmacist for advice. Ultra Chloraseptic spray is not recommended for use by people who:
    • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
    • Have noisy breathing, are experiencing breathing issues or are having severe problems with swallowing
    • Have the rare blood condition methemoglobinemia
    • Are allergic to benzocaine or other similar local anaesthetics.